Scam Letter(s) from Olga Vladimirovna to John (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello! John, I'm glad to see your response. How was your day? How's the weather in your city? My day went well today. I think, that at pairs with the big difference in the age of there is a balance of forces inside of these pairs. Partners give each other the different information - because it is people from different generations, different opportunities, the different points of view. They hold each other « in a tone », compensating lacks and defects each other: if in something one is weak - in it another is strong, and on the contrary. And if all this is imposed on mutual feelings such attitudes are stronger than attitudes of two coevals. What do you think? John your age has no what value for me. In fact age it only figure. And it that does not mean. The main thing that as feels the person. I think we should write to each other more, that get to know each other better. Today I want to tell you more about my life. I told you, I was born and raised in Bolotnoe. In 2003, I graduated from high school. I decided to choose my profession. I always wanted to make a better world, to help people. talked to my mom, I went to study in Yurga, Gosudarstvennyi Tekhnologicheskii Institute. I chose the profession of sociologist. In 2008, I graduated from the institute. After graduation, I returned to my hometown. I wanted to be closer to my Mom. Therefore looking for a job in a Bolotnoe. But could not find a job. After that I decided to go back to Yurga. This city more than a Bolotnoe. And I was easier to find a job. I collected things and moved to Yurga. Arriving in Yurga, I settled to live in a hostel, after I went to the unemployment office and left there my resume. Labor exchange, it recruitment agency. I long could not find anything, and I had to work as a waitress in a cafe. It was very hard work, but it allowed me to make money on the existence of. Four months later I was offered a job in the housing and communal services, to the post of "public employee". I was very pleased with this proposal, and I got a job in the housing and communal services. I worked in this company for six years, before its closing. After that I had to look for a job again, and I found her in a social service, where I work, to this day. Brings me pleasure my job. I think I chose the profession very successfully, it allows me to be implemented. It seems to me that self-actualization is a very important thing, because it allows you to really feel life. John, And by whom you work? What is your profession? Do you think that it suits you? John, I hope that my letter today allowed you to imagine my life a little better. I will wait for your next letter and I hope that you also gonna tell me more about your biography.

P.S. These photos have been made in October 2014. In these photos it is shown when I was on work. John, that day we prepared for a concert.
The concert has been devoted to children. There were various fantastic representations and all competitions. John, all liked a concert., at a concert large families were John. There were children from Children's home. There were many children. They liked a concert. John, and you like to go on concerts. You when not be appeared on stage?

Letter 2

John I'm glad to see your response. John, I am pleased that we communicate and find much in common. I would love to know more about you. John thanks that has told to me about you. It was very interesting to me to learn about where you studied and worked. It is very interesting. And it allows me to learn you better. In fact than more we shall tell about us. That we shall be better to learn each other. And then we shall know to what will result us our dialogue. You agree with me in it? I have many hobbies. John I like to listen to music. I prefer classical compositions. Such as songs of angels. Mozart. Or Seasons at Vivaldi. As I very much like to read romantic books, I love driving on roller skates. Run on skis, a bicycle. At me it is a lot of hobbies than I can borrow at leisure. And among them Reading and Knitting are allocated most strongly only. John I really very much would like to have the children with mine loved by the man. Also that we would have very strong and loving family, it is as my small dream. But it not so is important for me, the main thing for me it to be with mine the beloved. John except for my mum, and my aunt. I do not have family more. I have no brothers or sisters. I grew one child in family My father early have left us with mum. And they had not time to make more children except for me. After death of the father my mum could not any more to love whom. And she till now loves only it. And on it she did not search to itself for other men. That I sent all photo to you. My girlfriend Yulia did. It had a camera. But the last month when my girlfriend and its husband have left to have a rest for village. Thieves have got into their apartment. And they have born practically all expensive property. They have taken away all the most valuable. And the camera as has been stolen. To me has carried that I have had time to write down all pictures on a computer disk. I have written down it 2 days prior to departure of the girlfriend. Because worried that they it can be necessary for me. And strong my surprise when I have learned was what that have plundered my girlfriend. John forgive me, but I now really would not know a way what to make for you a photo. In my letter today I want to tell you about my family and my close people. I was born and raised in a family of a military officer and a dressmaker. My dad name is Vladimir and my mother's name Zinaida. Father dedicated his life to service in the army. In 1987, during the war in Afghanistan, he was killed. Then I was young and do not remember my dad, basically what I know about him me told my mom. Mum told me that my father was a very strong and brave man, he did not know compromises and always fought for truth and justice. He was a true patriot of his country. Mom told me that when I was born, he left the army, as very afraid to leave us alone.But after the war in Afghanistan was killed his close friend, he could no longer stay at home, he does not sleep at night, stopped eating, my mother seen his worries and how he suffered from its inaction. He could not remain on the sidelines, and in 1986 went to Afghanistan. He wrote letters to my mother and told that he is doing well, but in June 1987, came to our home the Chief of Staff told that father was killed on a mission. I distinctly remember this moment, but I do not want to believe it and repeatedly said mom that dad will come back soon. Even after we buried him in my heart lived the hope that it's not true. Only becoming the more adult, I finally realized that no longer when not see my dad. After his father died, my mother long could not to recover. It was a very difficult period in our lives. We are madly in love with his mother's father, and for a long time could not accept the the loss of. But my mother is a very strong woman, she tried to make our lives improved, and tried to do everything to give me a good education. I remember when she worked at a textile factory, and after working late, sewing clothes at home, for sale. I tried to help her in everything, we went together with her to the market that would sell these things.My mom taught me to be strong and never give up, no matter how difficult it was. She always told me that our dad is looking at us from heaven, and we should not to upset him. I am extremely grateful to my mother for what she has done for me. She taught me many things. I know how hard she was, I saw it. She has always been and will be an ideal of a real woman. Now my mother is 61 years old, six years ago, she retired. But all still does not stop working, she says that he can not sit idle. Mom often pleases me personally stitched dresses. I try to visit her as often as possible. John, for me, my mom is the closest and most expensive person. I'm madly in love with her ??and value her. She is not only my mom, but she and my closest friend. I can talk to her on any topic, and I know that she always support me and give the right advice. Now my mother lives with her older sister her name is Valentina. Valentina, was married, but she has never had children, after her husband's death she moved to live with my mom. Valentina, now 67 years old, she is a lovely person and very tasty prepares. I'm sure you would have loved her pancakes with blueberries. I hope that you was interesting to learn about my family. I hope that you will tell me more about your family in the following letters. To my letter I put a photo on which you can see my dad. This photo was taken when I was 1 year. Last picture of me, my Mom and Dad together. Unfortunately the other photos I have no father. John, I will wait for your answer.
Your friend Olga.

Letter 3

John, today I have a very busy day. In the morning I started to have an adventure in the beginning on the way to work I broke a heel, and I had to go home because of this I almost late for work. I really do not like to be late. And so I had to run, not to be late. You just imagine, morning, people are half asleep, plod to work, And here runs the girl in heels. Perhaps passersby thought I was crazy. John, I was very very funny, but I could not be late. That's the way to start the morning, this crazy day! John that has told thanks me about your intentions. I so am glad to that ours intentions and searches are similar to you. We search practically for one and too. It is remarkable. I seldom saw in Russia men with thinking as at you. Now more men do not want long attitudes, only sex and all. And it is more than them that does not interest. At men only animal interest. And it is very bad. I search for serious attitudes. I do not search for the man simply for a disposable meeting. I'll tell you more about my work, so that you understand what I do. As I already told you, I work in social services. At me irregular work schedule, sometimes I work from 8.00 am to 19.00 pm. I work five days a week. But sometimes I have to work on weekends. John, my post called "Specialist in social work”. My job is to check the conditions of life of seniors, if necessary, to provide them with various kinds of assistance. I myself coming to my customers home. Sometimes it's cleaning their homes, sometimes delivery of necessary food and medicine, and sometimes I just sit for hours with my wards and talk to them about life. Because the people I visit basically are lonely and they do not even have anyone to talk. I love to hear stories of their lives, it gives me a lot of lessons for. John, I love my job because I have the opportunity to benefit people. Of course my job, like any other has its difficulties. Many people do not know how to appreciate the help that they are afforded. For example, today I was visiting an old man. His name is Valentin. He has a very nasty character. To him always something not like, today he started to scold me for being I did not bring him vodka. I explained that our company does not provide such services, and that he can not drink vodka, because his health is very weak, and he could die.But he began to shout obscenities at me. I was very upset that he was so relates about the care him. With such situations, I encountered very often, the first time I cried often. But then I learned to treat this a little simpler. John, I hope you understand me what my job. John, Tell me, in your country have similar service? I would be very interesting if you tell more about your job. I look forward to your prompt reply! Olga

P.S. I send you one more picture made this summer. In a photo I and Sveta. We went to that evening on walk with Yulia. It was a pity Yulia the photographer and has not got in the staff together with us. To us very much to like to walk on city. That day we went to park, and have then decided to go to cafe. In cafe we ate ice-cream. To me has very much liked in that put walk. You walk on the city?

