Scam letter(s) from Melissa Villamor to Joe (USA)

Letter 1
hey huni, id like to do that but i have no valid ID here in me and as i told you the reason why i want you to send it to them right ? dont you trust me ? i know you just wanted to be safe and sure, and i do understand your concerns, my family needs it not me ***, so hope you can deal to use my cousins info , i really wish i can be able to be the receiver, but i cant coz i dont have any working ID right now and at the same time , my auntie is too old i cannot leave her alone and im asking you to do that just to lessen the service fee , . if you dont want to deal with me to send it to my cousin, that will be fine ok ? i dont want you to feel comftable by doing that , hope you understand ,im gonna find any other way, coz i really dont want you to feel like that, i want you to trust me, sorry for trying to involve you to my problem , its all good ***. im not mad or dont feel any bad about it. just understand me the way i understand your concerns. thank you .
Letter 2
you know my job right huni ? i do camshow right ? i cannot accept cash coz i can terminate, well as i said ***, that fine if you dont want to help i do understand your concern believe me i really do thats fine, will try to find another way.thank you anyways
Letter 3
we can still chat , i have nothing against your choice, and please hope you can trust me the way i trusted you, i dunno what more can say just to convince you :'( will try any risk now just to find money thank you, so how are you doing ?
Letter 4

im asking anybody right now for a full ***** show just to help me.
Letter 5
i need your help *** , dont go. :(
Letter 6
thanks for unfriended me on facebook. i dunno what did i do something wrong for you to that. hope we can still talk.
Letter 7
let me offer you a ***** show please just to help my family, thats the only thing i can offer you :(
Letter 8
i want to do that just to convince you to help my family *** :( please what can i do to convince you to help them :(
Letter 9
huni, i want to give you a ***** show in skype, will you be able to send money to my family ? please? understand my situation, i will not gonna ask you to help if i really can. thats the only thing i know will work please.
Letter 10
just download it *** and will you be able to help them if i do a ***** show on skype ? :(
Letter 11
ok ***. take your time and please let me know if you can be able to send money to them please. thank you ***.
Letter 12
oh ok :( go on just take your time *** .
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