Scam letter(s) from Anna Polownikowa to Tim (USA)

Letter 1
Hello My Dear Tim!!!!!
I am pleased to receive your letter again. Tim now I know very well that we have successfully started our communication with you and we can not wait for the letter of one another like children waiting for a gift for Christmas Eve. Thank you for the photos and stories about your family. I'm so sorry that your parents died. I'm sure you're very fond of them and they will stay in your heart forever.
Tim in this letter I want to tell you about my typical day. I wake up at 6:00 and then go to the gym until 7:00. After that, I have some breakfast. During breakfast, I read a magazine or newspaper. After breakfast, I go to the shower. At 8:15 I go to work. My first lesson starts at 8:30. I work until 19:30. After that I go to my office and write you a letter. My working day ends with a smile on my face. Do you understand what I mean by this? I do not have a computer at home.
When you write a letter for me? Also after work?
Tim could you tell me about your hobbies? What do you like to do in your free time? My hobby is painting. I'm not a very good painter. But I love it. I like to walk along the beach and enjoy the beauty of the sunset. I also like to go to the mountains. One day I decided to paint it on paper. I painter for 20 years. I usually do it in the summer or fall. BTW, do you like to dance? Would you like to dance with me ever?
Waltz or Tango? That would be wonderful. Tim I also love to read.
For many years I read the history of WWII and the history of my country. Did you ever read the history of Russia? Maybe you could tell us more about the history of your country, city and culture? I love to learn about other cultures.
Unfortunately I will finish my letter now. In my letter I send you a picture. I hope this will help you to know more about me.
I await your answer...
Your friend Anna
Letter 2
Hello My Dear Friend Tim!!!!!
I am pleased to receive your letter today. What is the weather in your city today? How are you? You had a lot of work? Are you tired? I hope you are fine. Tim is very good that you play the guitar. I play the guitar as well. I can play the piano. But it is not my hobby.
Sometimes, I play these instruments because it allows me to relax.
Tim, Russia is very interesting country, it is very especial country with culture which is different from other cultures. I do not frequently think in what the basic difference between Russia and other countries. For last 100 years of a history Russia has gone through revolution, war and change of authority. In my country it is a lot of woods, Volga river, Enesey river and lot of others rivers. Russia is a very big country with huge opportunities and good people. It is very beautiful country, with the beautiful nature and especial culture. I very much want that you have learned my country as well as I know it.
Anyway, I think that the best way to learn about my country is the way to see it all with my own eyes and live somewhere here.
Tim I want to tell you about my work. I work in a high school for 8 years and I've been teaching Russian language. I have 240 students.
Yes, this is a very difficult job. But I like it because I love children. Would you like to learn the Russian language sometime in the future? I am sure that you would be a very good student. BTW, what do you think of my English? You well understand my letters? Tim in my previous letters, I told you that I graduated from the University in 2007 and was offered a job in high school. I had other ideas before I chose it. I wanted to work as a translator. I thought long and I chose the children. Children are our future. Do you agree? Tim could you tell us more about your work? Do you like it?
Tim I make a good living and I have never complained about it. Every year I make a donation to the children with disabilities. I'm also doing a donation to the Church. I also think that the Church is important in everyone's life. I am an Orthodox Christian. I go to the Russian Orthodox Church every Sunday. You go to church? You could talk about your faith? Either way, God is one!
Tim I am still afraid that you do not fully understand my letters because I studied English at the Institute and I have not had the experience of talking with someone English-speaking. Anyway, I'll try to write you to understand me. This is very important for our communication. Now I finish my letter. I can not wait to get your next letter. Until tomorrow...
Your friend Anna
Letter 3
Hello My Dear Friend Tim!!!!!
You give me a smile again as I got your letter. Thank you! Tim today in my city and cloudy weather is not very good. Tim I looked at a map of your country and saw New England and read books Dale Carnegie that says a lot about the States. In the US, your country, people live as different countries with their own laws, but they have one government and the constitution and have no restrictions on the movement of people from state to state? Just curious. If that's all I say this, it's very similar to my country. As for Russian Orthodoxy, yes, it looks like a Catholic Christian. We celebrate Christmas, Easter, on other days, we also have some other religious holidays that do not have Catholic. We wear around your neck slightly different cross or a small icon. We are baptized with three fingers and etc.
Tim I would like to know more about your past relationships with women. Can you talk about that? Tim I say immediately why I like you, I do not know how to describe what happened to me after our dating. I was lucky, I began to feel better. I like to talk to you because you are a good and decent man. I just do not want you to hide anything from me. I also want to ask forgiveness if I hurt you with these questions. Anyway, we have to be sincere in our letters. I do not want to hurt you. Tim I do not want to play games. Life is too short for that and we have to die happy.
I had a boyfriend and I saw him with another woman, and then we do not say. It was 2 years ago. Each person understands his mission. I realized that I want to be a woman who parents call - "good daughter."
Man - "a gentle wife."J Friends - "true friend." But my ex-boyfriend wanted another from women. It would be wrong for me. Faithfulness is the most important thing in a relationship. I think. One way or another, God will help us to find happiness in this life. I pray for it every day. I believe that one day God will give us happiness. Tim I will now finish my letter. I have to go home to get ready for the next day at work. I send you a picture. I hope you like it. I will also be waiting for your next letter and your picture.