Letter 4

John, how your day today? I'm glad to see your answer. I like to talk to you. You're a very interesting person to talk. John I do not know which difference between us in time. I can tell only that I am at +6 o'clock on Greenwich. I do not know in what time zone there is you. But if you will tell what difference between you and Greenwich then we can precisely know our difference in time. John I really should go much because of my work. Sometimes I have time to pass all city. But I try to plan my day so that my clients were nearby from each other. At me only 18 clients. More precisely 18 objects. On each object lives either the elderly person or a large family. In total people nearby 30. Some families. And every day I try to visit 6 objects in day. Older persons I try to visit more often than large families because to aged people it is necessary for more help. I like to look Romantic Novels. Sometimes comedies, the Western, the Fantasy. I very much like to float by a boat. It is very fine. John I think that in life there are two most important things are love and friendship. Both of these feelings we feel for the people that over time appear in our lives. True love in everyone's life alone, and I think that real friends may not be much. Next to me there are people who I would call real friends. And I'm thankful for being she gave me their. My closest girlfriends name is Yulia, Elena, Sveta. With Yulia, we are familiar with from childhood.We went to school together and lived in the neighborhood. Now Yulia, also lives in Yurga. She is married and works as a teacher at the school. With Elena, I had met at the institute. We studied together with her in one group. Now Elena, lives in Surgut, she married for the second time. Her first marriage proved unsuccessful because her husband is very often drank, she divorced him a few years ago. Now she is married to a second man, and very happy. Last time I met with Elena, three months ago, she was coming to visit me. With Sveta, we work together. She is very nice and sympathetic person. When I started working, I often faced with difficult situations that do not know what to do. Sveta, always gave me valuable advice and supported me morally. She works in our office psychologist. She is now 37 years old, she is married and has two children, a boy and girl. John, I'm sure if you saw Yulia, Elena, Sveta, they would have liked you. They are really lovely people. For me, they are very important. I appreciate their support and is always ready to come to help them. I hope that to you was interesting to learn about my friends. I send you pic. These are pic me and my friend Yulia and Sveta. I hope you were pleased to see my pictures with my friends I will wait for your answer. I hope you can tell me more about your friends.
Your friend Olga.

Letter 5

John, with each of our letter, we are getting closer to each other. I really like the fact that we have a dialogue of. I am genuinely interested to learn about you, I very much hope that the feeling is mutual. John thanks you for your pictures. It was very pleasant to me to see it from you. Thanks that you sent it to me. I am grateful to you for it. As I already told you I'm an open person, and I do not like when there is vagueness in dialogue. I want to tell you about my past relationships. I was not pleased this topic, but I think that you should know about it. John, I already told you in 2002, I entered the institute. Then the I was 17 years old. At the time many of my girlfriends have already been men. Above me, sometimes even laughing that I'm 18 years old soon and I do not even when you do not kiss. I was not trying to meet a guy, and I thought it was for me very early. The institute conducted once a year proms. At these events, chose the king and queen. I was always very shy girl, and never tried to be the center of attention. It was a great surprise when I was chosen by Queen. I rested against at the beginning and did not want to go on stage, but my girlfriend almost forcibly sent me there. After that, they announced the name of the king was Maksim, and we had to dance. I remember how I was this embarrassing, I do not even when not dancing with a man. I remember that I blushed and ran away from there. Then I cried all evening in the room. I was very ashamed of myself. Elena, calmed me down, we had a long talk with her, and I forgot about it a bad time. The next day, Maksim, came to our group with flowers and invited me to go on a date, I refused him in this. After that he had long courted me, and tried to get my attention. Then I was still too naive and thought that to it I have a feeling of love, we began to meet with him when I was 19 years old. At the beginning of our relationship everything was fine, we understand and respect each other. But when we switched to the latter course, he began to drink frequently, he shirked lessons. At the Institute was a question about his dismissal. Then I offered him rectify the situation and began to help in studying lessons. At that time I lived in a dormitory with girlfriends. Maksim, often came into my room, and I helped him to study those subjects on which it lagged behind the overall program. Then one day came to my room, I saw Maksim, and one of my girlfriends, her name Darya, together in bed. My heart stopped, I was insanely hurt from what he saw. I ran away from there! I do not want to go back there and see their faces. It was hard to realize that the man who spoke to me of love, looking into his eyes, I exchanged my girlfriend. I could not believe the fact that Darya betrayed me. Because we lived together with her for five years and I always tried to help her in everything. I never wanted to her any harm. I've been worried at what had happened, I moved to a different room and avoided any meetings with Maksim, and Darya. A week later, I drove home and talked about the situation with my mother. Then she gave me a very valuable advice. She said that if they have done so with you, then your relationship was not real. What was not not any love and friendship. She advised to just forget this situation and continue to live further. And I did, as my mom said. but for myself, I realized the fact that if I start a new relationship with a man only to be older than me, which passed already a lot in life, and I realized what kind of things you need to to really appreciate. John, For me the most important thing in a relationship is honesty sincerity and confidence that the person with whom you are close. John, also important for you these things? What is important to you in relationships between people? I understand that maybe for you it was an unpleasant topic of conversation, but I want, what would you knew everything about me. I do not want that to between us, some secrets. I hope you agree with me in this. Your friend Olga

Letter 6

Hello John!!! How is your day today? What were you doing? I spoke you about that that I search serious. And purposeful the man. Which would like to create family. And you are similar on such the man. I was not disappointed in that that have begun dialogue with you. And with each your letter. You all become closer for me. And my ideas all go about you is more often. I start to think of you more often. About that that you today will write to me. Whether I shall see your picture today or not. In my head all similar ideas is more often start to appear. I would wanted you to know more about Russia. We have a saying that in order to understand the Russian need to live in it. I will try as much as possible to explain to you what life is like in my country. Russia - it is the largest country in the world, we have 83 state. In Russia there are 180 different nations. And every one of them has its own history, its own culture, their language and their traditions. Altogether, this is one big and great history of Russia. We have many fine poets A.S. Pushkin, S.A. Yesenin, L.N. Tolstoy. You heard about them? In Russia, many different crafts and trades. Photos of some of them I will put to his letter. The first photo, which I will send to you - it valenki. This Old Russian shoes, and the second is gzhel khokhloma - a kind of painting objects. This is a few things that are associated with Russia. I hope you will be interested in this. Often shown on TV programs about how foreigners relate towards our country. You know sometimes it makes you laugh. Many mistaken in his statements about Russia. Yes, Russia has a lot of problems. But in the present beautiful country Russia. I love Russia, with all its advantages and disadvantages. And I think every citizen of his country should love his homeland. John how do you think I am right in this? I hope that you were interested in today's topic of conversation, and we can continue the dialogue. I also would be interested to learn more about your country.
Sincerely Olga.

p.s. I wrote a poem by A.S. Pushkin. " Winter Morning "

Frost and sun; a wonderful day!
Else did you doze, friend adorable-
It is time, beauty, wake up:
Open your eyes are closed bliss
Towards the north of Aurora,
Northstar appear!

in the evening, you remember, the blizzard was angry,
In the muddy sky the haze rushed;
The moon, as a pale spot,
Through clouds gloomy turned yellow,
And you sad sat-
And now..... Have a look in a window:

Under blue heavens
Magnificent carpets,
Shining on the sun, a snow lays;
The transparent wood one blackens,
And the fur-tree through hoarfrost turns green,
And the small river under an ice shines.

