Scam letter(s) from Natalia Manko to Sergej (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hello dear Stefan! Thank you for so nice photos and warm letter. I just came from the English lesson. I decided to start studying English because understand how it is important for our future. For now I translate letters with help of google translator to make it faster. You know, I enjoy learning very much, I see it as a step to our future. Will you be my teacher? ;) I promise to be a good student ;) I am cooking fish with vegetables in oven for dinner. ;) What do you like to eat? I like to invent new recipes and surprise my guests with new dishes. They eat with great appetite. ;) But when I know I will eat alone I cook something simple and fast. ;) I like our Ukrainian dishes, for example syrniki and okroshka. Do you know what it is? ;) Syrniki are thin pancakes from cottage cheese and flour. Okroshka is cold soup made from boiled potatoes, eggs, meat, fresh cucumbers and green onion. Have you ever tried this? ;) Besides, I like BBQ from pork or beef. In summer we often arrange picnics and make BBQ. Would you like to join me? ;)
Sumy is close to Kharkov, but Kharkov airport accepts few flights, it is better to use Kiev airport Borispil, it is ****** and have more flights, my friends usually use it. As for me, I never flied abroad ;)Hope we will have possibility to meet one day soon ;)
Hope to hear from you soon,
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