Scam letter(s) from Daria Svetlova to Matt (Poland)

Letter 1

I like equestrian sport, shooting from an onions, ball dances, I like to sing.
I have one secret, only for for you... Tell to nobody, I was born in family at which The patrimonial tree occurs from Duke Svetlov, it was Ekaterina Vtoroj's favorite.
My mum former model, the daddy was the scout and was lost carrying out of the governmental task. I teach painting and I photograph, I like animals, I watch a fashion.
I am able to understand the man, your character, I studied secrets of love. But I very modest, with other men. I feel that you my hero.
I want to present myself only to one to man. Probably it will be you...
How are you?
What new in yours business?
What books to you like?
How you have a rest?
You very much like me!!!
How you concern to children?
I do not have children.
I know that you have worthy men in your country, they ******, clever, strong, generous, sincere, and are pleased lives!!!
It is very glad with you to correspond!!!
Very much I wait the answer!!!
Letter 2

Dear, Matthew! You very much like me! I too like to ski, at us is URAL mountains. At us almost always a snow. At us it is cold. The summer happens a little. But I the hot girl, I go in for sports, and I go to a sauna. My favourite films: " Trumen show " Forest Gamp. Ameli. Kapek, s-planet. Games of mind. I like to read: Master and Margarita. Paulo Koalio. And Interior jornal. At us all blossoms. Spring!!! Time of love!!! At me romantic mood! I like your smile!!! I seem fall in love with you!!!
I want to go for a drive with you in mountains. To fall on a snow. And then to drink hot wine! I ?iiaioee the girl! I shall soon send you the photos! Kiss! Probably you my hero!
P.S. Concerning the clever woman + I like to read philosophy.
Its my foto!
Letter 3

Greetings, Maciek! I Wait your letter!!!
Has become bored, you at me one man!!!
Than you are engaged?
I look forward to hearing!!!
At us holidays!!!
I have a rest on the nature, at the river!!!
I walk on a wood!!!
Also I represent as though we with you walked!!!
I have for you a news, I can arrive to you!!!!
I wait the answer!!!
Kiss, Dasha!!!
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