All room amber shine
It is lit up. A cheerful crash
The flooded furnace cracks.
It is pleasant to think at a stove bench.
But you know: whether to order in sled
mare brown harness?

Sliding on a morning snow,
The friend the darling, we shall be betraid to run
Impatient horse
Also we shall visit fields empty,
Woods, recently so dense,
And coast, lovely for me.

Letter 7

John, how was your day? Imagine, today I came to the library, opened a my mail, and I had a letter from a stranger to my e mail address. I thought it was you wrote to me from another e mail, but opening letter, I realized that it is written by one of those men who wrote to me before. In his letter, he again requested to send me naked pics and called names robot. I not understand what he meant. But to me it not interesting. I removed his letter. I hope that he will not write me. I am very surprised by some of the insolence of men, how can ask the girl naked photo? Really a man does not understand that he offends this honest woman. Perhaps something I do not understand this. But my upbringing would have never has allowed to take this step. How? How this can be done? Because a woman must belong to only one man, and only be his. So I brought up my mom, and I am sure that it is correct. Much in the world is changing, I think that gradually people are going crazy. Lost sense of conscience, shame, modesty, fidelity, even to me sometimes think that many people have forgotten how to love. Such bright feelings are gradually being replaced, what is false values. People are gradually becoming heartless! John, I am very grateful to my mother for being she gave me good upbringing, maybe I'm a little old fashioned, but I know that I have a heart! I know that my conscience is clear. I know that I have people who genuinely love me. And for me this is important!!! John thanks you that has given me the recipe. To me it is very pleasant that you have written it for me. And I shall necessarily try it to prepare. And I am assured that my girlfriend will be very surprised by your recipe. And as soon as I shall prepare for it. I shall tell to you about that that at me it has turned out to prepare. John I am glad to that you with such understanding have concerned to words Yulia, it is very good. I am glad to that you such clever the man. It is fine. John, tomorrow January 28., birthday my aunt Valentina. I took a day off work, and go to them in the Bolotnoe, to surprise. I made my aunt gift, flower room "eucalyptus". This flower possesses a rich aroma and allows to leave the air in the room clean and fresh. I'm sure she'll love this gift because she loves indoor plants. I hope I'm not mistaken with a choice. John, on this I will finish my letter, I have to go on the bus to go to Bolotnoe. I'm sorry, today I not take photos with them, as in a hurry. I hope you're not too upset. I'll wait for your next letter.
Your friend Olga.

Letter 8

John, I'm glad to see your answer! John I did not read The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe. But I saw film recently under the name the Raven. There it was just told about Edgar Allen Poe. It was very interesting film with rather sad end. But nevertheless product was very interesting. And I was pleasant like it. John to you for pictures which you have sent thanks me. Really it is very pleasant to me to see it from you. And I am grateful to you that you send it to me. John, Today I had a very stressful day at work. In the morning I went to check the Smirnov family. That of many children, dysfunctional family. They are on my accounting. I visit them once every two weeks, in order to check that their living conditions, children's health, as well as the mother's condition. They live without a father, he left them two years ago. Galina now, so call the mother of the family, often drank. I am very sorry for her children. I try to explain to Galina, that she pulled herself together and felt sorry for her children, but she did not listen to me. A month ago, her wanted be deprived of parental rights. But then the she promised the court that will be corrected. Today when I went to him, I been surprised to find For how many everything has changed.Galina tidied up the apartment, her children were neatly dressed and smiled at me. They had lunch ready, and they invited me to the table. I accepted their invitation. Over lunch Galina thanked me for what I opened her eyes to her situation. She told me that she was very upset that her husband left them and was very afraid that there was one with all the problems. I am very glad that Galina found the strength and get out of this difficult situation. After dinner and thanking them, I left the table and headed for the door, but I caught up with Anna, the eldest daughter Galina. Anna told me that they are very grateful that I have returned them to their mother, and handed me a folded piece of paper. She asked me not to forget them and go to visit them. I promised that I will be sure to visit them. When I stepped home, I unfolded the sheet, it was drawing. It was a picture of their family. Downstairs was written "Aunt Olga". It really touched me and made to cry! So nice to feel the right person! Today, I am once again convinced of the necessity of my work, and it importance for people. I believe in that the family Smirnovyh now everything will be fine. John, Tell me, how was your day today? What did you do?
Your friend Olga

Letter 9

Hello dr. John!!! I did not plan what exactly I shall do in the summer. Yesterday I could not fall asleep long time. On the way out of the library, I met Maksim. I walked past him, and my heart did not falter. Maybe earlier I would gave this meeting some value. But now I'm even for a moment, not thought about it, and those dark memories. I went home and pondered over what changed my mind. John, you know many of my colleagues say that on my face never fading smile and I became even more energetic. John, I had not even thought about it, but yesterday after meeting with Maksim, I realized that really changed very much. John, if I had met Maksim before, then I would think again was going through those bad memories. But now everything is different, and I did not mean to be sad. John, you helped me forget about the past relationships. I learned to see many negative things from the other side. I'm sure this has helped me to you! John, you are open-minded person, you're madly cheerful and wise. I learned a lot from you. Communicating with you gives me confidence and makes me feel like a princess. I never felt so much worries and attention to male in my address. It is very nice to! John, I'm sure that any woman next to you would be happy. You are exceptional man, I am surprised by how much great your heart and how you are kind. People like you are very few, and I'm very glad that I have the honor to communicate with you. At this point I will finish my letter. John, I want to say thank you! Thank you for what you came into my life! I never had a friend like you. You are a great man and a wonderful man.

P.S. One more my picture made in the summer. Now in the street coldly and it is a lot of snow, I love warm and solar weather, therefore I hope that my picture will help you to be warmed these cold winter days.

Letter 10

Hello John! Thank you wrote me. Your letters are very important to me. And very important to me to know what you think about me and our communication. John, you know I often begin think about how I'm tired of injustice. John,I want to create my world with your loved one. I want the in this world were just us. And only our love. That's all I want in life. I do not need anything except the present, true love. After all, love is the most important there is in life! I think that only love can make a person truly happy. John, and what is thinkest thou about this? I'm sorry, but today I can not respond well to your letter. At this point I will finish my letter. Today is the anniversary of my grandfather death. On this day, my mother and I are going to honor his memory. Today my mother comes to me, and I need to go now to the station to meet her. I'll wait for your letters!

Letter 11

John, I had a nice day, I woke up in a great mood. Yesterday I met my mom and we went with her home to me. We cooked dinner and sat at the table. Over dinner, we talked a lot about my father. About what he was. Mom recalled interesting cases from their lives. After mom started asking about you. I told her that we continue to communicate, and I really like you. I told that we understand each other well, and we have a lot in common. I showed my mom your photos. John, she thinks you're cute. She gave me advice not to waste time, to do always what the heart feels, and do not hide my feelings. After dinner we went to bed. John, I could not sleep a long time and thought about the words mom. John, I really think a lot about you. In my heart you took a very large part. I did not tell you, but I often imagine us together. I think I would have been happy with you. I could not decide long to tell you this. I fear for your reaction. John, Understand Issues, you are very similar to a man I was looking for all these years. You're a great friend and I'm afraid of losing you. John, I do not know what happens to me, but I think I love you! John, I decided to tell you this because I can not any more keep me all these feelings. John, Say what you feel me? Who am I to you? Very important to me to know this!
I'll look forward to your answer! Your Olga.