Until tomorrow....
Kissesss, Anna
Letter 4

Hello My Dear Friend Tim!!!!!
I am glad to see your letter and picture in my e-mail box. Today I had a lot of work and I am very tired. Anyhow, your letter helps me to forget about it and I enjoy lines of your letter. How there was your day? What weather in your city? I hope that at you all well. I'm so sorry that your personal life was very hard. You're a good, decent man with a good character and that attracts me to you. You deserve happiness!
Tim in my country we have a government that operates in the same way as in your country. But I think that we have a different medicine, infrastructure and other things. As for the Russian Orthodox Church, yes, you're right about the Greeks. They are almost the same. I can go to their church. They can go to the Russian church. I know a few of the Greeks, and they go to the Russian church I attend on Sunday. So I know about it.
Tim I write you the letter I nearby my friend Elena sits. She speaks to you Privet (Hello). She does not speak in English. In my letter I send you a picture on which you can see her. Elena my best friend and we are familiar since the early childhood. We together went to school and we together went to University. Now she works as the photographer.
To you to like to see my pictures? It makes Elena. Some people name us sisters because we have a lot of time together. Together we come back from work. Together we go for work. Also together we spend a free time. Tim you could tell about your friends? You have many friends?
Elena it is my unique friend. The others I cannot name friends. I can name their friends. What do you think? Elena it is similar to the good person? We always help one another as it important for us. Tim it is friends really important and an integral part of our life. Only with friends we can open our feelings completely!
Tim I think that I will finish my letter right now as I and Elena we will have supper together. We should go to shop to buy some products for food. Do you like cook? You tried Russian dishes ever? You would like to try it? Tim I do not wish to finish my letter. But I need to go. I with impatience will wait for your letter. Until tomorrow....
Kissesss, your friend Anna
Letter 5
Hello My Dear Tim!!! I had to go to my mom in the Krasnodar and I could write you a long letter. Krasnodar is located about 100 miles from my town and it is huge compared to my city where I live. I do not like big cities. Yes, in my area had a lot of people from different countries who came to watch the Olympic Games. I have not watched it because I could not leave my students without teachers in the middle of the school year. Tim really in your country close schools because of the snow? In my country, it's just the best news for the children because they love the snow and we do not have problems because of this. In the northern regions of Russia, people do not see the ground because of the snow for 10 months. Anyway, my area is lucky because we actually do not have snow during the winter and we have it. But it melts in a couple of hours. As for the food, we also have many different dishes in Russia. Most of the dishes are Eastern European.
In my area, we eat a lot of Caucasian, Greek, Italian, Turkish dishes.
But our daily meals are Russian as Pel'meni, Uha, Shi (not **** lol), Borsch, Kotlety, Golubtsy, Klyar and etc. I can speak at length about the food. Anyway, the best way to learn about food is to eat food. Tim I love pizza and I like to cook it. What is your favorite pizza? I love pizza with Bavarian sausage and hot peppers.
I am writing this letter to you, my thoughts, my dreams. What do you appreciate in people, women? What are your intentions and aspirations?
Tim I had a dream today, and in my dream I saw you Tim. We were together. Do you see dreams when you sleep? What do you see in it?
Tell me. I would love to know. I'll tell you about my dream. Tim you were at the beach? I'm sure that more than once. In my dream I was bathing in the river and swim, went ashore. It was hot and I went to a cafe and sat under an umbrella that would not burn in the sun. And you sat under it, we drank the juice, talking, and you took me home. You know from what I woke up? Tim we kissed, and I reached out to you, and almost fell out of bed.
How was your day? What is the weather in your city? I hope that you are fine. Yesterday I talked to my mom about you. I told you not from Russia. Mom little surprised. Anyway, she only wants happiness for me.
She also thinks that you are an honest and decent man with a kind character and you will never hurt me. Mom also said Privet (hello) to you.
Tim that you would like to see in me that you like me. Tell me Tim. I ask you not to hide anything from me. I say immediately why I like you, I do not know how to describe what happened to me after we met. I was lucky, I began to feel better. Even my girlfriend and my mother said it. Tim you introduced me to a new world, which I can not describe. I do not know how to say in my heart is that it is, unexplainable, indescribable. Tim I met you and you changed my life, you gave me a new feeling, you gave me new emotions. These emotions filled my soul, my mind, my mind. What do you think? I was brought up in a decent family and I want to give myself only one single man. Man I will love and who will love me. Maybe it's you?
I want to know you more and more. Because the more I learn, the more I like you. I hope you do not mind Tim??? And I also hope that you are sincere with me.
Already I miss and waiting for your next letter. I am sending you this photos and I hope that you like it, and I also get your pictures soon.
Best regards Anna
Letter 6
Hello My Dear Tim! I'm so happy that my days were sending brighter after in my life you came. We are so close...
Tim today was your day? My perfect day today. I was overwhelmed with all the energy. Tim is all due to the fact that I woke up today with a wonderful mood. Today I had you. Tim with this was perfect. In my dream, as we go close to you about something talk. We are surrounded by beautiful green alley, we go along it, then you suddenly picks me up and starts spinning with me. I laugh, and even in my dreams I feel the warmth of your embrace. Then you put me on the ground, and we were face to face, in your eyes I saw his reflection, the reflection of blue sky. This dream was such a clear I did not want to sleep it off.
