Romance scam letter(s) from Alisa Elebuda to John (UK)
Letter 1

Hello my dear John!!!!
I am very glad to receive today your letter.
My dear John I liked a photo which you have sent me!!!
How you? At me all is good. As your mood.
Today at us remarkable weather shines the sun.
In the street a lot of people walks. Today I probably too shall go to walk to park after I shall finish this letter.
I shall try to write to you each day.
Especially now I already all the day wait for that moment when I shall believe the mail and I shall write to you the next letter.
I the whole day think of that when I shall write to you at last.
Probably from that that me already draws it to you slightly.
Probably it is good as you think?
Dear I at once want to tell you that we with mum live not so well as it would be desirable.
???? there are also financial problems simply I want that you knew that I the simple girl from simple family.
I do not have big inquiries so I am brought up.
In Russia it is not so good to live. My mum always spoke me that to me is necessary to get out abroad there life much better.
Yes I and itself dream of that to live and work abroad.
And if I will have remarkable husband and children that it for me millet paradise.
But all this in dreams now. Now I can not afford to travel.
The expensive pleasure. But so it would would be desirable it.
It probably so is wonderful to visit the unfamiliar country.
You in any countries? You travelled?
Now I can learn about other countries only from television programs. I I hope sometime can travel itself.
In general I really have got used to look at life with all her difficulties.
In this letter I want to inform you some details.
For example I like to use spirits but not scented water.
Or sometimes I use deodorants. I like to put on freely.
Earlier I very much liked to paint hair different colors.
I painted them different colors ? now I try to adhere to one color.
I not so like to carry various ornaments for example chains or rings.
I always carry only one thing it is a chain with a dagger which mum has presented me.
I think in this letter I have openly told to you about myself.
The important quality I think an openness. And on it I finish.
I wait your answer dear!
Yours faithfully yours Alisa!!
Letter 2

Greetings my lovely John..
I am very glad to that I have received your letter with hope of that you have understood me..
The love which between us may may kill all hatred on all our planet.. She so is strong, she so without cp`mhwm`, that her will suffice on so much centuries, centuries, years....
Lovely, I very strongly love you also only one idea on you kill me that You are not present near to me.. I present each night as you to me come, as you take Me for a hand, you iron my head, gently you kiss.. These ideas destroy me, soul mine Turns to a stone, eyes become glass, my hands become such heavy, That I simply can not lift them... There is such feeling, that life mine becomes very short because I do not present minutes of life without you.. Lovely mine, all this very much Seriously for me.. It demands very big trust, all this correspondence simply It is not possible.. I very strongly want a real meeting, but money are necessary for this purpose for me, Which at me are not present. I understand, that in the world it is a lot of deceit, very many those people which it is simple Live on it. But, John, I can not prove to you in any way that I am real.. I believe you, I trust you..
While it is a basis of our attitudes but if this basis will fail the end to all our attitudes will come. I do not want it, I simply shall not sustain this separation, I shall die of that idea, that we shall not meet you any more.. All gravity of this moment is very dear for me, I shall not sell for any Money this trust.. Lovely, you trust me? You understand, there is such sensation, That we not up to the end with you trust each other.. And I very much want it therefore at a real meeting I want to know everything, I want to know completely you and to see you such what you am.. I want to know you of the present, real to be with you though some time, to lead with you the most sweet Minutes of the life.. When I have come in Internet - cafe and have seen from you the letter, I am simple It was admired with that you can help me that our meeting to be carried out it is real and I shall be sure in it on 100 percents. I did not begin you to answer at once on your precious The letter for me, I descended at once in travel agency and have learned all necessary For an arrival to you to England in your small city Norwich. To me have told about him, that it is very beautiful and romantic, that life there does not cost and flows the course. I very strongly would like to visit you there and to learn all this really, to see as you you live to see your culture, your life, your house. When I have learned the price for tickets and visas, in general the prices of a full package of documents I was simply am very strongly afflicted. You know, I never was abroad and I do not know all prices which include the ticket, the passport for travel abroad, the visa. When to me have told how many there is this package of documents, in my head the idea that I can not see you at once has flashed.. The price is very huge for me, for such sum I should work about one year and nothing spend from the salary.. Lovely, all package of documents costs dollars..1342 It includes the passport for travel abroad, the visa, tickets... But I was interested on the account of how I can issue the visa. The manager who was in this travel agency has told, that she needs to be made out in Moscow. And the road up to Moscow even is very dear. The ticket up to our capital costs 200 dollars.
Lovely, John. all this is very bad for me because I have no such big money... I have written to you this letter with that hope, that you will help to carry out our meeting...
If our basis of trust will fail... That I shall die of eternal separation from you..
Yours on always..
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