Scam letter(s) from Ludmila Briewskaja to James (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my love of my life James!!! Thank you my dearest man, my love for your letter! I want to tell you my sunshine, that i was so much happy to talk with you by phone! I missed so much your voice and for me it was very much important for us to discuss everything live hearing each other's thoughts and voices! I felt much closer to you my love and it was like we are sitting around the invisible kitchen table! I liked it so much! Honey, i spent Saturday rechecking everything once again so we wouldn't have any unexpected surprises my love! We both hate them so that's why i was talking to everybody just to reassure, that we are on the same road and plans are alive! My love, i was trying to explain you by phone that the place in Parma was held for me for many months! And all the time when we faced this or that problems and all the time they prolonged everything! But when i was fired from University and FEP they gave hat place in Parma to that man! And when i was recovered as student and member of the FEP the only place i was offered to go was Portland! Honey, i went to double check today if there are any other variants except Portland and i was that there is no variants at all! There are only 3 students who are going to the USA very soon! It's me, that guy and another girl! That guys supposed to go to Parma, that girl to Los Angeles and i am to Portland! But like you know i agreed with this guy to exchange the places and he agreed but needs us to pay him all the compensations! Like you my honey, i am very much tired and stressed because of the whole situation, but we have everything agreed with the foreign exchange program and embassy and even this guy! I asked him to write the letter in which he agrees to exchange the places with me and nothing can go wrong now! In this letter written: "I am, Stepanov Andrey Ivanovich, agree to exchange the cities in FEP, with Briewskaja Ludmila! After it i go to Portland, Oregon and she goes to Parma, Ohio! Demand for compensation in sum 2000$!" He singed it and also we went to the lawyer and she put the stamp! So it's more than legal document! I finalized everything and did everything i told you i would do! I did everything i promised you my love and it's not my fault honey, that they give the place in Parma which was for me to that guy, because i was fired from the University and FEP! We need to pay to this guy all his expenses like tickets, etc! In total the sum is 2000$! I did all my best to convince him that i need to go to Parma instead of him and thanks God he agreed with me, that it's much important for me to go to you! The tickets are paid by the foreign exchange program and embassy, only for me, because of all the tries we had and because some tried were ruined not because of our faults! And also i have very good connections with the dean of the FEP and he also helps a lot always! But now even dean can do nothing, because the agency provide me the place to go - Portland and also pay for my ticket! And i told the dean and embassy, that i was agreed to go to Parma and they told me, that they had to give that place in Parma, because i was fired from University and FEP! The Dean told me, that the FEP will solv all the paper problems for free and will make everything work if i will find the agreement with this guy to whom the place in Parma was given! I agreed everything with him and he agreed to go to Portland instead of me and i will go to Parma instead of him! They cannot tell me about the place and work! I will be told about it like always in the day of my trip to the USA! It's confidential information like i was told! Yes, i explained the FEP and embassy, that i have friend in North Royalton and that's why it's important for me to go to Parma and at least know about my position and place of work! And they agreed to tell me this information the day before my flight! Honey, having the experience about talking with people on whom i need to give the influence i took my parents 2 times with me! And today i also went with them to the FEP and asked about use their influence, but they told me, that i need to solve all that things with that guy and they will be able to do only the paper work in exchanging! Everything i was able to receive i told you already my honey! Sweetie, the whole problems caused that fact when i was fired from the university my love! Honey, there is no cities available! There is only Portland or Parma!
I am not going to go to Portland! I don't need the USA without you!
And for me to go to Parma we need to pay this guy all the compensations which are 2000$! My love, that guy who is student and who agreed to exchange with me told about compensation at once! He said, that if he wouldn't spend money on it he wouldn't ask me about compensations, but he spent his own money and if we want to exchange the places with him we need to give him 2000$ for covering his expenses! Yes, i saw this guy a lot of times in the FEP office! I have no problems you to call the FEP and talk with the representative of the program! I will find our their number and will give it to you! Honey, the embassy and FEP cannot exchange the places of my staying in the USA without asking the point of this man to whom the place in Parma was given! He said, that he has no problem to exchange with me, but needs to receive the compensation! The embassy and FEP from their side, said, that they will solve all the paper work by themselves! They cannot get the refund from the tickets which they didn't order!