Tim you like my dream? Would you like that he would become a reality?
Tim me that something is changing. Now when I'm not sad, I think that it's only you!!! It seems to me that my life is changing. And it's very good. Mmmm about how great it... Before, I never dreamed such dreams.
Tim forgive me, maybe I'm in a hurry, but I can not hide my thoughts and feelings, thoughts and desires. I want to be open to you. Tim I want to talk seriously. I want to ask you, do you have secrets? What's hiding something from me? Tim I am always honest with you and tell you what you ask, and not hiding anything from you. I understand that you're far away, and I know that if we hide something or to deceive each other will not lead to anything good. We're not playing the game and want to find love. I hope you understand me as well. Tim I wish that we would have with you all was well. I wish that we were happy with you. You're a good man like you and me. But we know more than a week just so I think we need to talk more, and then think about the meeting. How will it be? Tim tell me how do you imagine our meeting?
It is very important to me. If you're just the one for whom I was born, I'll do anything to be with you. Tim do not you think that we're like two athletes running towards one another, overcoming obstacles.
The closer you get, the more we learn about one another. And do you think that will be when we meet? I'll wait for your answer. Yes, I am sending you a photo, I hope you will like the photo. I hope that do you like it, or not? I am waiting for your answers Tim.
Miss, I want to feel your kiss, and I think that he is very sweet. I hope you liked my dream. I'll be waiting eagerly for your letters and photos!!! I wish that you would send me more of your photo where you smile. When the smile on your face I'm happy!
Yours and only your Anna
Letter 7
Hello My Dear Tim!!! I do not know what happened to me. I think..... I do not know how to say it. Yesterday I came home and thought about you and me. How are you these days.... What are you eating? Tell me, you are fine? Tim of course, I would be very pleased to meet you in my country sometime in the future. Right now it's not a good time to visit because of the situation in Ukraine we have a lot of refugees from that country. They accuse America regarding this situation. I hope that this situation will have good luck and they return to their country. Thus, it will be safer for you. I would show you a lot in Russia.
Tim I want to tell you that it was at night. I went to the balcony and looked at the stars. Think of us. And went to bed. When I was sleeping I had a dream in which you and I together. Can you imagine? And it had a dream that I told you. Do you remember? Everything was exactly as I told you. And then we went together to the bath and enjoyed the love.
As it was perfect!!!! I remembered the story of how, when a man is born, there is a new star, and when someone dies, a star falls. One star - one life. I looked at the sky and looking for our stars. I wonder what happens when two people are in love with each other there?
Tim do you think? I think that the stars together. And getting ****** and brighter. I hope that my written English you know and understand my feelings. Tim I do not know how to tell you about what I feel, but to me, what is going on. In my heart, inside of me. I'm used to you.
I'd never been and I never felt as good as when I read your letters. I will not say, but I think I'm in love with you already. I do not know how to put into words. Tim my mother, grandmother, friend, they all say that I've changed, become more peaceful, harmonious, and even began to look better, but can not explain why or how. Only I know.
This happened because in my life you came along. Tim I think I'm in love with you. I do not know what else it could be. But I'm not sure.
But I think that soon I will know exactly. I send you a pictures and I hope you like it. Love,
Yours and only your loving and gentle Anna
Letter 8
Hello My Dear Friend Tim!!!!
I again and again to get your letter and it gives me a smile! How are you? How are going you day? What is the weather in your town today? I hope you are fine. Today in my city very sunny day and its very good.
I understand what you think about our meeting and spending time together. I also think about this. We just need to be sure of our feelings and desires. I hope you understand that.J
Tim you beautiful man! In your understanding and kindness. Tim how would you like that would have started your day? In the morning? Tell me. You know, not all people are able to possess such qualities. I always wanted to meet someone like you!!! Tim you are so similar to that of the man I was looking for all my life. But I'm still not completely sure. But I would really like that it was so. Tim in my life that is turned upside down. It has become an interesting and full of meaning, after we met! I'll tell you about a very beautiful day that I dream of. I want to wake up in the open arms of the man she loved, carefully get out of bed. Cooking a good salad and make fresh juice, then it all put on the table beside the bed again and go to bed in your hug. Tim then I want to kiss you tenderly, what would you woke up and we were able to enjoy a light snack and our feelings. And all will be happy for me if it is so. I'll be the happiest girl in the world. And how do you imagine your most beautiful morning? Tell me Tim. I really miss. Tim if you can imagine in front of a large Pacific Ocean, it is so much kisses I send you now, what would they surround you and gave you love, tenderness, and that they enveloped and protected is your day, and helped in everything. Tell me how our acquaintance has changed your life then. Tim now I'm trying to fall asleep quickly that if in a dream to see you and when you come in my sleep I'm happy. Tim lately I do not understand what's happening to me. Tim I feel for you something special. I feel that I do not when you do not have to experience. When I read your letter, my heart skips a beat, and me as if everything is reversed. I can represent you for hours, and I have come more and more dreams. Imagine even when I go to bed I hug pillow and imagine it's you!!! Tim do you think this is love? I do not when there's no love, and do not know what was happening to me. But I would so like to believe that it's really love the fact that you are the man for whom I created. You do not hear when you do not say that every person has the other half, and when a man meets her, he would become as a whole. Changes life and people become happy. Do you believe that? Do you think we could be two halves of one another? I do not know how it happened, but I think that... I was overwhelmed with emotions right now I feel like I'm flying. I understand that this is somehow unexpected, but I could no longer keepJ
quiet about his feelings for you. Now I would love to know what you feel? Already miss, I think, and I hope that soon get yours letter. I am sending you a photo, I hope it will be like you. I'll be anxiously waiting for your letters! I hope that today you come to me in a dream!