Letter 12

John, I woke up today incredibly happy, I dreamed of you all that night. John, In this dream we were together. You held me by the hand and watched into my eyes. This dream was so realistic that I remember the words that you told me. John, you told me “OLGA I LOVE YOU”. It was perfectly! I did not want this dream was over. And only I woke up and realized that it was just a dream. This dream was fine!!! This dream did not let go with a smile on my face all day. I was looking forward to the time when I go to the library to see your letter. And now I'm sitting, I read your letter, and with my eyes the tears fall. John, tears of joy. I am very pleased to read your lines. Your letters, that's all I have from you. But it's all the most beautiful that was with me. John, you know I've never been so happy as now. Me again as if 17 years. I feel like I can fly. John, I can not tell to you what I feel words. All I want to shout!!! And shout so loud so that you heard me, and heard that I love you! I LOVE YOU John! I dare swear! I can feel it with your whole body! I'm sure that you're the man I've been waiting for all my life. I'm sure that only you can make me happy! John, I need your love! I only need you! John, I now feel as if in a dream. Suddenly my world of black and white in color became. John, I never experienced such wonderful feelings! And I understand that, and finally came into my life love! Love that warms me up inside! Love that could change my life! John, thank you for what you there! Thank you for what you taught me to love! How do I want to tell you this now while looking in your eyes! John, what if this dream has become a reality? What if we were really together? I send you my favorite pictures. I hope you love my pictures. John, MY LOVE, I'LL WAIT FOR YOUR NEXT LETTER
Yours and only yours Olga.

Letter 13

My love, I'm glad to see your letter! I am happy that my feelings are mutual. I believe that we will be the happiest couple in the world! John, ahead of we have hundreds of years of happiness! And all that's left is to meet up. John, I'm grateful to destiny for being it gave us a chance! John, you and I have earned the right to love, the right to happiness! We have suffered enough in life, now it's our time! John, Now we start our new happy life! John my beloved. I understand you. I understand that you want, that I have arrived to you. Please, do not take offence at me. But I need time that I could be solved on it. For me it is very serious step. I should receive blessing from my Mum. And as soon as my Mum will allow me to fly to the USA. I shall arrive to you so quickly as soon as it will be possible. John I love you. And for me is not present that it is more important than your happiness. John I love you, and I trust that my Mum will not be against my travel to you. John I love you. Give me a few time for it. And I shall tell to you when I can arrive to you. John, I have a wonderful mood today, because today in a dream you came to me! John, you know, every time my dreams are becoming more and more realistic! I've never been to the sea! But today, in a dream, I felt that this was. John, Today we were the beautiful together on a deserted beach! You just imagine, sea, sun, white sand and of this paradise we! WE ONLY! Just you and me! We lay there and looked at each other, I saw my reflection in your eyes. You whispered something to me, but I could not understand this. I am closer to you, to hear what you're saying. And we merged in a passionate kiss. You caressed my shoulders and hair, you kissed my neck…. Each of your kiss burned me when I opened my eyes, I felt this warmth. John, so it was a beautiful dream, I tried to fall asleep again. I wanted to come to be with you again, but sleep I could no longer… John, if you knew how much I want this dream to become a reality! I want us to be together. I want to be with you and feel every cell of your body. I do not care how and where we live. John, for me the main thing that we were together! That's all I want! John, I want to wallow in your arms. I LOVE YOU MY John!!! I send you a million kisses! I hope my letter will warm you!
Yours and only yours Olga

Letter 14

John, how was your day? My day went off well today. In the morning we had a meeting at work. The meeting lasted until lunch. After lunch, I was engaged a visit to the wards. I went to the family Smirnovyh. Galina was not home, she was at work, but her children met me. They also all good, it made me very has pleased! I talked a bit with the kids and walked on. After I visited Tatiana Sergeevna and Nina Yuryevna. They two women both of them for more than 80 years. Last month, we settled them together in a dormitory, as their homes were not suitable for the conditions of residence. I brought for them food and medicine. I checked their condition, to talk about their health. After Tatjana told me that I sparkle like a diamond in the sun! She noticed that I was extremely happy, and that she had never seen me such! She said that I cannot speak for me, and so it is clear that I'm in love. I was surprised and asked her why she was so decided to. She said that person in love is hard to miss. She asked me who is my beloved, and I told her about you, John. Tatjana was amazed by the fact that we met through the internet. She was surprised to have reached to what technology and that two people from different countries can seamlessly communicate with each other. I told her that I think about meeting with you. Tatjana said I was doing the right thing and thing to go to call of the heart, in order to be happy. But later into conversation has entered Nina Yuryevna. She said she does not believe in what you can love a man, but have never seeing it. I explained to her that I did not need to see you, I read your letters, I know your thoughts and feel you in my heart what I and sufficient. I told her that for me looks are not important to me important human soul. After all, only a person with a big heart can truly love! Tatjana supported me and asked Nina Yuryevna not mind your own business. Then I said goodbye to them and went to work in order to check whether there I have new applications to visit. New proposals were not, and I went home, on the way I thought about the conversation with Tatiana and Nina. John, know, I think that Nina never liked time she thinks about what can love only if there when you see someone. I think that love is enough to feel, and there is no difference how far away you are from each other. John, what do you think about this? John. I love you. And I understand it. I understand that I really very strongly love you. I was afraid to let in whom that the heart after once Maksim have betraid me. And after that I could not to admit whom even is close to myself. But you John, you could find a key. And you could open a door in my heart. And now it belongs to you. And only to you. Only you one in my heart. And I ask you. Please, protect my heart. I do not want more a pain and suffering. And I trust, I trust that I trust the heart correct to the man. And you will not hurt for me. You promise me it? Tell to me it. I should know that that I was not mistaken in the choice. I very strongly worry. I'm sending you pic. This was done summer. I hope you like my pic. I LOVE YOU John!!! Kisses! I'll wait for your next letter. Know that I miss you very much.
Yours and only yours Olga.

Letter 15

John, I'm glad to see your answer! Your letters warms my soul and bring a smile to my face. How was your day John? How have you weather? John I when did not hear about this story. It is real history? John my beloved. John, with every day my love for you is getting stronger and stronger. I can no longer think about anything except you. John, in my day probably no minutes which was not occupied by you. You know, I thought a lot about my last letter to you, words, Tatyana. John, I think that we really need to meet up. It seems to me that this is necessary for both of us. John, at our meeting we will discuss what is happening between us, I think that at a meeting we understand how much we need each other. John, you do not think, in my heart there is no doubt about my feelings for you. I am confident that we made ??for each other. But in order for us to to fully experience all that we have for each other, we need to meet up. And what do you think? What do you think about our meeting? John, I'm worried about how your relatives will treat me? I will not be unnecessary in your life? I need to know it! I hope that in your next letter you tell me your thoughts on this! As for my family, you can not worry. John, my mom as well as my friends were very good to you. John, for my family the most important thing that I was happy. But happy, I'll be just you!!! I'll wait for your next letter and answers to my questions! I hope that we wish of the same! I LOVE YOU John!!!
Yours and only yours Olga.

P.S. I enclose my letter to the verse, it expresses what I feel about you! I hope you like it!

If every time you crossed my mind
A drop of rain should fall,
We could swim on forever
In the greatest ocean of them all.

If every time I was proud of you
A flower bloomed anew,
I could walk on eternally
In a garden next to you.

If every time I craved your lips
A star was placed in sight,
Darkness would never fall upon
Our love of endless light.

If every time you touched my heart
A bell would somewhere chime,
We could listen ‘till the end of days
To the music that’s yours and mine.

My love and heart are yours…
Every time.

Letter 16

I'm glad to see your letter. Thank you for what you wrote me. John, I really miss you, I miss you terribly. Only your letters and thoughts of you give a smile to my face. Today I woke up early and went to to visit a friend. We sat in her home, had breakfast and decided to go shopping. John, I decided to do a little shopping to update my wardrobe. I bought a dress jeans and a few T-shirts. The dress is very beautiful, I'm sure you'll love it. I bought it specifically for our first meeting. John, for me, our meeting is very important, I want to look good to you like. So I tried on the dress very long, I tried to choose the most nice. Yulia, said she was tired to go shopping with me and choose. She said that I would never choose things for so long. I told her that I used to buy things for to please me, and now I buy things to like you. And so the choice has become much more difficult. After shopping we went with her to a cafe to drink coffee. After dinner we went home. John I send you a picture. I hope you like my pictures. And you will be pleased to see it. John, when we are together, we are the happiest couple in the world! John, I'll do everything to do with your face smile never disappeared. When you smile, then you are happy if you're happy, and I'm happy! It's a simple formula of our happiness. John, Tell me about how you represent our first meeting? I'll look forward to your answer.
Yours and only yours Olga.

