Scam letter(s) from Akerke Kazaha to Gerrie (South Africa)

Letter 1
Hello my dear and beloved Gerrie! My angel, how are you today, are you? I'm fine. Today I woke up with the thought of you. I am very pleased to get back your beautiful letter. For me it is always the light of the sun in the morning. My dear, I was very pleased yesterday to hear your sweet voice on the phone, my heart was beating very strongly when I talked to you. I am very worried that I can not understand you, but I knew your every word. Now I know that you really exist and want to be with me. You are also very nice look at his pictures, and sometimes I just can not believe that you exist. My Love, so I think that the meeting will dispel all our doubts, and we will be happy together. I am glad that you got a lot of pleasure from our telephone conversation, because I was also very nice. I wake up in the morning and hopefully going to get your next letter.
I know you love me! I love you too very much. Of course, through the mail you can express your feelings, but these feelings are not ones that can be in reality. I fall asleep with the hope to see the wonderful dreams where we're close, and we have nothing else. Every night I think of you. Sometimes I can not sleep. My thoughts of how you and I wake up in the morning together, in each other's arms. We're looking into each other's eyes and I'll kiss you in your sweet lips.
In your face a smile. I also dreamed the dream, as we walk with you in the park. You take me by the hand and we run with you on the river bank. It's so romantic. But when I wake up, you just are not there. It saddens me terribly. My feelings have moved into something more. It is much more simple letter! I love you with all my heart, every corner of your body. I can no longer hide his feelings, and I say all that I feel for you. How do I want to meet you, come up, cuddle up to your whole body, feel your breathing, heartbeat! Feel that only you and I together, without anyone noticing, spending the evening together ... I would love to walk with you waking up in bed together, cook you breakfast, relax together in nature. I want to lie to you on the grass and look into your beautiful eyes. Do you want this? Gerrie, I want to kiss you all the time, passion, and you to be mine and only mine.
Sometimes dark and dreary evenings, I find it so sad and lonely. But on the other hand, I'm glad I have you! I LOVE YOU, MY DEAR Gerrie!!! I very much wish that you were here with me in real life, my love Gerrie! You are the most dear and beloved people. I have no one near you. I want us to be together. It is my greatest dream! I would like to see it become a reality. I understand that we share a very large number of kilometers. But I think that for real, pure love, there is no distance. True love overcomes all boundaries. I believe in our love and I am sure that we will be able to overcome all boundaries, and can be really together. My love Gerrie, please, tell me what you think about this? What are your thoughts about our future? Are you really willing to meet with me and spend all my life in our love? For me it is very important your opinion. My dear, if you do not mind, please tell me your full address and your full name. This information will I need in the future. If we want to meet and be around. To find out information about travel to you. I look forward to your reply. Your love for the ages Akerke.
Letter 2
Hello my romantic man Gerrie! I am glad that our relations are developing! We get lots of information from each other in the letters. I fully disclosed to you, I have no secrets from you. I can communicate with you on any topic, because you are my future man for life. Gerrie I am glad that my photos like a lot to you much. I'm not ashamed to show them to you, because God has given me such a beautiful figure. And now it's yours, because you are my man, you have to enjoy my body. Today, I am sending you a new picture! I very much love you Gerrie! I can no longer tolerate, I want to be near you. We need a meeting during this period, until we reached a maximum of emotions and feelings through the mail. This will allow us to develop our relations. Do you agree with me? I am ready to come to your country, let this big step in my life, but for the sake of our love I'm ready to do this. Today I learned about traveling in your country. I was in the office of the largest travel company, its offices are located in almost every city in my country.
Since they have a very large flow of tourists, prices are much lower than other travel agencies. They are engaged in registration of international passports, and also through them you can contact the consulate and make an appointment for a visa. Now I want to tell you what documents I need you to easily leave the country and fly out to you: 1. I need to get an international passport. The cost of a passport is 245 USD. It can be obtained in two ways. Sign up for a free flow of documents in the queue. Only my turn to fit in two months. Since many who want to get an international passport. There is another option to make an extra charge for filing to make an appointment must be paid 90 USD! Then you can apply any day. 2. In parallel with the design of the passport, I will apply for a visa in your country. Immediately explain what I prefer to get a tourist visa to avoid failures on a visa. I will be visiting the country as a tourist! If you receive a visitor visa or a working visa is a lot of bounce on them. The Kazakhstan government against the brain drain to the West, and has introduced stricter requirements for these visas. The visa fee to your country 265 USD! It is designed for six months, renewable for up to it, in your country. 3. Finally, I need to be insured against accidents in your country.