Your sweet Anna
Letter 9
Hello My Dear and Wonderful Tim!!! How was your day? I hope that after receiving my letter, you'll feel better. My mom, my friends, send you greetings. Today at work I had completed all the work and tried to get away. And I kept asking where, where, I'm in a hurry. I took the time to write you a letter. I'm sorry that I did not write you a letter yesterday. Yesterday I had a lot of work and very tired.
So I immediately went home.
You know what my dream today? We met on the street, I walked down the street and thought about something, you're going to meet me, and thought about his. We accidentally collided, Tim you asked, I will go with you to the movies or not. I said I do not know. You had another ticket, and you invited me. And I go with you to the movies.
But we did not see the movie, we are talking to you. When the comedy is over, we left the movie happy and satisfied. You said you'd take me. When we reached home, we did not want to be separated. We were standing outside my door and talked. And did not notice that became close to each other and we kissed. HOW WAS OUR PERFECT KISS!! It was perfect!! My body was pleasant shiver. I fell into your arms, and you held me, and we continued to kiss. Tim do you see dreams? Can you describe them? I wish that our dreams would become a reality, you want it Tim? I send you my kisses and I hope that tomorrow will get your just you send them to me? Something I'm dreaming, and I almost forgot to tell you. This morning, I went to the housing sector, you know, what is it? We have a pay for utilities. I had to pay for electricity, and there I met Masha. But she hurried home because she had to cook dinner for her husband. I am very happy for her, I would also like to cook dinner for your loved one. Would you like that I would have you cooking dinner? Masha said she was glad to meet me, she told me that today was going to come to me. Masha told that tomorrow will be the reunion. This is a meeting of people who once went to University together. Masha news about reunion was very unexpected for me. But I was also interested to hear about how everyone lives, how they work...
I hope you do not mind, I went to the meeting. I care what you say to that. I will not be there long. After all, you wait for me, wait for my letter. I will hasten to you! I'll be waiting impatiently for your letter!
Your most tender Anna
Letter 10
Hello My Dear Tim!!! You're worried about me? How you been? I am very worried about what you say to me.... After all, your words, your opinion is very important to me!!! I really miss you honey!!! I really had a good time at a meeting of graduates of the Institute which I graduated. We really have not seen all. Tim and I know there are not married one of all with whom we studied together. Almost all have children. Everyone has their own care. Someone came with their husbands. Someone came with their wives Tim you know so interesting to look at those who have not seen. All have changed. We were sitting in a cafe, laughing, reminiscing about his student years. You know, together we remembered so much, I even half of it is not remembered.
Tim I had a lot of fun. You're happy for me? Then they all go home and Masha, with her husband Boris, I have decided to pursue. We walked and talked Masha, asked me about personal relationships. I told him that I speak with you. She was a little surprised and asked why I can not meet someone here. I told her that I want to meet a nice, interesting man, what would we do with him was something to talk about. I think that people from other countries is very interesting. In man, for me the main thing his soul, that I can learn from the letters, and everything else for me is in second place. I told Masha that communication through letters, allow to know more about the man, because the letters can be said that is not true in the open. And on the one hand it's very romantic, as in the old days the two lovers sent letters to each other with the pigeons. I think it can be compared with this! They learned a little about you, about what you're good. My college friends were very happy for us!!! They wished us luck!!! It was a great pleasure for me. I did not want to stay there for a long time because my thoughts were just you... I said goodbye to everyone. Tim you know, I went all the way and thought only about you and how that would quickly see your letter, to tell you everything that was in my day today. Tim tell, and you meet your classmate with whom you have studied at the institute or school, perhaps college? I am sure that you also had a good student.
Tim I want to ask you. How would you like to spend an evening if we were together? I want to tell you about my thoughts. I would like to sit with you on the river or lake and look into your eyes. We have looked into the eyes of each other and admired. Tim I would like to see a reflection of yourself in your eyes. We were talking then you took my hand and we walked along the shore. We hugged and kissed. I even thought that I could feel the warmth and tenderness of your hands. I so want that dream became a reality because we do not even pay attention to the sunset! would you like it? Tim I understand, now I'm sure that I love you Tim!!! And I want to scream so loud that you would have heard it, my prince!!!! I love, love you! And I'm sure that you're just the man I've been waiting all my life!!! I'd like to confess to you in love, looking you in the eye!!! I was overwhelmed with emotion, finally it happened. I found my one and only you and welcome. I'll look forward to your letter. I am sending you a million kisses hope they touch you and get back to me on my lips! Goodbye my and only my Tim!!! I very miss you....
