Scam letter(s) from Gulnara to Larry (USA)

Letter 1
Hello sweetheart!!!
How are you there without me? :-)
Today it's such a wonderful day in my life, because I received your letter.
I reread it several times and felt that we become closer to each other.
I want you to know that I need you and your letters very much.
I'm grateful to God that He gave you to me, and I'm so grateful to you, my Honey.
That now I have You, and I won't feel myself lonely anymore.
When I was a child I liked very much when Mom read fairy-tales to me.
Most of all fairy-tales I liked that one-where a prince saved a girl.
They loved each other and the whole world was glad for them.
I thought I would never meet my prince.
But now when I met you I believe that a fairy tale can be real.
I wish to create a strong family full of love and understanding and of course children's laughs... I wish to be not only a mother of our children but partner and friend of my half too!!!
Our weekends it will be great to spend in unusual places such as mountains, lake or other places near the water or simply walk under the starlights sky looking for OUR VITAL WAY!!!
I don't know why and how but you let me think more about you (about our nearest future!!!)
As you could see on my photos, I don't use very bright cosmetics.
I prefer small amount of cosmetics, but I put it in smart way to look naturally.
During my childhood in the summer I always went to my grandparents to the country side and spent there all summer hollidays.
They had a big house near the forest and the river.
My grandfather was fond of beekeeping and I always eat a lot of honey during the year.
Did I tell you that I like mushrooms? If no, I must tell you Iadore mushrooms!
I like them cooked in any style:fried, boiled, in the pies, pickled, etc.
I know a lot of mushrooms types here and would never gather poison mushroom.
I feel in the deeps of my soul that I'm ready to be a good wife and mother at the same time.
I can cook(Ukrainian and Russian dishes), but I like to learn more and it will be interesting to cook the dishes of your motherland.
Do you like romantic dinners with candlelight?
I want to embrace you caress!!!
At this moment my feelings to You already much more than friendship.
I began to think a lot about us, what would happen in our future!!!
I really imagine how it can be if we will meet in real life and spend time together.
During these days I realized how precious you are to me, honey(can I adress to you this way?)... I'm so happy that I have met you in my life... I don't know what I would do either if I don't meet you.
I'm sertain that you and me are meant to be together.
All the time I was not able to stop dreaming.
And I want to share to dreams with you now.
Please, imagine.
Evening... Total darkness outside.
The noise of wind. I'm playing piano.
The soft candle light is spreading over room.
There are two of us.
Nobody around.
No one exists except us in the moment.
Just you and me.
It seems to last for ever.
The music became dramatic...
You are coming closer to me...
It was a dream.
I woke up...
I wonderfull romantic dream!!! But it leaded me to thinking about us and our acquaintance with the open eyes...
My feelings to you gets stronger and stronger day by day.
You are always in my mind and I have the strange feeling that we can meet in the nearest future, my dear.
I wish I could be with you and care about you...
I hope you feel the same...
You change my life and I feel how more and more close we become to each other.
Thanks God and you for it!!!
My love, I will close for now and will wait for your reply very soon and of course for your call. My NEW SKYPE: kiska7371
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