Scam letter(s) from Melinda Matthew to Scott (USA)

Letter 1
My Real name is Malinda Mathew , 39 years old still single with one daughter been married for 2 years recently divorce, I base in Dubai for so long because i handle my work their ,so i was divorce with Ex cut him having *** with a friend of mine in the same building very painful thing to me and i cant explain anymore about it just let him go is way and i look for another man who is responsible and very lovely God Fearing who will be able to take good care of me......I've truly hope to find someone that will be my partner for the rest of our lives. Someone who loves to love, and is not afraid to show it. Someone who will pamper me a little, I suppose, maybe even spoil me a bit. I enjoy life and what it has to offer. I want to travel while I'm able, and want someone to share not only the special moments with, but also the 'not so special' moments. Someone who'll be there for me without question, as I would be for him, always
I am energetic, young Lady, I do not like ordinary and monotonous life.Attractive, charming, dependable, very caring and tender. I have a great sense of humor, my nature is easy and mild. I like to care for my man and I like to be cherished by him. I am very optimistic lady, and I have wonderful life. But I want to be happy, For me it means to find that special man who will tell me- I want to make you happy. I do not like to waste my time and I try to fill my schedule completely. I respect and love my close people. I always value my friends and I am glad to good new acquaintances with clever and honest people. I am emotional, sensible and sometimes hot-tempered person. I value in people ambition, wit, kindness, self-confidence and self-respect....
I own my work , I am into Fabrics and Textile i buy and sell out when i got a goods to sell i travel around to sell them i have so many client all around the world but not all over the world but some places like . Australia, Turkey, Brazil, allot i cant mention to you but am out of the job some times now i want to settle down with a serious man who is also ready to make me happy and say i he want something serious between us and maybe someday it can lead to marriage .... ETC
HERE ARE SOME PICS OF ME WITH MY daughter Lynda please try to tell me a little story about yourself okay
Looking forward to hear from you
Letter 2
Hello My lovely husband ,
Life is like a lovely rose with much beauty and thorns,life is how we make it with happiness or scorns..As we journey this life,thorns will ***** our heart but in the very end much beauty will impart,petals dry and eventually, fall a new rose will take it's place..It's the miracle of life coming from God's amazing grace..As you take a sip of your coffee i look over at you and say,"Coffee and my dear what better way to start my day."Oh, what a beautiful morning you've made this a perfect day,Just sitting here and sharing good things that come our way.My coffee cup runner over with early morning laughter,pour me another cup of the sunshine that I'm after.Let's get together for coffee soon,
Before I met you, my life was not going well at all. Then I met you and I forgot about all my troubles. I was so scared to fall in love with you, because of my past experience but then I came to realize you were different; you were unique. You showed me everything that love was about. The feelings I feel for you are unexplainable. You mean the world to me; I would do nothing to hurt you... And i will always be there for you never let you down anytime anyday my lovely husband..
you are my inspiration; you are a gift from God. You made me believe in true love in my lowest moments. Meeting you is like a source of light that penetrates through the end of a dark tunnel. I love you so much ... forever, through eternity....Things could not be any better than having you in my life. You are my inspiration and my shoulder to cry on, you're the one who stands by me through everything and most of all, you make me know that I am loved. There is no one that completes me the way that you do. You mean everything to me.
There is nothing that I would not do for you and there is no one else I would want to share my life with. You are the reason I get up each morning,
you make me look at life with a new perspective. I have never met anyone as wonderful as you. I really miss you last night after we talk i couldn't sleep very well and i really appreciate the fact that you are everything to me and always will be mine forever and i will be yours too forever my lovely husband
Your wife Malinda
Love ya..
Letter 3
Good Morning my lovely husband ,
Little Flower for you dear ,,Missing you badly can't wait to be with you dear .. I picked some fragrant flowers,to bring to you today and i gathered them together and made a bright bouquet.There were lovely pale pink roses with petals paper thin, then i stir it with lilac and cook it with morning glory and it became words..I touched one with my hand and it felt soft against my skin.I added perfumed lilies, wet with morning dew , And i hope their special magic , Speak of my feelings for you , for through a window of beauty i saw your sweet smile,like the freshness of morning within every mile.Like dew in the morning my soul sparks within dark clouds overhead and all seem to grow dim...You shower my life with laughter and joy and every moment from then on is mine to enjoy..