Letter 17

I am very glad to see your letter, my love! Every word warms my heart and soul. You can not imagine how happy I am to read your lines. My dear, I miss you so much. Thank you that today you wrote me! John my beloved. Which you have written thanks for a poem to me. It is very pleasant to me to receive it from you. And your picture. It so is fine. John I love you my beloved. I am grateful to you that sn you send me it. Thanks you my beloved. John that has told thanks me about Anna. It is pleasant to me to read that they could find each other and grow fond. Their history is similar to ours. I love you. A difference only that I am able to speak in English. John, I think we need to start moving towards our meeting. In our town there is a travel agency. I will go there to learn about the details of a trip for you. But before I go to a travel agency, I would like to know your full address, and your name. And please tell me your phone number. So I can call you. As soon as I get a chance, I'll try to call you. I think it will be necessary for a travel agency. I hope that you will write to me all the necessary information in the following letter. If you do not want to talk about your address. Then tell me just your full name and your city. John, I'm glad we found each other. I am confident that together we will be the happiest couple in the world. I only want you and only your love! John, I will soon be in your arms and then we can perform all our dreams. I promise you that your face will never fade smile. I'll do anything to make you happy! I imagine us together, as soon as I close my eyes. Only you in my thoughts! Only love for you in my heart John!!! John, soon, soon I'll be with you! It's all about what I'm thinking. John, I'm sorry, but I have to go now. I'm going to my mother in Bolotnoe, let her know that we decided to meet, and that soon I will go to you. I write to you on return from Bolotnoe. I love you John!!! Kisses!
Olga yours forever Olga

Letter 18

John, how was your day today? My day went well today! I recently returned from Bolotnoe. I told my mom that I want to go to you.. John, in the early mom cried, she told me it would be very bored. I told her that we will come to visit her. We can do it John??? Mom said that, despite the fact that it is strongly experiences, she is very happy for us. Endorsed my step mom. And she said she believes that with you I'll be happy. John, for me it was very important to know her opinion. I was very pleased with her reaction to my news. John, you know, you really like my mom. She speaks very positively about you. Mom said to tell you hello!!! John, after I returned from Bolotnoe, I immediately went to the library to write you a letter. I'm glad that soon we will not have to write letters, and all that we feel we can say, looking into each other's eyes. I love you madly John!!! I am happy that soon I'll be with you! Tomorrow I'm going to find out what will be required to travel to you. John I send you some of my pictures, so you can enjoy it. I hope that soon we will no longer have to send each other pictures, and we will be able to see us in reality. I'm sending you millions of kisses, let them warm you this night! And soon, very soon, I'll warm you! I look forward to your next letter. I hope to get it soon!
Yours and only yours Olga

Letter 19

John, FORGIVE ME! Sorry that I have to write this letter to you! John, I can not come to you! John, forgive me! In my eyes the do not dry tears! I can not calm down. John, in the travel agency told me the cost of travel to you! This is much more than I expected! I do not have such funds! I can not find such a huge sum! John, I do not know what to do now. My heart is torn apart from the pain. This pain is unbearable, I can not breathe on its. I do not want to lose you! I can not live without you! I do not need my life if it will not be you! But how to overcome the distance that separates us, I do not know! John, I had never traveled! I'm so stupid, thinking that my savings enough! I'm afraid to think how you'd be upset after reading my letter! Now I sit and cry! I am very angry at myself! Sorry that I hurt you! I did not want! I'm sorry I did not keep my promises! I am ready to devote myself to you all! But you're thousands of miles away from me! What? What can I do?! For me that these tortures!? What did I do wrong? All I want is to love and be loved! All that I can ask you now, is to find forgiveness in your heart for me! John, I can not live and know that you hate me! I can not do so! Forgive me my love! I am doubtful what I ought to do....

Letter 20

John, I read your today's letter, and from my eyes tears flow. But it is tears not grief, and tear of pleasure! I am glad, that I see your letter. John, thanks, that you have not left me! Thanks that you just as I want our meeting and is ready to struggle for our future! John, understand, When to me have informed cost in trips to you, for me a life as if has stopped! I did not know, that to me to do! I could not calm down from those Times as has learned that I can not arrive to you John, I did not sleep today all the night long! I thought of us how we could be happy! I Cried all this time! You have pleased me with good news! I am madly glad now! I would like to shout with happiness! John, I shall be happy, to meet you in mine To the country. John when you will arrive? Tell, how much you plan to remain in my country? How you see our attitudes after your arrival? You will take away me with yourself or will leave me one? In travel agency to me have explained, that for a trip are necessary: foreign the passport, The visa and tickets. You have all necessary documents? To me I am important to know answers to these questions hope, that in the tomorrow's letter you can To answer them. John, I owing to you for your kind heart and that you are not angry with me. Forgive, that I have brought you! But I Really did not know, about cost. Forgive, that I was how much silly. Thanks that you give me hope for our meeting! I am very glad, That you will come to me. As soon as you to me will tell, when for you to wait, I shall inform it to the relatives. I am assured, that they will be happy. I Cried all today's night, I was afraid to lose you, I am morally exhausted. Forgive, but on it I to the law the letter, I shall go home, what I shall have a rest with impatience to wait for your tomorrow's letter! John, thanks you that you have not left me! I shall wait for you in mine City. I hope, that you will arrive soon! Even an hour back I thought, that have lost you! And now I the happiest girl in the world! Thanks you!
Yours forever Olga

Letter 21

Hello my love John! I am glad to see your letter. John, I studied visa K1 to go to you under this visa to us it is necessary that at us would take place though one personal meeting. In travel agency to me have explained, that you should be ready to what you should arrive for personal meeting. If you on what or to the reasons cannot arrive, we cannot receive visa K1. John in any way as in travel agency to me have explained, that the working costs with such visa will make 2450 dollars. Cost includes process of consideration of the application in USCIS and embassy of the USA: preparation of forms and submission; consultations and constant updating of the information on the status; interaction with USCIS and with embassy of the USA; consultation and preparation for interview, assistance in reception of information. As additional charges which are paid by the client: The duty on consideration of application USCIS - 455 dollars, medical examination – 100 dollars, consular gathering for issue of visa - 160 dollars. The total cost will make 3165 dollars. As the ticket which cost of 1308 dollars will be necessary. John, I learned about that as I can arrive to you, to me have offered the tourist visa, it for us will be much easier and I can already arrive to you in two weeks. This the visa most not dear and the most simple. A unique problem which I have it documents for my trip to you, they cost 830 dollars. Into cost of the contract of 830 dollars enter: the passport for travel abroad, the tourist visa, travel up to Moscow, residing at Moscow, physical examination. My love, I know, that it is very complex for us but if I had these means I could arrive to you in two weeks. But I do not have such means and do not know, where to me them to take. John, we can already be together in two weeks, you represent as it soon for us. John, I very strongly love you and I wish to be with you! To me it is very bad without you. I dream to be now with you and to love you all heart. I am ready to present a life to you. But as to us to overcome distance which between us. When I think of it, to me becomes very badly and melancholy. I love you and I hope, that we can soon solve our problem and we shall be together for ever! John, you are necessary to me! Yours and only yours Olga.

Letter 22

John, today I did not sleep all the night long. I was hurted very strongly with a head as every day I cry from separation from you. I every day think of us as us to be together. John, I am tired to wait, tired that I cannot be with the beloved. John, I have solved I shall search for ways to arrive to you. I hope, that at me all to turn out and our meeting will come true. I promised you that I shall arrive. And I shall make all that we with you were together. John, you are necessary to me only and your love. I shall do everything, for our happiness. We so long went to our happiness, and I shall not allow this barrier to prevent to our happiness to be carried out. I love you my beloved. And I am not going to stop and surrender. I shall continue to struggle for our happiness, in fact we so were long unfortunate. And now we simply have no right to surrender. We should struggle. And I shall struggle my beloved. I shall search for ways to arrive to you. Though now I do not have money to pay my trip. But I shall search for ways that them to find. I understand that it is a greater sum, and it will be not simple. But I shall search, and I am assured that I can find money. At us in Russia speak: " Who searches, that finds! " And I trust that at me it will turn out to make it. Though somewhere at heart I even do not represent, that I can make it. But I trust that I can make it. John you are necessary to me!!! I shall make everything, that in my forces. In fact without you I cannot be happy. And for the sake of our happiness I shall struggle. I promised you that I shall arrive to you. And consequently I shall make it. John my beloved, please do not worry. We shall be together. I promise you it. I shall make all that in my forces, but we shall be together. I shall not surrender. Tomorrow I shall go to mum and the aunt, to consult to them. John, I shall write to you as I shall arrive. With impatience I shall wait, when again I shall see your letter.
Yours and only yours Olga

P.S. Forgive, today I have not taken my picture. In my head it is a lot of ideas. And consequently I have forgotten a picture for you. I know that you like to see my pictures. And I shall try to take for you my pictures. I love you my beloved. And I shall prove to you my love.

