Scam Letter(s) from Oksana Rogovska to Alan (UK)

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Letter 1

Hello dear Alan,
I was calling Malev today and booked tickets for me on 11th and back on 18th.
It will cost 542 dollars.
I have to buy them tomorrow from 10 am till 2 pm.
If i will not buy them tomorrow they will cancel booking.
They say in malev that booking from london will be much more expensive.
You can call their office in london: 00 44 870 90 90 577.
So i think best way will be if you transfer me money today by western union, so tomorrow morning i will get it and will buy tickets.
Hope to hear soon,

Letter 2

Hello dear Alan,
I have ticktes now. I will be in Heathrow tomorrow at 20:05 pm.
Hope speak later,

Letter 3

Dear Alan,
I have no Internet today at home , Im at internet cafe now.
I will be tomorrow at 8 pm at Heathrow by malev airlines, please meet me at airport.
Tomorrow morning i will check my email again, so please write me.
See you tomorrow then,



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