Scam Letter(s) from Pascaline Morrison to Khalil (Pakistan)

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Letter 1

Dearest one,
How are you today?alongside with your family?am very happy for your response to the mail i sent to you,Dearest please i know that this message might come to you as a surprise, but i want you to understand my reasons of writing you,
my name is Loveline Jones, am 25(years old single,am a very peaceful lady looking towards to meet an inspiring person(am a Sudanese, and my biological mother was Evelyn Jones,who was a missionary in the southern Sudan, and later she became a successful couple alongside with my dad who was Dr Engr.paul.David, the Chairman of Grus-Melton Oil and Gas Company (a private extracting oil in Darfur Sudan),and also a secretary to the(F.I.P.G.S) foreign investors on petroleum and gas sector in southern Darfur Sudan
And later he became a victim during the political/regional crisis in my country(Darfur Sudan)that leads to his assassination alongside with my beloved mother,and after the death of my parents,my wicked stepmother who was also a Sudanese came back from abroad only to claim all the funds and properties of my late parents which some part of it was deposited on my half as the next of kin, she maltreated me and made several plot to kill me,so i became afraid, and i took away all the important document of my late fathers funds and properties concerning my own part of inheritance and escape my dear life to a near by country (Dakar Senegal,)
where am living as a refugee under the care of a church ministry in attachment to the united nation solution to war victims,(U.N.S.W.V) dearest life here has been a total strange attachment to the whole of my living
please don,t be discourage because of my present situations, i believe inside of me that you will never break my heart or let me down, that's why am revealing the whole of my identity to you,

please Dearest it has been my pleasure to meet a person like you, a person who really understand the value of life and the important of friendship,am not really looking on to age or distance as a barrier to friendship,am looking for someone who can really inspire me,love and assist me to overcome loneliness and the past memories of my late parents,
How i wish i could be with you,it could have be a better opportunity for me to return back to my studies,i was a second year student in the faculty of geology and mining (Sudan university of science and technology) before the tragedy that leads me to be in this condition today,but God so kind to my late parents, for leaving me behind as their next of kin, dearest with love and trust, i wish to inform you about this deposit, my late parents(father) loves me so much, that he deposited the,sum of six million five hundred thousands us dollars(6.5milliom us dollars) with my name as his next of kin,
And am contacting you for your possible assistance, I am charged with the problem of securing a trust worthy foreign personality who can help me transfer the money from the bank pending my arrival in their country as a refugee. how i wish, I would like to see you, but Moreover,in the hope above that you can contact the bank for confirmation and you can communicate directly with them about this fund of my late father, which was deposited in their custody. dearest one of my reason for contacting you,is that am afraid that the bank may liquidate this account if i don,t go for it now,please I'm giving this offer to you as mentioned with every confidence on your acceptance to help me recover the money from the bank and transfer it into your nominated account.I would like to continue my studies as soon as this money arrive in your country, please try to help me to achieve this goal, i want to start a new life,as I have the desire to become a celebrity in the nearest future.
I will be happy if you can do this for me.You can contact me through this number (+221778105173) is a reverend fathers ,phone number,his name is reverend destiny, he was the minister in-charge of the camp where am residing and the Reverend Fathers email address is ( please feel free to call me, whenever you call, please tell him that you want to speak with Loveline Jones he will send for them to call me in the female hostel, please do not hesitate, because I need to hear from you soon and also.i will be happy if you can send your pictures to me,so i can see you and admire you also,as i wish to have you in my mind
Therefore, in your desire to do this for me I would like to get some of your information's, so i can easily update the bank more about you,
1.Your Full Name
2.Your address
3.Your occupation.
4.your phone or fax number.
Immediately i get this,i will give you the bank contact where
the money was deposited,so you can get in contact with them.
Bye and take good care of yourself and have a good day.
yours Loveline Jones,



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