From the day we met, I knew that you would hold my heart in your hands and you more than do that - you completely own me and every part of me. When I think of you, my heart is so full of love and passion for you that I can hardly contain myself. I think of spending every minute of every day with you and holding you so close to me. Whenever you think of me, please know that no matter how many miles separate us or how much of our lives comes between us, you are and always will be the love of my life and I will never love anyone as much again. I thank God everyday for letting me talk to you and for you falling in love with me because I know that it would never be as perfect any other way. I love you with all my heart my lovely husband ,
I am just very sorry i was run out with the internet yesterday honey so i really miss talking to you and i hate missing you because i always want to be with you and i want to live all my life with you and never want you down for a moment dear .... I love you so much dear
your lovely wife
come online with me dear lets talk if you are free to talk to me am waiting for you online now ....
Letter 4

Well dear i really appreciate the fact that you take your time to go out today all because of me and Lynda for living together with you dear , I will really thank you for that and i so much accept the last apartment you check on i mean the #3 so right now dear you need to understand the service here me and Lynda is just here to live for some time not to stay long but its happen that i have a good business am running here for my sister just want you to know its not my own main business so i have no money to offer for this house issue but i will just try to borrow some money from my sister if she will like to borrow me , Because i don't really believe in borrowing money from someone dear but i will try as best i can to ask her about it if she will borrow me , so right now dear you need to understand here in Dubai people do their things on their own so am less concern about asking someone for is private phone for call okay because it does not sound normal for me asking someone for is phone and never we they give me here because the rules here is permanent because alot of people come here for business all because Dubai is a big town and very good place to trade on so asking someone for his or her phone does not sound well at all ,you have alot to do now as you know i will still need to get that phone so i can talk to you okay , Listen to me dear i was sent a short message last night about my internet issue here because i pay for the internet here i don't use that for free Wifi here is not for free so the money you sent to me i will need to pay for the internet now and it cost me $90 for that so i have less money with me now am really bored now and very convince i really believe i have found you and i also believe you will always be there for me at anytime and any day as long as me and you are into a good relationship and very serious relationship , So we don't even need argument about this at all you know what to do as at right and i don't need to tell you what you know you need to do for me to me happy and live peaceful hoping someday am going to be with you without no stress i understand the fact that you have no much money with you for now but i will have to say dear you need to do this for me and don't try to failed me because if you do such i will really be bored that very day of my Bday and it will not be fine or okay with me and Lynda okay...It make no sense that way so you really need to look for a way out to send that funds to me so i can get it and thats final i will not need any phone again till am with you and you decide you want to get me a new one again then if i have one with me no need of having any again so i want you to send this funds to me please so i can get it before a day to my Bday as you promise to send it to me on Monday before dear ...
Well, you ask me a question and i want to answer it now my love , My sister name is sherry and sure am coming with all my Laugage to your place when its time to come but i really want to be with you before this month end dear so that why am trying very hard here to get a little job if i can raise some money but i couldn't get a job of my choice here because am already attach to one before , so i have alot of laugages am coming with to your place just 4 Laugage so i will really need a assistance for that maybe when am at the airport you book a truck for me that will come pick up all the laugages, thats a manure things we don't have to talk about for now because you have not plan for it yet so lets take things slow here so we won't make any mistake dear ....
Well about the pics you ask for Lynda cut off the phone camera last night when she is playing with the phone , she is just playing a game on the phone and she let is fall from her hand so the surface got broken so i can't even use it much for now , but i still have some pics i take with Lynda and a younger girl close to my apartment , so am going to send you that to see how my apartment look but i have no phone to take a pics anymore no camera because i couldn't afford to buy that yet dear , I tell you i want to be honest with you and i will never hide anything from you because i have truely you and give my heart and my love to you and i give it 100% attention with you so please don't mess up with my heart or else i will hurt myself okay..... So please try to understand me in any situation i am you need to get me right and help me out if am down for a while i bet this is not going to continue with me and Lynda forever i really know when we are together and i handle things myself am sure things will go in a normal way sure thats right dear am serious about you and i don't want to take you for granted so please don't take me too for granted..