Letter 23

Hello my love John! I love you. I am very glad to see your letter. To me such huge distance is now very sad that between us. John I very much love you, and I want that we were together now. I wish to be in your embraces. I wish to look through films embracing you. I wish to walk with you and to hold your hand. I wish to feel your kisses. John I love you my beloved. And me it is very sad that we so far apart. But we can correct it. We can be together. I am assured of it, simply we should struggle. We should not lower our hands. John I love you. I have found a way to call to you. And consequently my letter will be now short. Forgive, I shall closely read your letter after a call. Because now I need to borrow turn on that I could call and consequently I cannot waste time. John I love you my beloved, I hope that we can speak by phone. John I love you. I shall go to call to you. Yours Olga

Letter 24

John, to me it is now very heavy. To me it is bad, that our meeting can not happen. But I promise you, that I shall make everything that our meeting was carried out. I adore you also to me you are necessary only. John, beloved I do not represent the life to distances from you. Such life will be not necessary to me. It even will be complex for naming a life, I shall exist. The life in which is not necessary to me will not be you. You have presented me love. You have forced my heart to grow fond again. Owing to you I again could take pleasure in this fine feeling. John you my beloved. I love you. I so am happy that you are in my life. And let now we are separated with thousand kilometers from each other. But my heart and soul now near to you. John I love you my beloved, I shall make all that we were together. I promise you. John, my mum very much experiences for me and supports. Today I went to my mum and the aunt. I consulted on them. And my Mum has told to me, that she will support me. Also that will help me to struggle for my happiness. In fact for her it is very important that I was happy. John, I am very glad, that my mum will support me. It will be easier to me to transfer these difficult minutes to lives. I went for work. I spoke with my clients. To me offered various variants, but any of the offered variants could not work. I was grateful to my clients for the help, but all it as has not helped me. I equally yet do not know all as me to be. I do not know where to me to take means to arrive to you my beloved. My Mum went to rich people and asked the help from them. But who from them and to listen did not want about our problems. All to spit on us with Mum. I understand that it will be not simple, and will have very strongly to try, to overcome this barrier. But I trust in the best. I trust that I can consult with all it. John, tell to me, what you do? You will go through, whether I can arrive to you? You trust what at us will turn out to cope with this barrier? I hope, what yes! It will give to me of forces to struggle and go forward to our happiness. My beloved, we should go forward. I love you, I so strongly experience that we not together. I experience that now there is a uncertainty of that to us to do with our meeting. But I trust that I can consult. I can find a way, and we shall be together. John I love you, trust me. Trust in me my beloved. And our belief, our love. It will help us to be together. I very much would like, That we always were a number that I always saw my reflection in your eyes. John, I all heart love you. John, I wish to be with you! You are necessary to me only. John, you my ideal! I shall do everything, that in my forces to arrive to you! I adore you!!! John, I send you millions air kisses, I hope, that very soon I can kiss you on realities! You my love and my life!!!
Your loving Olga

Letter 25

Hello my love John!!! John, how at you business? How your mood? My mum transfers you the best a wish and speaks, that very much wants, that we were together!!! John, I all think of ways as I can arrive to you my love. You know, for me your support is now very important. John, please speak me every day, that you trust, that we shall be together. Please, trust that at us will turn out to cope with this barrier. I love you. And I shall struggle, I shall not surrender. Your support my beloved is necessary to me. John, today I went to friends. But as I also expected, who cannot help me with such sum. I went to my schoolmates, to those with whom I studied in institute. I went to my colleagues on work. I asked the help from them at all. But who cannot help me. Everyone speak me that it very much a greater sum, and that they have no now such money. But I think that it is a deceit. I think that they simply to be afraid to give me so many money in a duty. It is very a pity to me, that all so occurs. To me it is sick that all is less than people in this world are ready to come to the aid to other person. And it is very sad. I not so strongly was upset, because I trust, that we shall be together. As my girlfriend Yulia, has advised me to try to take the loan in bank. I have told, that to me can not grant such loan as at me is not present what property. She to me has told, that it is necessary to try all the same. But for this purpose it is necessary to collect documents from work. I hope, that you understand me and support in it. John, I very strongly love you. I all soul want, that we were together and all I shall make for the sake of it. Because you that the man about which I dreamed all life. John, for us now the main thing to trust, that we shall be together and it is obligatory to happen!!!! In fact so? John, I gently embrace you, I hope, that very soon I can do it every day!!!
Yours and only yours Olga

Letter 26

Hello my love John! How you? How there was your dream my beloved? I hope that you well slept, and you saw me in your dream. John I love you, and I often see you in my dreams. But when I wake up, to me becomes sad. John, I very much grieve without you. You are necessary to me my love. I as if choke, from that that you are not present beside with me. I am am overflown with mental anguish, it is bad. It is good, that I even can read your letters and write to you. It though as that reduces my pain. Please, do not cease to write to me. I love you, and to me will be very sad, if I shall not see your letter. Your letters for me as air. You my beam of the sun in the cloudy sky. You my beloved. You that the man with which I can be happy. And only with near to you I can be happy. Tell, how you spend days? Tell, how you dream of me. If you knew, how strongly I want, that you were now a number with me. I hope, that we will have enough forces and we shall overcome this barrier. John, today we went together with mum for my work. I have collected all necessary documents in a staff department as to me have written the characteristic. Then I at once have gone to bank and have written the application on the loan. To me have told, that my application will send on consideration. To me have given a copy of my application and I send it to you that you saw, that our meeting becomes gradually more real. You could see that I not simply so I go without business. And I do all that we were together. The adviser in bank has explained to me, that most likely to me will not give out the loan more than in 800 dollars. I have explained, that larger sum then the adviser has advised us is necessary for me, to write one more application for reception of the loan for mum. He has explained, that now give out long-term loans for treatment to pensioners. To us have told, that the similar loan is considered more quickly and will be more chances to receive the necessary sum. John, my mum has written the application but while documents could not give as all her documents of the house. Today she has gone in Bolotnoe, tomorrow she will arrive with all documents and will try to help to be to us together. John, I am glad, that we had though what that a real hope, that we shall be together. For many days on my person there was a smile. Mum has told, that is very glad, that to me it became even better. But if all to turn out, when I shall arrive to you to me work will be necessary to pay loans. I would like you to ask, that you have tried to find to me work at you in city. I hope, that you will try, that or to make. I hope for you. I trust in you my beloved. I adore you my sweet prince. I want, that we were together as soon as possible. John, believe to me, I on all shall go for the sake of you. So that we were together. Because I love you, as who when did not love. You have given me belief in love. Owing to you my heart again has started to fight. And I again have felt that I love also me love. I love you. And I shall not give you to whom. I shall struggle for our love and for our happiness. When I shall be with you, I shall make everything, that from your person when the smile did not disappear. I adore you my charm!!!!! I kiss you on the mouth.
Yours and only yours. Olga

