Letter(s) from Natalia Manko to Sergej (Sweden)

Letter 1

Hello dear Stefan! Thank you for so nice photos and warm letter. I just came from the English lesson. I decided to start studying English because understand how it is important for our future. For now I translate letters with help of google translator to make it faster. You know, I enjoy learning very much, I see it as a step to our future. Will you be my teacher? ;) I promise to be a good student ;) I am cooking fish with vegetables in oven for dinner. ;) What do you like to eat? I like to invent new recipes and surprise my guests with new dishes. They eat with great appetite. ;) But when I know I will eat alone I cook something simple and fast. ;) I like our Ukrainian dishes, for example syrniki and okroshka. Do you know what it is? ;) Syrniki are thin pancakes from cottage cheese and flour. Okroshka is cold soup made from boiled potatoes, eggs, meat, fresh cucumbers and green onion. Have you ever tried this? ;) Besides, I like BBQ from pork or beef. In summer we often arrange picnics and make BBQ. Would you like to join me? ;)
Sumy is close to Kharkov, but Kharkov airport accepts few flights, it is better to use Kiev airport Borispil, it is bigger and have more flights, my friends usually use it. As for me, I never flied abroad ;)Hope we will have possibility to meet one day soon ;)
Hope to hear from you soon,