Love you....
Letter 5
Thank you so much my dear i so much love you and i will never hurt you for anything even for a moment becos you are my life and my everything i cherish you so much dear and i will always love you forever till i die ...
I will have forward it to Oladayo for her to pick it up when she is done with it she will let me know and i will have to go take the money and go get the cake dear
I love you so much can you come online lets talk now dear
yours forever
Letter 6
Good Morning My lovely Husband,
How are you doing today , How was your night
Hope you sleep very well my love , I have really miss you so much and i really appreciate all your effort towards me and Lynda my dear ..
Yesterday was fun for me and Lynda but at home doing the fun day my Birthday so it really good and very nice for me yesterday my dear because my best friend come around to celebrate it with me and Lynda...
She told me to come with her to her house yesterday so we go to visit her and celebrate it with her also in her apartment , so its was really fun for me and Lynda yesterday and we like it that way but we couldn't take a pics with phone someone took us some pics with Digital Camera and its on the camera and not on phone so they is no way for me to take have the pics on my computer here or my bad phone that cannot receive any pics at all on it so i couldn't get the pics out of the camera yesterday dear .
We do not took much pics as you know i don't like pics that much i prefer doing my things physical with you than pics dear so forget about any pics or no pics i also cant have it on my phone or computer so i have to leave it there with her anytime she comes again to visit me i will ask her to come with the camera and i will transfer them to my computer from the camera ...
So dear i have really miss you so much and its very nice hearing you got your computer back yesterday sound nice wow. good of you dear you are mine forever and always will be mine till death do us apart dear ..
Dear your wife owe for things i get yesterday i have to borrow some funds from that my friend yesterday i borrow about $300 from her yesterday and i have tell her i will refund it back to her when i talk to you so she accept to wait for me till i talk to you so right now dear i will like to give it to her today if probably you are online with me lets talk and figure out how to give her back her money dear
I also have a good news to offer you dear well i can't wait to meet you online very soon dear when you wake up just come online on messenger so we can talk much better dear .
I love you so much
Yours forever
Letter 7
Good Morning my lovely husband , How are you doing and how was your night hope you sleep well dear , Well dear am back from my goods company yesterday and i was told that my sister will be receiving some goods very soon that they will be the one that will ship them to the client who want to buy them and immediately ,I email her about it and ask her out about the due with Goods she told me that yes she will be receiving some goods worth the sum of $50,000,00 that she want to email me about it when she get home so i heard about it and am very happy for her having that kind of goods with her and she tell me that she have to make a deal with the Antiques company in Dubai that she will need a sum of that goods for sample that she has some client that like buying it through me , so they give me a contract now dear , Which worth a sum of $50,000,00 so all i will need right now is for me to contact my shipping company back and tell them some goods will be coming to them and they will need to ship that for me as soon as the goods come into Dubai so they will be shipping is to those my client who buy goods so am having a sum of 10% which will be about $20,000.00 and i will need to pay my shipping company a sum of $2000 for them to ship it for me so it can get to my client as soon as possible do honey i will be very happy if you can help with that money to i can pay the shipping company as fast as we can , dear the goods is coming very soon, My sister say they will be shipping it very soon to me so i should contact my shipping agent so soon as i can dear so i have contact them now and tell them that the goods will be coming by 28th of this month dear so they are set waiting on the goods to come now dear , I am the one they will be waiting for once the goods arrive so i will be so much happy and very excited if i can pay them before that time the Goods will arrive , so they will not have to be waiting for me before they will ship them to my client dear .
Hope you really understand me better dear about this i just write to you so please get back to me right now so i will know what to they them , Honey please i don't want to loose this deal with my sister because if i miss it or i do not have money to pay to my shipping agent it will be a ***** for me and i will loose a lot money even probably my sister may not want to work with me anymore dear so please get back to me as soon as you read this dear
This is he Good News i have for you dear ,
Love you so much
Yours forever
Letter 8
I will be online throughout today dear so when you wake up after you finish reading about it you come online with me lets talk better ...