The insurance policy will cost 95 USD. And a medical examination that I completely healthy and have no viral infections. The cost of the survey 90 USD! That's all I need to do to prepare my documents for the flight to your country. Travel agency I will enter into an agreement under which they will be solely responsible for obtaining documents and purchase tickets. And give assurance that I will get the documents and tickets to the date specified in the contract. As you can imagine I need 785 USD, to obtain the necessary documents for travel. Timing of receipt 10 - 12 days. I meant to pay for the journey, but I have only 135 USD! My salary is small, and I only get 190 - 215 USD per month. This is the average salary in my country. To me this money enough to live on, and my needs. I do not know what to do I hate to ask you for help because I wanted myself to arrange a meeting. I also tried to talk to her friends and colleagues, but no one can help me by this amount. I do not know what to do, and I hate to ask for money from you. My Love, I want to meet with you for a month. Maybe you can help me 650 USD? This is to speed up our meeting, and I'll fly to you within 2-3 weeks. I love you very much, I'm uncomfortable truth in front of you. I'm going crazy with love for you, and I want to be near you. I await your decision if you agree.
I'm going to the bank and find out how you can make a remittance. I am waiting for information from you as soon as possible.
Letter 3
Hello, my love Gerrie! It's a beautiful day, so I wake up thinking about you. I got in the face of the sun rays. It makes me happy. I'd like to see in my bed was you. I love you very much Gerrie! From the moment you came into my life, everything changed! Life has become much easier and more fun. Thank you for the smile that you bring to me.
Last night I remembered our first encounter. I very well remember the day when I received the very first letter to you. For me it was a little unexpected. I thought you did not answer me. But you said, and now God has helped us to love one another. Last night I saw a dream. But this dream was very real. I walked for what is not familiar to me alley. The street was very warm. Did not have any people. Along the perimeter of the road stood a bench. At the farthest from the bench, I saw you. You're sitting with a large bouquet of roses. Seeing you, I run to you at the meeting. I screamed " Gerrie, I LOVE YOU!" You yelled at me to answer, I love you, too.
So we met with you. You hugged me gently, gave me a bouquet of roses.
We stood with you in the middle of the street and kissed. You told me that you had booked a table at the restaurant. We got there. We booked with you two glasses of wine. You looked at me with adoring eyes, I was smiling to you in return. My lips went to your lips for a meeting.
We kissed very passionately. I have never experienced such a kiss. But then I woke up. You were not around and I became sad. I very much want to be with you! You are the most precious thing I have in the world!
All my thoughts are of you Gerrie. I'll never leave you. I believe that very soon we will be able to be together. We will spend time next to each other. I want to seriously think about our meeting in real life. I am fully prepared to give you my love. I want to be with you in real life. I am ready to meet with you my love Gerrie! Are you ready to communicate with me all your life? I think I need to try to get all the details about our meeting? Do you mind that, my love?
You'll be glad to meet me in your country? You know, I've always dreamed of traveling. I have never traveled outside the country.
Therefore, our meeting in your country for me the biggest dream. I became very interested in what I need to visit your country. I think I need to get travel documents. My Love, I think the best option, if I fly to you. You are very business person and you have a lot of work.
The next time I can easily get to leave their work and come to you.
And you will not be distracted from their work, I think it's a good idea. Also in the next few days, I want to visit the travel agency to learn about the journey to you. I send you a new video, I made it especially for our meeting. Since I always imagine it. I hope that you, too, want to see me. I close my eyes and imagine how you will meet me at the airport with a bouquet of beautiful flowers! Are you ready to be my wizard, my angel?
I want to carry with you the wonderful moments of our lives. Imagine the day when you will meet me at the airport with a bouquet of roses.
Our views will cross with you. I will hug and kiss you. For a while, the clock stops. We will stand with you, and look into each other's eyes. Our hearts are filled with amorous feelings. I'm madly in love with you and I send you a million kisses. It's a pity that they are not real. Please answer me to my questions. They are very important for our future. Your love for life, Akerke.
Letter 4
HI my dear and favourite Gerrie!!! Favourite mine, I do not sleep at night, I wait, that day when we will meet you. Day after day I think of you, my dear Gerrie. How you Gerrie? My dear, after the travel agency I was very worried, I was very sick at heart. I do not want anybody says and I wanted to be alone. Since I started saving money for our future at the very beginning of our correspondence. And all the money I easily achieved great difficulty and is now a shame that this is only a small portion of money for my trip. Now the only chance not to lose each other, is to combine our efforts with you and then we can always overcome all difficulties.