Yours and only yours Anna
Letter 11
Hello My Dear and Wonderful Prince Tim lately I only think about you.
I miss you and I want to be with you forever. I think about you all the time. I printed your letters and read them crucial for bedtime.
Last time I wake up with a wonderful mood. Because every day I wait for your letter, and I hope that soon it will get. I am glad to see your letter. Your letters to me are very important. I want to know, what is it? How you been? I love you, and I'm very worried about whether you're okay. I really want us to be near that we could each day to see each other and can take care of each other.
Tim I think a lot, we have a lot of familiar, if I come how and what do we do? We will be happy together? I do not need much to be happy.
If you're going to smile and you'll be fine, it will be a joy for me.
You make me happy? It will be so? Tim I want to be with you. I would make you the happiest man in the world!!!
Tim I would love to go with you to the park, on the beach, enjoy the sunrise and sunset. I have a dream that would be with you forever. I do not know whether you fully understand my emails when I send them to you, and you read them, but I understand you, I understand every word.
And it's expensive for me. All that is connected with you, my dearest.
You're the most beautiful man in the world. I think so, you're probably Tim ask why? Because I've never met people like you. I can not even explain a lot, but I know that you're so unique.
Tim I want to ask you about your secret dreams. The fact that you dream, what we're doing? About where we can go together? The fact that we do together? I send you my pictures and I hope you like it.
Yesterday when I came back from school, I was thinking about us. And I saw a young man and woman who walked and held each other's hand. I thought it would be nice if you could also go with me now, together, we could sit on a bench and enjoy our love and affection. How I wish for you, in your arms, as I want to feel your kisses.
I dream about it!!!!!!!!!
Your and only your loving and gentle Anna
Letter 12
Hello My Love, I love your writing. I wish I could see you now, hug and kiss. I want to see you soon. I do not know how to describe what just happened to me after I read your letter. It is very difficult to express my feelings in English. I hope you understand that.J Tim you know, today I spent all day thinking about us. About how we were together. I really want to believe that everything will be fine, but I hope that you understand the seriousness of the situation. I hope that you understand what is for us both a very big and important step. Tim, a person's life there comes a moment in which he chooses and what he chooses to be with him in the future. I am very worried. I still weigh. Tim I heard that there are bad men in Western countries that hurt Russian girls who come to them. But I'm sure that you're a good man, and what will happen to me all right. I could not tell you about it because it's in my head and I want you to know that I completely trust you. Tim you beautiful man!!!! But I need to think about it, all I need to decide for yourself. In life I always deliberate steps, and now I can not give you a specific answer. But I would think. I hope that you understand me! Tim you just imagine how it is for me if I go to your country. I am not there when there was you and I do not when you do not see. I now have in my head a thousand thoughts, soul asks you. This is a big step and I think that you just need to think about it well.J
Tim I want to know what I think about me your friends, relatives, the closest people. I do not know how they would treat me if I come to you. You, probably, other customs. I do not know, you're in another country, and how and what will be, and how it all happens. Tim I do not know. Do you think everything will be fine? If you say yes, then I will come to you, and we'll be together. What do you tell me? You told them about me? They will be happy for us, if we are together? They will not interfere with our happiness? What do you think? Tim I need to know it all, that would be sure that I did not bring you upset your arrival and we will be able to enjoy our love. And so I want, what would you tell me honestly said that they were talking about me. I really need it. I do not care no one's opinion, only yours and your love. But I want to know what people think about me, the people who surround you. Tell me Tim. I want to know it.J
You know perfectly well that my mother and grandmother very well you are treated. My friends really like you, too, and they all say that we'll just have to meet because they found each other in different parts of the world. Tim and I'm curious to think that your friends and family. They do not mind that I would be with you? What do you think?
And you? Tim would you like that I would come? For Sure? I'm asking you to answer my questions honestly as you always say to them and how I respond to your questions. And I hope that tomorrow I received your letter with the answers.J
Tim I do not know how to ask you. I say as I can. If I come, then you'd be against it? And who would not want that would we meet with you? I think that would come to you. But I want to be completely sure that when I come then you meet me. I love, and I want to be with you.
I sincerely ask you to answer these questions depends on them, I'll come to you or not. Now I have a lot of thoughts, I want to go to my mother, to visit Grandma and Grandpa... For me it is very important that they tell me what to advise. Tim I think it is now just such a situation. Tomorrow I will not be able to write, I go to my parents I need to consult with them. Tim I really, really hope that you will understand me and you will not be offended! I'll wait for your letter, and the answers to my questions.J
Yours and only yours Anna
Letter 13
Hello My Sweet and Lovely Tim you can not imagine how impatiently I was waiting for your letter.
I waited and thought that you could tell me. I dreamed about what to get your letter soon. and received. I waited for him impatiently. I even came today much earlier than usual because I really miss. Tim I came from my mother, grandmother and grandfather. They tell you Hello.
My trip was excellent. We had a good time. We had a lot to discuss. Of course the most important thing about what we talked about is you and me. Tim my mother, grandmother and grandfather said that we are very happy for the fact that we love each other and want to be together. I told them that I would very much like to be with you. They were very disturbed by this, but I calmed down and said that everything will be fine. My parents see that I love you very much and they want me only happiness. Tim and I will be happy only with you. And this they do not mind that we were together. But now I have a question for you!
