Scam letter(s) from Matse Mandisi to Russell (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my love, my sun!!!!!!!
Forgive me that I so long I might not write to you.
At us at school examinations have begun and I might not write to you the letter.
I checked very many pupils, I very strongly got tired and might not write to you the letter.
But now almost all this was finished also I now can write to you the letter.
At me all is good, how affairs at my most loved person on all white light?
And at us there has come very good weather, now at us is warm and soon it will be possible to go to bathe.
I very much, very much like to bathe. Now I can go on days off and sunbathe.
You do not think that I have overlooked about you when I worked I all time thought of you.
And you thought of me???
I would not want that you overlooked about me, I would want that you too all time to think of me. And I very much want to marry you.
Also I would want that we had children the boy and the girl.
But I hope that you me to understand that that I can not find money to trip to you.
And that that you can send me money and that that you to believe me.
I very much, very much love you.
Yours and only yours Julya.
Letter 2

Hello my loved , I am very glad that you to write me this letter.
I very much am glad to it. But we today again have rain, it so has bothered me.
I love solar weather and at us all goes a rain.
How your affairs? What has taken place new?
At me all on old, all as well as each day.
I today to go with my mum and took the loan. But to us gave only 200 euros.
And I can not take more in any way more.
I think that you now can add to me of money?
If you it can will be very good.
I shall wait for your letter.
I very much very much love you.
Yours and only yours Julya.
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