Letter(s) from Olga Dolyanova to Ivan (Norway)

Letter 1

I think it will be very cool if we could meet in my vacation from work.
I want to see your country and the place where you live !!! It is very interesting to me.
I very much hope that fate brought us !!!! Valentin struck my heart))) What do you think about this?
I would like to ask why you do not need a visa to visit Russia?!?! You can go to Russia, but I would also like to visit your country. It seems to me to visit Russia, it will be dangerous for you.
Okay! Today, I learned to work the exact date of its release. I'll have a rest from work from March 6.
I think it is not worth the long wait and write letters. It is better to meet and see what will be obtained.
Today I learned about the travel documents to you. So, for a tourist visa,it will cost only 800$ I must obtain:

1) Health insurance

2) A passport (already have)

3) Certificate of solvency

4) Proof of means of transportation (plane ticket round trip)