Tim you know, for me it is a very big step? It will completely change our lives. Tim I have been thinking how we can best meet.
Unless of course you do not mind that! After all, I can not even imagine how to do it. How is it possible? Tim say, do you know how can we be together? How can we connect? Now I have become even more experiences, because I can not even imagine how this is possible.
Tim just tell me, do you have a place where we can live together?
For me, the main thing that you were always by my side, I do not then do not need in your life. I do not care how and under what conditions, live, more importantly, what would every night I fall asleep in your arms! In my country there is a saying: "With lovely and in a tent - paradise" Tim please consider all again and give me an answer. I think that the relationship should be one of trust and that we should trust one another. I'm sure that if I come to you, I'll be fine. I'm a little afraid, you never know what can be. But my love is greater than any fear and I decided that if you want, I'll go to you. But I begin to do anything only after you tell me a definitive answer.
Now my life has changed, and you did it. I want to be with you. But while we are away from each other and I can only wait for your letters. Tim I hope soon to see your letter, and the final answer to the fact that if you wanted that I would come.
Yours and only yours Ann
Letter 14
Hi My Sweet and Lovely Tim!!!!! Today I was very tense, I was thinking about what you will answer me. When I walked into the office to get your letter, my heart was beating like a million times a minute. I opened your letter, and my heart sank. Tim thank you!!!! My Love, I am very happy to hear your answer. I am glad that you like and want us to be together. I love you with all my heart and soul. Tim when I first received your letter, to be honest I did not think that it's turned into such feelings. Tim now I can not live without you, and day. I used to hear a lot about love, about how this is fine, but not when she did not feel it. Now I understand what it is. I do not care for me the main thing that I have you, the rest is all a matter of indifference. I am sure that with you I'll be the happiest girl in the world. I am very happy that our feelings are mutual. Tim each person should have his own second half, I found it. Is that you Tim!!!! I do not know how to describe now is, in my eyes the tears of happiness, I want to cry, cry because now I'm sure you're just the man with whom I want to be forever, Tim only you and anyone else. I want to be in your arms in your arms forever.
Only you and only you. Without you I can not imagine my life now. Tim I want to be in your arms, I want to feel your tenderness and affection, love, passion, tenderness and sweetness of your kisses. I do not know how you describe all that is in my heart now happening. It is inexplicable. I love you, I love with all my heart and I want to be with you forever. Thank you for what you have. Thank you for the fact that I found you. Do you believe in fate? Tim after we met, I believe in fate, not what the world is not made in vain. All my life I was alone, I was waiting for the moment when you will appear!!!! My thoughts are all mixed up, I think about a lot. I dream, worry, weigh.
Tim if we both agree that that I come to you. I will learn all about the trip. Tim as soon as I find out I'll let you know. Tim I think that it's not all that easy, but I'll do it and come to you. I am sure that it is in my power. Yes, even at the expense of forces, something I now miss them when I went to my parents I'm a little caught a cold, but I think it's not that serious, and it will pass. I think when we're together, we'll take care of each at a time when we are ill. We will share our experiences. I think that our life together would be wonderful!!! You think so too?
I want to ask you something. How do you imagine our meeting? I do not know how it will happen. But I think that it will be at the airport.
Because I know it will be necessary to fly an airplane. I never fly, but I think I can, and I will not be afraid. I'm all ready for you Tim. And how will it be? How do you imagine our meeting at the airport? So I got off the plane, went to the door and eyes met.......
I can not even imagine what will happen. I guess I'll just leave all things and run to meet you, what would feel your kisses, your arms, your tenderness and affection. can so much? I do not know...... I do not know how it will be. Tim there the first time we kiss. There the first time be able to meet and feel each other. You imagine that? Tim it will be our first meeting. What do you think, what else will? Tell me, I want to know. What do we do?
Tim I know that it will be fine, but I do not know how you imagine.
Tell me. I want to know it. I want to be with you, only with you forever and I do not need anything other than your love.
I miss you Tim!!! In this letter I will finish the owl, a lot of things tomorrow, I still want to go to the hospital, which would be examined, and that would be the doctor prescribed me some pills that would not chill turned into something more serious. Just let me go and I will find out about my journey to you. I will write you tomorrow, my long-awaited.
I love you and I very miss you!!!
Dreaming about you, your Anna
Letter 15
I never about much spoke to you and hardly sometime to a smog to tell.
For example, that I madly love you, and I do not know how to live further. As though I wished now you to see, easier to stay near to you, but I understand, that it is impossible. Tim you are far from me... It is very difficult To me to write to you... I have got confused also I do not know what to do further. And I do by it to you painfully. I cannot so further... I wish to see you, I wish to be near to you, to love you, to spend eternity together with you! But... Tim how painfully to realise, that I never will say directly you it because I am too far from you... I cannot overcome distance between us because it is very expensive to me. Forgive... Tim forgive, if you can... On cheeks a thin stream tear flows. You are far from me and I cry... I can Probably sell the house in village at my grandmother and my grandfather. It old, but I will try. I wish to believe, that we have a future, but I do not know, how it is possible. I have no means for this purpose what to fly to you. I did not think, that travel to you will make so many money. I thought, that it is only a few hundreds dollars. But I was mistaken. Only do not think... I do not ask you to help me. Tim I do not want, that you would suffer and tested difficulty because of my nonsense. I silly and I will suffer one and it is my destiny.