Letter 27

Hello my love John! I love you, I so am glad to see your letter. I so am glad to that you do not forget about me. I am glad that you love me as well as before. John I love you my beloved. To me so sadly to sleep one, to me it is very heavy, to me it is sad. John, I did not sleep practically all the night long, I thought to turn out or it will not turn out to take the loan. I could fall asleep only more close by the morning. Mum has arrived early in the morning and together we have gone to bank, she has submitted all documents on consideration. The exact answer on her to the loan will be in two days. The answer under my loan will tell in current of five days. John, whether I experience to turn out to take two loans. It seems to me, that we still had unique chance. I hope, that our loans will approve and I will have means, for a trip to you John. John, you know every day I more increasing and I grieve without you more. You are close to me in soul and far physically. But I do not lose hope that we to overcome this distance and we shall be together. John I want, that we were now a number. I love you very strongly, I do not know as lived earlier without you. John, you sense of my life. On my person there is a smile, from that that is possible our dream will come true also we shall be together. I can see your fine eyes, a gentle smile every day. John, I dream to wake up and feel your breath. It would be fine! John, you know, though today and I had a bad night. But I was not upset because of it, in fact I saw a fine dream. When has woken up on my person there was a smile. To me it was good. In this dream we sat in the cosy house, in a soft armchair at a fireplace. We looked at fire, having nestled to each other. I felt each impact of your heart. You are gentle and is sweet me kissed on a neck. We have been raised. We were surrounded with an atmosphere of romanticism, passion and love. John, you like to look at fire? I very much love, because fire personifies a life and the family center. When we shall be together, I shall make all, that our family was happy. John, charm washing, you all that is at me in a life and I on all am ready for the sake of you!!! I hope, that all will turn out and soon we shall together! I shall prove to you my love. I shall prove to you gravity of my intentions. I shall prove to you force of my love to you. We shall be together. I promise you it. John, I gently and passionately embrace you.
With love Olga

Letter 28

I am glad to receive your letter. John, your letters bring to me of happiness and a smile! I very much miss on you my prince. I wish to be in your gentle embraces. All my ideas and heart are borrowed only by you John. I very much want to you. I wish to feel all your caress, love and tenderness. I do not have not enough your heat. Today I went for work. I visited again my clients. When I visited my clients, they often were interested in, how at me business. Many wished my of good luck and happiness. My clients very much I experience for me. And it is very pleasant for me. It so is pleasant to see care of other people to you. Today I was even more convinced that the more goods you do for people, the more goods will return to you. In fact they spoke me pleasant words. They tried to encourage me, and it is very important for me. Some clients even tried to give me money. I refused money. Because I do not wish to accept the help from them. To me it is very pleasant, but I do not wish to take money from them, in fact they and so are not rich. But me that they tried to help me was pleasant. They are glad for me. Are glad that I could to find my love. John I love you my beloved. You have given me this happiness, owing to you I am now happy. Owing to you on my person there is a smile. I love you. And I very much do not have you beside with me. John, me it is bad without you! I wish to be with you John!!!! About as I want that our lips merged in hot, passionate kisses. I want, that you spoke me, that love me. I want, that you caressed language and lips my ears. I dream to cover your fine body with kisses every day! John, I very strongly wish to be with you. You are necessary to me only and your love. My heart, soul and a body all asks to you! I very strongly love you. I would give all now to be with you. John, we shall be the happiest pair when we shall be together. Our love every day grows and gets stronger. Our love is strong and together we can overcome all on our way. The love this such feeling which allows two loving people to do miracles. We in Russiahave such saying " Separation, for love as the wind for fire, small extinguishes, and great is inflated. " I think, that this very correct phrase. It reflects in herself very correct sense. John, our love is strong also our separation only will strengthen our feelings to each other. I cannot live apart more from you any more! My heart cries from a pain. This pain will go out, when we shall be together!!!! John, I hope what be fast we can together for ever!!!! I adore you, my sun! You for me, as a ray of light in the dark sky. You shine only for me and shine to me a way fortunately with you!!!! I cannot live without your love any more and caress!!!! I want to you my an angel. John, you my second half! I want to you. I wish you to see, embrace and kiss. Tomorrow to mum will tell the answer under the loan. If all will be good, I can start to do documents and our meeting will start to come nearer. To me to be mad it would be desirable with you and to give you every day the love!!!! I TRUST, I TRUST, THAT WE SHALL BE TOGETHER!!! Tomorrow I shall inform you on everything, I hope, that I shall write tomorrow good news. I LOVE YOU John!!!!! I send you millions air kisses, let they will warm you, I can not warm you the body yet.
Yours and only yours Olga

Letter 29

John, I am happy. I hurry up to you to inform good news. Today we with mum went to bank. To us have told, that the loan is approved also money will give out tomorrow. I am happy, that our meeting will start to come nearer already tomorrow. To mum have given out acknowledgement of the loan. As I also spoke, receipts should seal, and here it. Here this press. I shall send you a copy of it that you could see it.
Tomorrow we shall go to receive means. And tomorrow I can already start to do documents. John my beloved, I so am happy, I wish to cry for the whole world that all have heard my pleasure. That all heard how I am strong is happy. In fact it means that our problem recedes, and our meeting already absolutely soon to be carried out. John I love you. I cannot constrain mine of tear My beloved. I now all in tears. But it istears of happiness. Tears of my pleasure. In fact already soon we shall together. As soon as tomorrow mum will receive means, I at onceshall go to conclude the contract with travel agency. John when I went to travel agency, me have told, that after I shall conclude with them the contract. It will be necessary to wait two weeks while will prepare all documents. You represent 15 days and I shall be already ready to take off to you. I am very grateful to mum, that she have made it for us. I have kissed her, she at me the finest mum on light. I to you have one more surprise. Now I in library with mum. She certainly does not know English language. But very much wished to write to you the letter. And She has written for you the letter. I send you a copy of the letter of my mum. I understand that you are not able to read in Russian and consequently I shall write to you translation of the letter of my Mum in English. And you can read through it. I think, that you are glad to it. John I hope, that I have brought to you a smile my letter and you are happy, that our meeting will soon come true. I love you my sweet John!!! I with impatience shall wait for your following letter. Yours and only yours Olga

P.S. I send you a copy of acknowledgement of the loan of my mum and I send you the letter of my Mum. She very much worried when wrote to you the letter. I hope that it will be pleasant to you to see. Below I shall write that my Mum has written to you.

I heard about you from Olga much. On her to stories you very good person. I look on Olga and I see, how she wishes to be with you. I hope, that you as test sincere feelings to her. I think, that you good the man and will be cares about her. I very much hope, that we will have an opportunity will get acquainted with you personally. I am grateful to you that you have made my daughter happy. I for a long time any more did not see the present pleasure in opinion of Olga. But now I look at my daughter, and I see happiness. I see how it is strong she loves you. And I hope that you will care of my daughter. Mine Olga, she my only child. And I very much worry for her, I worry for her health and safety. Promise me that you will care of my daughter and you will love her. I hope that I do not make a mistake, and that you will really love and care of my daughter. Olga, sense of my life. And if with her something happens, I cannot go through it. I hope for you. I trust that you decent the man, and you can take care of my daughter.
Yours faithfully Zinaida.

Letter 30

Hello my love John! I write to you from my new mail box. I today have come to library and could not enter on my mail box. I do not know in what the reasons, but the manager of library has told that could try to crack my mail box and consequently have blocked. I do not know to whom it it was necessary. But I had to create a new mail box. I hope that now who will not try to get access to my mail box and it will not occur any more. John I love you my beloved. I hope that you will write to me, and tomorrow I can see your letter. I love you. Yours and only yours. Olga

Letter 31

I am glad to see your letter. Yesterday we with mum were late in library, I explained to Mum how to use Internet that when I shall be at you, we could communicate with her. My Mum at all does not understand as to address with a computer, but the manager of library has told that will help my Mum. And I have thanked her that she will help my Mum. Before taking off to you. I shall create a mail box for my Mum. And we together can communicate with my Mum. My beloved, at me to you the greatest news for today. John, today to mum have given out the loan at a rate of 1270 dollars. I have started to do documents. I have counted, it should suffice on documents which 830 dollars as it is necessary
to pay a part for tickets cost. I very much hope, that my loan will approve also it will suffice to pay in addition for tickets. As I also spoke at once have gone to travel agency and have paid cost of documents. John, I put a copy of the application to the letter on the passport for travel abroad. In travel agency I have signed the contract that the travel agency will make for me all necessary documents and will buy for me tickets aboard the plane to you. The travel agency has given out to me a copy of our contract, and I have a contract. And now I am already assured that all my documents will be ready. As to me have told, that I have all chances to receive the visa. I was happy. But as I also spoke it will be necessary to wait about 14 days, depending on that when interview in Embassy USA will be appointed. I can be with you. John as me have asked that I have informed them the exact name of the airport in which you you can meet me. I need to be informed it to them in the near future. John, I hope, that in the following letter you will inform me it! John, now there comes the period in which to us it is necessary to be in time much. I need to make much, for this trip and passage of interview. But me have told that with my knowledge of English language, I without problems can make it. But I equal experience all. I have taken today provisional questions which happen on interview and them I shall learn. Tomorrow I will need to pass Medical survey, and to me should make the Insurance policy. In fact I fly to other country. And without the Insurance policy I can have difficulties in your country. I so am happy that now we already start to come nearer to our meeting. I cannot constrain happiness. I cannot constrain those emotions which now overflow me. John I love you my beloved. I so am happy. I am happy that already soon we shall together. John, you my unique and long-awaited. I very strongly love you!!! You are necessary to me, as air, without you I choke. I wish to be with you. I think you it see on my acts. I shall make all, for our happiness. I think you as is ready to make everything, for us. John, I only your and nobody's another.
Yours and only yours Olga

P.S. I send you a copy of my application on reception of the Visa for travel abroad. John, please do not forget to inform the name of the airport in which to me it is necessary to fly.

