Scam letter(s) from Lilia Petrovskaya to Svein (Norway)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Svein !!!
I am in a special mood today!! You don't leave my head and with the 6th sense I feel that lots of precious moments are waiting for us ahead... It is not just the simple that we have found each other in this big world. Do you agree??? So I have all the evidences to think that we both have all the chances to create something warm, lovely, bright and incredible) What do you think about that??))
Anyway I am in a strange mood... good mood.. feeling that a special person appeared in my life.. what can that be? What thoughts do you have?
Are you serious? I am more than serious now! I started seeing pictures of us together and this is not the games of my imagination... this is the wishes of my heart... So I am more than serious...
What have you been doing, darling?? If I could I would like to know each your movement, each your step...I want to know each second of your life!
Svein, what trifles bring joy to you? What easily can rise your mood???
For me it can be whatever.. puppy playing with a ball, kid's laughter, flowers, seeing children helping there parents.. you know I, in general, try my best to see all possible positive things in everything. Life became so sad and difficult with all the "advantages" of high tech and the God named Business that simple things stopped to be noticed... So sunny weather can bring me into absolutely great mood...
you will say that is not the reason, but for me it is a big reason)))
Well, in fact not so many things are going on here... I came to write you a letter jut cause I felt a big wish to talk to you... sometimes letters are difficult to be written, but sometimes it is easier to write some things in the letter than to say aloud, do you agree??? Anyway I want you to know that I try to write my thoughts like they flow in my head))) Hope not so complicated and I don't look like an alien)))
Well, lovely, I will finish here. I wish you a nice day and lots of thoughts about me))
Kiss you tenderly, your Liliya
Letter 2
Hi my lovely and the best in the world man, my dear Svein. Thank you for your tender and very kind letter. I feel it's filled with kindness and caress. I am so glad that you wish to meet me. I feel this meeting will turn my life absolutly another side. Not only my... I think you too will feel yourself like in another way. Already now I understand that you and your letters is very deep in my heart! I am very happy that you with me, even here I feel you! The idea on our meeting supports me very much. Svein, I still cannot believe that you have appeared in my life... I am very, very grateful to destiny that she has presented you to me!!! You much mean for me. I am glad that soon we shall be together!!! Remained very few time. 3 days. After that nobody will prevent our meeting. Moscow... Plane... And you will meet me! Every day, every minute Svein, I think about it. I think about us. It gives me so many positive emotions. Our correspondence has brought new sense in my usual and simple life. I would want that you booked the ticket of the plane from the city of Moscow, airport Sheremetevo. Please order for midday time, approximately in 10 days. I should finish registration of some papers of travel. I spent all money for visa registration. I as apply to you my information of the passport. My visa is valid 3 months, and I can be with you approximately 80 days. It is a lot of, and if you have problems, you can inform me. My information:
Elena Aklanova
Lenina Street 12-18
Passport number:
88 06 897412
My birthday:
march, 8, 1980. I am very glad that now all began clearly for both of us. We precisely know that we want to meet each other. And our meeting soon will happen. I very much hope to learn you better. Svein, while I know you only through letters... But soon we learn much about each other on the other hand. Meeting face to face will help us. I very much would want to see you soon, your friends, your city. I very much want to know everything interconnected with you. I hope you will allow me to see and learn everything important for you. I want to touch you, to go with you keeping for a hand, to kiss you... Yes, yes Svein!! I want to be with you!!!! I feel, I'm sure you that man which I searched for all my life. Yours loving Elena.
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