I never can to forget you. And even if we cannot be together, but you are not guilty. In all I am guilty only...
Tim forgive me... We cannot be together...
I will remember you...
I will always love you...
Forgive me..........
Letter 16
Hello My Lovely Man Tim!!!!!
Tim I am happy to see your letter! I am very bad without you... I'm sad just the thought that we are all her away from each other. But I know that soon we can be together. just you and me! Nothing in this world can stop our love. I am very happy to have the opportunity to communicate and love such a man as you. I really want to see you and enjoy you. You know that I'll be glad to see you in my country. We could see a lot of beautiful places in my town. I would have told you everything! I dream about it. This will be the happiest days of my life! Tim are you telling me that you can come to me? It's a miracle I'm going to wait for you... I can meet you in my city, I will not leave you in my city alone. I am a strong woman and want you to be proud of me as well. We will have to discuss a plan of your arrival...
Do you understand me Tim? I just do not want to think about that your arrival will be delayed to me too for a long time. I wish to see you as soon as possible. I need you now. You gave me hope, and I am now really looking forward to you! My love, let's not put off for a long time our meeting with you... I'm asking you about this... I want to introduce you to my family and my mom. Tim are you hoping for? It is very important your opinion now. Tell me what you think? My dear, I do not want to stay in my country and one without you. I want to fly back with you! I do not want to let you go... you know. I know that you will not allow this. We should get together now and we'll be together.
I'm sure of it... I believe... I love you and want to be loved by you! I always look forward to your letters and you know it! I hope that soon we will be together... Now I have to go home. I think that my grandmother cooked something delicious for dinner since this morning they came to my town to visit me. Until tomorrow...
I love you Tim!!!!
Yours and only yours forever Anna
Letter 17
Hello My Love Tim!!!
Once again, I get your letter and my heart is filled with happiness.
My dear, I really miss you. Just bring your letters to my heart warm and happy. Now we can not be completely happy, because we share the deep ocean. Tim but when we're together then you and I will be his most tender feelings deep ocean. Do you agree with me? I just want you to be our king of the ocean with you, and I am your mermaid! But now it's just a dream that we seek to translate into reality. My Love, when I learned about my trip to you, I was told that I would need in 1090 USD to I could come to you, if I do everything myself. I explained that I had better make out all through an agency that deals with such trips. I went there. I was told that every journey must begin with documents. They will prepare me for the interview, execute all documents and explain what to do. Execution of documents they cost 960 USD. Tim I need to issue a medical certificate (40 USD), because a sick person does not let you travel to another country. I am absolutely healthy and I can get help from the hospital. Then you need to register a certificate from the police (40 USD), because the offender does not allow travel to other countries too. Tim I am not a criminal, so I'll get this help without any problems. In my music school I need to draw an income statement (35 USD). This must be what in your country embassy in Moscow inspector knew that I have a good and stable operation. In my town I need to pay taxes (150 USD), and then I will be able to obtain a passport in my town (60 USD). It will take about a week. With these documents, I can go to Moscow that would have to get a visa at the embassy of your country. I learned about my trip to Moscow. I'd better go by train because it is more profitable and economically. The cost of traveling by train - 170 USD. And I need to live in a hotel in Moscow 5 days that I could get a visa. The cost of the hotel - 255 USD. I will contact the embassy and I will be interviewed. The visa fee is - 150 USD. The total cost of the documents 960 USD. They make out all the documents within 2-3 weeks after payment. With regard to work, maybe I'll try to find a job somewhere in your area, maybe I can retrain and work in any Orthodox school? I would prefer to give an exact answer to your question when I arrive to you in America. Tim we can go to discover the next school? School authorities may allow us to do this? In my country, the protection does not allow to go to school for people who do not have any relation to this school because of the threat of terrorist attack or something like that. Perhaps in your country is the same. Anyway, I think that we should meet first and think about it. My Dear Tim every second I think only of you, and I find it hard to think of anyone else. My thoughts are only about us, about our beautiful future with you. I dream about when you're back home and I'll cook dinner for you.
I think you'll like Russian cuisine. Tim what would you like to eat for dinner? We put out the light, light candles, turn on and tranquil melody will enjoy our dinner with you and then we fall into our arms and passion absorb our hearts! Tim I am sure that this will happen very soon... soon... I will finish my letter. I look'll wait for your answer of your thoughts. Until tomorrow...
I love you my Tim!!!
Yours and only yours forever Anna
Letter 18
Hello My Love Tim!!!!
Now I am very lonely, but I believe that very soon we will be together and we will be able to connect with you our love. And yet, we will be happy! Now only the distance share our happiness, but our love is stronger and we will overcome all obstacles. Sometimes I want to cry, but I know that tears will not help. Need to gain strength and only go forward... We still have a lot to do to be together! Tim I think, before we talk about aid, we have to decide who gets the first visit.