Please write me honestly, your suggestions and opinions about our meeting. Are you ready to help me with the trip? The only thing I do not want to wait for our meeting. Because now we just need to meet with each other. Please, let us not waste our precious time and organize our meeting. We have already received a lot of information about each other, and now most important to overcome the distance. I await your decision and hope that soon we will be together. Day after day I speak, as a pray: you the God let stores, let there where the footboard is put by a life, always there will be a reliable hand of the friend, let any pain will not concern you, let your life will be long and happy! My life has changed since then when, I have grown fond of you Gerrie!!! I all so - think of you Gerrie and all as I represent you, that you near to me, caress, will gently kiss me! You as if an angel have gone down from heavens to present to me happiness, to warm soul in a fierce cold, to replace water in hot heat. After all happiness-it You Gerrie! I simply could not imagine, what will be, if I lose you? I asked the God only about one, never to admit it. After all then I cannot feel you any more, look in your eyes as the sea which is not knowing borders and limits, attract me to you Gerrie, call behind myself. I would like to live long, and all this time to love you that we never left you that our feeling has not died, keeping freshness and force long years. It is enough to me to see of you to feel happy! When I will look in your eyes, they will speak to me about tendernesses, your lips about love, and your body you will say that you exist actually, about that that a reality for the sake of which I am ready on all! If I was your tear, I would roll down to kiss you if you were mine, I never would cry not to lose you!!!! I love you, in my heart memory of you is eternal. I know, that soon we will meet you, and I love, I love, and I will love only you, my most gentle and madly beloved on light!!! My gloomy, cold and a little bit sad morning to become the warmest and joyful at one thought on you. Without you - it is dark and cold. I, as the little girl in a thunder-storm, in wood and without mum. Around emptiness, cold senselessness, prickly grief and terrible fear, you after all know as I am afraid to lose you. When I will be with you nearby, I will feel as behind «a stone wall»; the same little girl, but strong and assured, happy and favourite, and times to impropriety the defenceless. I very much on you miss Gerrie. I love you, I will always love you. I would like to see your smile, your sight, I wish to see, how you embraced me with fading heart, I would feel, that, simply having embraced, we became a single whole, and it cannot be denied. I trusted and I trust in the feeling because such remains for ever. I love you Gerrie! I would not like to meet others, nobody will cause more than such feeling, and I do not wish from it to get rid and I can not. To me today it is sad, very sad, that we now not together. I so strongly wish to be with you, to see you, to kiss you on your fine, gentle lips. I love, Whole, yours Akerke!
Letter 5
Hi my love Gerrie!!! Favourite mine, I am very glad to receive from you the letter. I looked forward it, and now I am happy, to read it. My dear, if we try to find all the options for our meeting, then it will be much better. I understand that at this moment is very difficult with the money. I did everything in my power and save money, but a small part of them. Please try to contact the bank for a loan as soon as I arrive to you I will be working to return you all the money.
To earn this money in my country, I need about 1 year. This is a very long period of time, and during this time could all change. So now we need to be determined with our meeting, and look for all possibilities. Just in our country's economy developed very poorly. I believe that if we join hands we are definitely going with you! I would like to throw everything, to forget about all and to run to you Gerrie, to stay with you, to be forgotten in your embraces, and to love you eternally. As it would be desirable for me to nestle on you, kisses you warm lips. I you do not see Gerrie, but everyone when I read your letters my heart fights more strongly. I wish every instant the life to spend with you because your letters fill me with happiness.
Thanks you favourite for these instants! These minutes give me tenderness and treats my sincere wounds. Your Love is as very tasty and desired drink which would be desirable to drink all. But if it to make, thirst will not calm down. Therefore you do the first drink big, and then, you start to drink slowly-slowly and cautiously not to spill. I wish to drink you up to the end to last drop. Favourite, native mine simply be with me, and I will be, is happy, I very strongly wish to meet you! Your love gives a pacification to my covered with wounds soul and rest to my heart. Any terrestrial words it is impossible to express that inexplicable feeling of a celebration of a body and soul, when you nearby the darling Gerrie. Likely during such moments, the sky it is released on the earth, no, more likely the earth towers to heavens. I wish to tell once again only, the love is pleasure even at comprehension of that between us such big distance.
To me it is difficult without you, favourite very difficult, very much it would be desirable to feel your hands, your gentle sight, it would be desirable to see your smile turned only to me. You are necessary to me Gerrie. I love you, I very strongly wish to feel, as behind a stone wall, I wish to be near to you, I am am heated only by one thought, that you as love me. On it I finish the letter. I very strongly love you Gerrie, you my life! You the unique person for the sake of whom I live each my day! I wish to give you all my love!!! I with impatience will wait for your answer. One million kisses for you! Yours for all life, Akerke.
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