Letter 32

John again new day. Beloved I today went to bank. John, at me very good news, I could receive the loan. Soon I shall with you. Soon we shall together. John my beloved, already soon we can take pleasure in our love. Our meeting it becomes absolutely fast real. John I love you. Every day does us more close to each other. Be fast we can in embraces each other, we shall enjoy our tenderness and tenderness. I am glad to it. John I am happy, that soon it happens. My heart madly knocks and with impatience waits, when I can be with you. When I can feel your kisses, your gentle and sweet embraces. I with impatience wait for this day. John, I went to travel agency. I have informed Natalya the name of the airport. To me have informed, that tomorrow to me will give out my Passport for travel abroad and will receive acknowledgement from embassy USA. My documents still will check up time and will inform the sum which I should pay in addition for tickets. I have told, that very much I worry because of interview. To me have told, that all will be good, that I can not worry. Natalya has told, that tomorrow will inform me more information. John, now it is necessary to wait simply. I want more likely to you. Why all so is complex? First it is necessary to pay, then to wait. It is difficult to me to wait. I every night think and I represent, that I can be with you. As we can enjoy our love. I am glad to it. John I love you my beloved. I so am happy. I am happy. John I am happy that I could make it. I could make our meeting really. You remember as I doubted of, whether it will turn out to make at us it. And at us it has turned out. John I love you my beloved. I spoke you that I shall make all so that we were together. John it is not necessary for me that in this world except for you. Your love, your tenderness. Here that it is really necessary for me. I so am happy that soon I can to leave self-summer, and you will meet me. John we shall be together. John I love you my beloved. I so am happy. I so am glad. I wish to embrace you and to kiss you. But unfortunately we while far apart. But now it only a matter of time. We needed to wait only. John I love you!!!
I LOVE YOU John!!!!!
Yours and only Olga

P.S. I send you a copy of my application on reception of the Visa for travel abroad. John, please do not forget to inform the name of the airport in which to me it is necessary to fly.

Letter 33

John, I am happy today. I went today to receive an insurance policy. And to me have given out it without problems. After that I have gone to travel agency. To me have given out my passport for travel abroad. To me have given out acknowledgement from Embassy. As to me have told cost of my tickets, and to me have told that is necessary to pay in addition me 638 dollars for tickets. John, I have paid cost of tickets.
And I still had 162 dollars from my loan. Natalya has told, that will order tomorrow tickets. And to finish speaking about interview in embassy of the USA. As she has asked me to come tomorrow in travel agency. I with impatience wait, when there will come tomorrow, that precisely nobility when interview and date of our meeting is appointed. John I at once shall inform you date of my arrival to you. John you already have prepared for all, for our meeting? I soon shall with you! John, I worry before our meeting a little worry. I am happy, that I shall be with you and I think more, how it will occur. I know, that all will be fine. Because we shall be together, already who and when cannot separate us. I understand that I will need to collect things. I as should learn from you about that as well as where I shall live? I love you my beloved, and I wish to sleep with you, I wish to fall asleep every night in your embraces. I so become happy that already soon all is real. There was one day. And we shall know exact date of our meeting. We shall know a date started of our joint life. We shall know day when at us the new life will begin. I love you my beloved. I understand that to me much will have very much to learn in your country, in fact the USA very much differs from Russia. And me will have to get used to a life. But I think that you with pleasure will help me to get used to the new country. I so am happy now. John, I even did not know, that it is possible to be such happy. I now, as if fly in heavens. The only thing about what I think it of you my prince. Now it is necessary for me seriously concerns to each step because now is solved our meeting will be carried out or not. I trust, that all will be good!!!! I with impatience wait for your letter. John, I love you, I want to you and I dream of our meeting. It becomes fast a reality. IT is fine!!!!!!!
Yours and only yours Olga

Letter 34

John my beloved. I love you. I do not wish to lose you. I love you. I do not know as to tell to you about it. I do not understand why destiny so acts with us. John you for me all. My life that it is not necessary without you, without your love. John I love you, I do not wish to lose ou. I at all do not know as to tell to you about it. John my beloved. Please, please, do not throw me. Do not leave me. John today I went to travel agency, I was happy the girl in this world. I was so is happy. I was happy that already soon we with you shall together. In fact I should learn date of my start to you my beloved. And I simply could not believe in this happiness my beloved. But when Natalya ordered tickets in your airport, to it have informed that I have not paid loan. John, in travel agency to me have explained, that under the Russian laws the citizen cannot take off from the country if it has debts to the state. I do not know that to me now to do. John my beloved. What to us now to do? We now so are close to were together. I have made everything, I have made all that I could. Even my Mum has helped me with that I could arrive to you. But it it has appeared insufficiently. I do not know that to me to do now. I do not know as me to live further.
At me it is a lot of debts. I should pay my loan. I should help to my Mum to pay her the loan. In fact if My Mum will not pay the loan, at her will take away the house. Also what to us then to do? How to us to live further? John my beloved, please, please, do not leave me. Do not throw me now. John I love you. I wish to be with you. I want that we were together. I want that we have overcome all these barrier. I want that we could cope with this barrier. In fact it is last barrier which prevents to be to us together. In fact all that remains to us, it only to pay my loan. As soon as I shall mourn over the loan, I can take off without problems to you. And then I can help to pay to my Mum the loan and then all will be good. But I do not know where to me to take these means. John my beloved. I have paid 162 dollars which at me were. But I owe 638 dollars more, and I do not know that to me now to do. I do not know where to me to take this money. I do not know where to me to take these 638 dollars. If I could make though something, I would make it. But I cannot more to make that. I do not understand why all so occurs. There can be a destiny specially puts before us these barrier that we could struggle with it and that our love was stronger. In fact with each barrier which we shall overcome together, our love, force of our love becomes more. John my beloved, please, do not leave me. John I love you, I cannot live without you. You sense of my life, are not necessary for me that in this world except for your love. John I love you, I do not wish to lose you. I want that we were together, but for this purpose we needed to overcome only last barrier. Only last step separates us from each other so give we shall overcome this barrier. In fact there should be ways that we could cope with this barrier. My beloved, I trust that together we can overcome this barrier. John together we shall consult, together we can break any barrier. John I love you, I am ready on all for the sake of you. John all my documents are ready. All is ready to that I could take off to you. In fact you saw all my documents. John all is ready to that we with you were together. That we were happy, so give we shall overcome this barrier. Give we shall be together. John I love you. I love you. I trust that we can consult it and we shall be together. John I love you. To me it is now very bad, my heart is broken off from a pain. My heart is ready to stop. I love you, and I do not represent my life without you. John I love you, I want that we were together. So give we shall be together. John I love you my beloved. I love you. I so have much made that we were together. We together so have much passed that we were happy. And now our happiness depends only on us. John I love you. I hope that you will not leave me. I hope that you will not throw me one here, and we can cope with this barrier together. I am more that I can not make, it is more who cannot help me. I love you. I want that we were together. I love you my beloved and without you I do not wish to live. A life without love, it only existence. I love you.
Yours and only yours. Olga



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