If you want to visit Russia, I'll meet you in my town. For me to be difficult to go to Moscow to meet you because of my work. Moscow is more than a thousand miles north of my town and it will take about 4 days to go back and forth. Perhaps you can arrive at the airport of Krasnodar. But I'm not sure that it has international flights. Tim I do not worry about travel, when I go on the train. I've never flown on an airplane, and perhaps it may sound scary but when I see a plane crash in the news. I'm more worried about official part (documents and etc) because I've never done it before. Sometimes you have to do something for the first time and to overcome obstacles in order to come to the goal. Right now, the main goal for me is our meeting. So I think a lot about it. Tim every night I miss you, your kisses, caresses... I believe that the time will come when we will not have to part with you, even at night. I love you very much, and will not give it !!! I believe that soon we will be together. My thoughts are only of you Tim. We studied together love, learn to love! How wonderful to realize that you are loved, and love even better! Love and understand each other! Trust! How good that we have found a common language! I write you a letter and I am sure in my feelings and desires. But I can not convey my feelings through writing. I want to feel you, your sweet kiss. Every day, when I close my eyes, I imagine your gentle breathing which warms my neck, but when I open my eyes I realize that you are far away and it hurt my heart. Tim I want to give you the most valuable thing I have is the desire to make you happy. I want to give you all the affection that I have, all the tenderness and affection, kindness and caring, just smile and beautiful moments. Tim I am very glad that I met you. I became the happiest in the world, and all thanks to you. Tim you the kind of person with whom you can talk on any topic. You're a man with whom can not be sad, because you can always support in difficult times and give a good mood. Sometimes you want to go to sleep and wake up only by your kiss... Your gentle words... I believe that it will soon happen and we will be happy...
I love you Tim!!!
Yours and only yours forever Anna ps: my address:
Country: Russian Federation,
Area (state): Krasnodarsky kray,
City: Novorossiysk
Street: Lenina 15-15
Postal Code: 353910
My full name is Anna Polownikowa
Letter 19

Hello My Love Tim!!!!!
I am very pleased to receive your letter today. Today I had a good day at work and it was very pleasant to work in the classroom as most children gave me flowers. This is one of the student traditions. When I was a student I also gave flowers to my teachers. School smells flowers. Also, boys girls give flowers. Sometimes it's fun to see when someone blushes. lol. Yesterday, in my country was a federal holiday and the school was closed completely. It was a celebration of "International Women's Day." In your country, women celebrate it? I'm not sure about that. Most Eastern European countries have this holiday. I went to Elena for cooking and dining. We had a Caucasian cuisine and we baked cakes and cookies for her son. During the dinner, we watched the concert on TV and talk about things. She told me that I said Hello to you. My Love, I'm sorry that we could not be together in this celebration. Anyway, we'll have a lifetime together and we will have a lot to do!
My Darling, I'm going to finish my letter. I still have to go home since I took the homework of my students and I have to check it out.
My Love, I hope that you will have a great day and write a long letter. I love you Tim and miss you!!!!
Yours and only yours forever Anna
Letter 20
Hello My Lovely Man Tim!!!!!!
Tim I am glad to receive your letter. I with impatience waited for it both my heart was warmed also my heart knocked when I today have opened it. I am glad that you have good weather. In my city, that's okay too. More people are starting to go out of town to start doing work in the gardens. This weekend, I'm going to visit my grandparents.
I must help them to do the work in the garden to remove dead branches on apple and apricot. Also, I'll do the cleaning in the vineyard. A couple of weeks the trees begin to turn green. Perhaps Elena will go with me as her husband and young son will go to another city to make fun. She loves spending time in the countryside. Tim, I told you about Elena before. She is my best friend and we have been friends more than 27 years. She has a young son and husband. Her son is my godson.
Sometimes, her son stays with me if they need to go to another city for work. He is a funny boy. I attach a photo of us.
I think of that as it would be good if could in weekend go on a nature and have a rest there. I will be cooking tasty salads, we would take with ourselves tent, knifes and all other accessories to a campaign and have put in the car. We would take meat what to fry it on a fire and would go to a wood or on coast. Where you would want Tim? I would like closer to water. There we would put tent, would grow a blanket what to sit on it. Would put on a table salads, a glasses, have dissolved a good fire. Then together I would shall send swim in water, to lake or the river. The main thing that we could swim together. We would bathe, laid on a coast, kissed. Caressed one another, would enjoy a nature. looked at the sky. Have then returned to tent, have prepared for meat and would sit to have supper. A fire shine us. Tim you pour fresh juice in our glasses. We drink a little for us and I see that one droplet has remained on your lips and I kiss you gently, you respond on my kiss and take me on hands and carry in tent. Tim we are engaged in love, we enjoy each second of love, each minute of passion and it is very good us together. Then we leave tent, we categorize a blanket closer as a coast and we look at the sky. You embrace me and warm the heat. We are closer and closer, we speak we speak and we fall asleep under singing night birds and under a night rustle of leaves. I think that soon all of what we dream the reality begins. Each our day will be filled with love and we shall be happy for ever. I love you, and I send you the most most sweet kisses and I hope that they warm you at cold night in your bed. If when you read my letter and in the street night that look at the sky. There you will see constellation the big she-bear as a ladle. Tim I send you this ladle full kiss and tenderness.
I love you Tim!!!!
Yours and only yours forever Anna
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