Scam letter(s) from Zhanna Zabanova to Michael (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello my dear, my sweet, my prince !!!!!! How is your day today? I hope all is well with you there, my dear? after we decided to meet with you, I can not find peace, and I am constantly thinking about you and our meeting with you. I myself do not understand what happened to me, but I must confess to you that my heart is drawn to you like a magnet. You are a magnet to my heart and I can not do anything with them. Please forgive me, I call you a magnet. I know it's an inanimate object, but now I just can not find a better word to describe to you what I feel inside. I miss you every day, I think about you every second, and I can not even now tune in to my work. This morning I was sitting in class and about a half hour and vain looked at workbooks students that I had to check. I pretended that I work with, although my thoughts were of you and I just flew in my dreams about you and our meeting. I have never wanted to meet someone so much and only with you I'm dreaming to meet. I think I've already completely in love with you and ready to give you my heart. You take my heart? I ask you to just crush it because it is full of love for you and are very vulnerable. I now write to you about their feelings with such romantic words, I do not know if you understand what I want to tell you. Therefore, I must write to you directly - I LOVE YOU MY SWEET !!!!!! you know, today I was very worried for your response. I am very afraid of what you now leave me because of what I have to ask for help in money from you. I hate myself right now for this request, but I really did not know who else to ask for help. So I decided to take a chance and wrote you a letter yesterday asking for help in money. Today in the morning I'm all in excitement, but now, when I read your letter, my heart at ease. I at first she wanted to buy and look for a cheaper ticket. but under the contract, I can not do it .. I signed a contract with a travel agency and they will need to do to book me a ticket. now the problem is not on the ticket. Now the main thing to pay for the travel agency documents and as well for their services. until March 18, when I do not pay, they will stop execution of my documents and I'll have to pay them a fee according to the contract that I signed. So I ask you now to help me only with money. I understand that you now do not have confidence in me, as we did not see you never. But I beg you to believe in me. I promise you that I give you back all the money from my salary in one week. Ticket, I'll order myself because then I'll have the money to pay. So I ask you to trust me and help with the money to pay for the visa documents, ok. My dear, about the transfer of money to me. Frankly speaking, I do not know how it would be better to transfer your money to me in such a short period of time. But now my colleague sitting next to me and she tells me that the best option to transfer your money to me through instant transfers. She says that it will take a lot of time and even more so it's easy and you'll need just my name and address to put your money. Now I will give my information and you can send me your money via Kontakt or Moneygram. My full name is: name - Zhanna. last name - Zabanova. My full home address in Russia. City of Moscow. Leninsky Prospekt 49 Apartment 25. My passport number 45 01 082405. Here all the information you need to be. Unfortunately via instant transfers, is the only option to get your money, because I do not have a bank account. In Russia we do not all people have a bank account and only the rich can afford it. I'm not a rich woman, and I do not have it. So try to send your money through these systems well. I hope it's not hard for you and you can send me your help tomorrow, and so do not forget to email me your full information of your translation. Well, I ended up on this and I can only look forward to hearing from you. I ask to write me your phone so that I can always find you. I beg you to write to me soon. I miss you and love you very much. Sincerely Zhanna
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