Letter(s) from Emilly Roland to Edgars (Latvija)

Letter 1

how are you?i am EMILY as you have known.i am into importation of spices,i get my supply from singapore and India and i have my customers in different part of the world.Dad is Swiss and mum is london.i am 27 years old....i am looking for a man that will treat me like a queen and i will treat him like my king in return are you ready for that?

Letter 2

Tell me your hobbies.

Letter 3

i love sunbathing,i love watching movies,i love music alot too i even thought i would have become a musician but that is not my destiny but i sing very well but dont play any instrumental though.tell me about your previous relationship.

Letter 4

I am in France now for business seminar but will be back to London on monday,so when i am back will send you my London mobile to call me............Tell me more about yourself,tell me more about your brothers and sisters,tell me about your parents......

Letter 5

Good morning.i am the only child of my parents and my both parents are dead but Gran ma is still alife she lives in London and i make sure i contact her every day just to make sure she is fine..........call me so we can talk better on phone

Letter 6

Here is my mobile number +447924545495,call me and ask me anything you want to know about me.......