Letter(s) from Anastasia Anikina to Thomas (USA)

Letter 1

Hello! my name is Vera
I want to tell you that a few weeks, I wrote you that letter. I did not get your answer ... I think that maybe you did not get my letter !?
I live in Russia. I'm from the city of Perm! I'm a normal girl and a simple girl.
I have never been friends in another country. I want to meet with you.
I think we can be good buddies! I feel that you are a good person.
Today started a new week, and I look forward to your reply.
I want to change my life! Want to learn more about another country!
Once again, I will copy your letter is sent to you a few weeks ago.
I am waiting for your letter! Please feel free to talk about themselves a lot. Bye

Letter 2

Thanks, that you have answered my letter!
My full name Vera! But you can call me Verochka!
The thought on acquaintance on the Internet has appeared at me unexpectedly.
We with the girlfriend sat in cafe and drank tea.
My girlfriend has told, that now acquaintance on the Internet more and more popularly among people and she has got acquainted with the husband on a site of acquaintances, her husband from England. Now at them the daughter and for them this big event was born!
I will continue to tell about myself. I do not have profile on the Internet.
I am not registered in social networks as me it never interested, but I always dreamt to find second half!
Then my girlfriend has offered, that I exploited agency of acquaintances.
We with it have gone to agency and I have considered some profiles, but I have decided to write only to you.
If I girlfriend, I never would dare at this step, but thanks to it we can carry on dialogue.
Certainly I am confused a little and in general I do not know what to write in the letter.
I wish to tell to you at once, that I search in the man.
I hope for your decency because I search for love and sincere relations.
For me it is important, that the person would be kind, attentive and sympathetic.
I hope, that these qualities are at you and our purposes can coincide.
I wish to tell about myself that we could learn about each other more.
I live in Russia, later I will tell about city "Perm".
I do not have children and I never was married, but I always wished to have children and I very much liked to look after them when I had possibility to do it.
I hope you correctly you understand me and my English language.
You can look at my photo to see my physical data.
My growth of 168 centimetres, weight of 52 kgs.
I have many interests.
I like to study the new.
At me good sense of humour.
I think, that in the future you can be convinced of it.
I was born on April, 24th, 1985, me of 30 years.
My sign on Zodiac Taurus.
What sign on the Zodiac at you?
I will be glad to answer any questions which you interest.
It is very interesting to me to learn more about you, about your life, interests and the country in which you live.
If to you interestingly our acquaintance I wait for your letter and a photo :-)
Yours faithfully, Vera.

Letter 3

Hi Thomas!!!
Thanks for your photos. When to me I will be sad I will look your photos and my mood will improve!
How you?
It again I Vera so address to me my native and friends.
I waited today to see your letter!!!
I had a confidence, that you will write me the letter.

I want, that you knew. I am done not disturbed by your financial position.
I am done not disturbed by the size of your wages, whether to me interestingly to eat at you money in bank,
Also it is indifferent you live in the magnificent house or the small, shabby house.
Money does not interest me. I do not search for the sponsor for a life, I wish to meet the beloved.
The happiness does not consist in money. I wish to be favourite, and I wish to love.
I like to work, and I can always work. I have higher education,
And I think, that I will not have a problem in a work finding if I even live in your country, sometime.
I hope, that you have understood everything, that I speak to you.

You say, that the Internet represents threat, and that on the Internet it is a lot of deceit. To me everything is clear, that you speak.
However I am afraid of nothing, because you the unique man with whom I have dialogue. You seem me kind,
The pleasant, tender man, and I do not think, that dialogue with you represents danger to me.
Also I understand, that earlier you had dialogue with girls, but they asked money you. I do not require money.
I work on prestigious work, for me monthly, stable wages. It is the good income for me.
I search for the beloved and consequently has written the letter to you. Russia the huge country, and I do not exclude that,
That here there live mean and greedy people. I am compelled to tell to you about it. However, I do not want,
That you thought of all inhabitants of Russia equally. I have no mean intentions, and I wish to continue ours with you dialogue.
Please, do not compare me to other girls from Russia, because I another. I wish to meet the man,
And to create family, I wish to find partner in life. You like me, and I wish to learn you better.

I thank you for your honesty concerning your correspondence with the Russian women.
I really could not even present to myself, that so it is a lot of women from Russia to write to your country.
Also I wish to tell to you, that once I heard history concerning a deceit on the Internet,
But I think that bad and pity women who at all do not like me are capable of it only. Russia,
The huge country, and I do not want, that you thought, that here all girls identical.
My intentions sincere, and I will never do you harm!

You probably ask me, "Where, I could see your profile?"
I told you in my first letter that I received your e-mail address in the agency of acquaintances.
My friend met her future husband through the Internet. He lives in England.
My girlfriend made me acquainted with a man outside of Russia, because I do not want to have relations with the Russian men.
I never had any friends outside of Russia, and all I want - to know about you, about your country and culture.
I hope that you understand me.
Last night, I wished to look the letter from you, but my laptop of the house has broken,
it very old and to repair is not subject, I plan to buy the new laptop when I will receive the salary on my work.
Now I on work, am convenient to write me letters from work.
I work every day, except Sunday.
On Sunday I cannot see your letters.
I start to work in 09:00 in the morning.
Also I stop to work in 18:00 in the evening.
I work on labour exchange.
My post the leading expert of work with clients.
My duties include attraction of clients and the conclusion of contracts.
I like my work.
I work behind the computer much.
I have a higher education.
I have finished training at faculty of social work.
I live in city "Perm".
You can see my city on the Internet.
Capital of Russia, the city of Moscow.
Distance to a city of Moscow about 1400 kilometres from my city.
You sometime were in Russia?
When I have decided to get acquainted with the man in agency of acquaintances, I have considered many profiles of men.
But I have written the letter only to you.
It is difficult to me to explain my choice.
Possibly my heart has prompted, that I should write the letter to you.
I have got used to trust the heart.
I am done not frightened by an age difference, for me important what the man was kind, sympathetic and what he was able to address correctly with the woman.
I wish to ask you about sincerity.
I want, that ours with you dialogue has been based on trust.
Now we know each other a little.
I hope, that the trust will appear in due course between us.
In the future I can give you the mobile phone, but now I wish to learn you better.
I will a little tell about myself.
I accurate also love cleanliness and for me it is important, to be always well-groomed and to be in the good form.
Your life is interesting to me.
Please, do not forget to answer my questions.
Than you are engaged at leisure?
You like to prepare a dish?
Today I send you the photos and I will be glad to see your photos in the new letter.
I should continue to work now.
Thanks for your attention!
If at you is Skype, write me it, soon I plan to buy the new laptop and to make Skype, I not when did not use this program, but I know that many people it use also it very conveniently what to communicate and see each other in real time.
I hope, that my letter was not boring for you.
I wish you beautiful and a sunny day!