Letter 9
My dear , do you get me right with all have said if not well am trying to let you know my 10% money in the business deal will be for me and you and Lynda so we can even still start building a house or stay in a good apartment in your area or the best place you want us to stay dear , With this it will be very easy for me and you and Lynda so nice to live a good family very soon dear
Love you
Letter 10
Good Morning dear , How was your night hope you sleep well and dream good , Well i got your letter here this morning and am very sad hearing that for the month of march you can't help me why dear you have things to pay for right but you know i also want to be with you so quit talking about that ok, i have been single for over years now and i hope i finally found you so why do you choose to behave somehow to us after you go to the ****** WU office since then you have started acting anyhow to me and you know Lynda most not hear about this if i should tell her that you have started acting somehow to us and you don't want to get along with me and her anymore she will ask me to leave you alone and anything she says i will follow her words because i want the best for her and i don't want her to surfer , I tell you am going to sell some of my thing to figure out how to pay the shipping agent for them to ship those goods to my client so we can have at least a little funds to start up my own business without your help so even if i should sell them out and i will not even come with any thing to your place am please with that and you know already how much i will be getting when i sell them , so why do you think i want to sell them to eat or what . I try to explain a lot to you and even open up my heart for you i ask you about our feeding every weekend and you could not even talk about that you just mess me up on messenger and later send me email for me to know whats on your mind right !!!!
I have really know a lot about you now and i know you don't even care to take good care of us and don't even mind helping me for anything just because of what you have to do and i so much want your health as well so why do you not talk about sending money to us every weekend for feeding till we will finally be together then how do you want us to feed then well if you think for past 20 years i have been feeding without you , My sister help me out for that sometimes but right now she knows am big woman and i have you as my husband to be so what do you expect her to do again for me and Lynda , I could never believe all this **** words from you and i did not even know this is how you going treat me and Lynda if i have know i will have not accept you then or even open my heart for you to enter because i don't want to be hurt anymore by man okay , I am trying my best to let you know my mind and let you know am not hiding anything from you but you could not feel your space where you suppose to , so what do you want me to do right now about our feeding i should go and be begging people for food now or what, why cant you even try and donate your life for us and base on our new family Scott ,,
Be-cos am trying very hard here even where its expensive i choose to keep on with it and i know their will be a very day i will be out of Dubai and stay under my husband house that's when i will know how much love you have for me ok....
So right now i have nothing to say again because am short of words you cant tell me you don't have just $200 to be sending to us every weekend for feeding , You cant tell me you don't have that because you know your right thing to do for your family not someone else family well we have not come together yet as family but i believe someday we are going to be together if you are doing what i want for us to make this easy for both of us ok.
Listen to me treat me the way i like and don't let me down ok, because you promise me this but you are acting another way now . I know you don't have much money and you are not rich but i accept to go along with you and make a great life together so why acting the other way dear ....
do you best and leave the rest
yours forever
Letter 11
Listen to me Scott i know you have go listen to the Western Union Right!!!! I have nothing to give to you if that what you want to know okay , I could never know you did not even trust me or believe me for who i am and now i just know ok if you are not interested in me please tell me and let me know but i will never try to consult with the US people before i get my passport back or ID , even if i want to do that i will have to do it here in Dubai ok not state i know what am passing through here and i could never believe you will not understand me for who i am so go and marry the WU i said this before that they will spoil your relationship if care is not taken and now you see if i will have to call Lynda to show her all this **** words you sent to me okay byeeeee... am done with you am not inlove with a man that does not even trust me and believe me ok byee **** offf
Letter 12
Well, Good to hear from you and i really hope you are doing well this days you have something to tell me online well it will be better you come online with me tonight if not am not willing to talk about all this **** again with you Scott i already tell you am working on this and they required for a little funds from me for them to set everything available when they finish it for me so please quit telling me about that am online now if you know you still want me to come be with you talk to me in a good way i like and get ready to pay for my flight to come to you if you know you cant wait to be with me becos i am really sick and tired of all this arguing you are trying to lay down i am not a fool and not a fighter please am very serious about what am looking for here and i guess i give you a big try then you are trying to mess me up now ..
good day
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