Scam letter(s) from Natalia to Frank (Puerto Rico)

Letter 1
Hello and nice to hear from you! It is so amazing that I got your message!
I did not expect that I would hear from you.
I do not know your language , but I will write to you , and I'll use a translator for you
I'm new to this web dating and when I decided to try it , I do not think it works so well .
Anyway , I'm glad it's there , and I hope to learn more about you, and I think you want the same thing.
I never tried the Internet not meet people still do not know what to write. So I want to apologize if something is not right , all right. ?
Tell me exactly what you are looking for?
As for me , I am looking for true love, and I still think that it is not for nothing that I spend my time looking for my second half .
My past relationship ended more than a year ago. I hurt so much and met some of the time.
But now I decided to try and look at my other half again. That's why I'm here and looking forward to what happens away from it all .
So you are still interested in me? I hope that you are looking for the same summit .
And I hope you will answer me !
I do not know what information you were able to see me so let me introduce myself a bit. I am 32 years old and I 've never been married and have no children . My height is 175 cm and my weight is 59kg . I have gray hair and green eyes. I send you a picture with this message , so you can put a picture in words. I hope you enjoy.
By the way, you know that I live too far away from you , and if it is in Russia country. Anyway , I hope that the distance between us will not be a problem for you . Let me know, all right. In addition, there are many ways to overcome these days away .
What do you know about my country ? Have you heard things about him . I live in a small town called Cheboksary.
This is a very small town in central Russia and has a population of about 250 000 people.
It is very quiet and beautiful and is in a very beautiful land with a very beautiful and unspoilt nature. I am sure that you would like , if you have visited here .
We have many opportunities for outdoor activities here , and I like to be active and enjoy camping and other outdoor activities very much. I do not drink and do not smoke. As for my work, I work as a teacher in elementary school, and it also takes a lot of time. Okay, I better not write here. I understand that it is difficult to write something about yourself in one of his letters , but I hope that we can continue our conversation and learn more about each other.
Now I let you go , and I look forward to your reply .
I hope that your new friend Natalia.
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