They buy the tickets for me, but that guy bought the tickets by himself! Honey, you talk to me and explain me things like i don't want to be with you! Like you i want everything to be done perfect and us to be together! I want us finally to create family, to have amazing life and moments together! I want it more than anything in my life!!! I am calling you around 17-00 Ukrainian time after i go and meet all the representatives! Somebody told you, that i talked to him in September? I don't know who the **** that guy, buy i didn't talk to no one! Yes, i went to visit that photographer a lot of times and every day he tells me, that he is doing his best to find it! There will be no broken promises! Everything is singed and ready and we need to give this guy money which he spent and i will be at once with you like we dreamed! I went to the fitness center as long as it was paid for!I feel much stronger and better and i am waiting very much for the day when i will be able to show you all my body ;) My father's name is Nikolay Briewskiy and mother Irina Briewskaja! I love you! Your Mila!
Letter 2
Hello my love of my life James!!! Thank you for your letter my dearest man and i just came to the translation office after talking to everybody once again and checking again everything, so everything is ok and ready! My love, the problem is that i cannot call you today, because the agency have problems with their phone my love! I don't know when they will be able to fix it, so i don't know when exactly i will be able to call you my dearest honey!
But i think, that we need to do everything fast! Because everybody are waiting my sweetie! And i want to thank you for everything you did and doing for us! I know, that it's almost impossible for you to find the funds, but anyway you keep doing miracles for us and i really have no words to express you all my appreciation my love! You are my hero and the best team worker my amazing! You are unbelievable man and i am proud and happy, that i have you in my life! Soon we will be able t sit in each other's hugs and discuss all that problems which we faced with smiles on our faces, because we will be finally together my love! Talking about the language the paper are written i can tell you my love, that it doesn't matter in which language it's written my love! I was told, that it's possible to write it in language it's much comfortable for me and person who writes the paper! I mean, that i speak Russian and know Russian better than Ukraine! And the most important everything to be written without mistakes! Honey, we will be able to finalize everything this time and thanks God we will be together like we planned and dreamed about! I understood the game plan my love, but i hope it's ok with you, that instead of my call you will receive my letter honey! I will do everything the best way my love! Everything will be taken care about! We will go all together, father, mother, me to receive the transfer and after it to go to meet that guy and all the representatives! And we will check everything for several times! For me it doesn't matter my love to which name you will make the transfer... It's up to you to decide my love! My both parents will be able to receive the transfer! But if you need me to chose one, make the transfer to mother's name please! Honey there is no mistakes in spelling of the surnames of my parents!
The spelling of father's surname is like it's spell for masculine! For me and my mom the spelling of my surname is the same, because it';s the spelling for feminine! My love, don't worry, there are no mistakes ;) Make the transfer to my mother's name - Irina Briewskaja! My love, when everything will be finalized i will tell you the flight details and the rest information which if important for you to be able to meet me ;) Honey, my parents will help me with everything and everything will be done the most perfect way this time! I am not going to let you down and for sure i will thank Karen for everything she did for us! She is very good friend and helper! I love you so much and soon we will talk in each other's hugs and not around the invisible kitchen table! Love you! Your Mila
Letter 3
Hello my love of my life James!! Honey, facing difficulties! Will write tomorrow!
Love you! Your Mila!
Letter 4

Hi my love of my life James!!! Speaking frankly after your letter, there is no desire to tell you about something... you already gave up even without knowing what i wanted to tell you... Love! Your Mila!
Letter 5
Hi my love of my life James!!! Honey, i am very glad, that you urgently came back and ready to read my thoughts and the whole situation! I want you to understand, that i very much appreciate Karen for everything she did for us, but everything concerning our relations and steps i want to discuss with you my honey! Ok my love? Sweetie, the whole situation in the following! As it was agreed with that guy i gave him money and he had to go the next day to write the paper to the name of the Foreign exchange program dean, that he agrees to switch the locations with me! The next day i came to the FEP office with my family and i wrote the same paper about switching the locations, but this guy didn't show up! When i went to his home with my parents, FEP representative his mom opened the door and said, that in the morning he flew to the USA and she was in the airport with him and he flew! I was shocked and almost lost ability to talk! I couldn't believe my ears! He flew away with money and i was crying very much! But he FEP representative told me, that working together with embassy they will cancel his visa and he will be deported when he will be caught in the USA! And i was told, that i need to wait when everything will be solved!
How long we will need to wait i have no idea, but i was told, that minimum we will need to wait for 2-3 months! I really don't know what to say, except, that i love you and want to be with you very much! Love you! Your Mila!!!
Letter 6
Hi my dear James! Today is magic day! It's magic holiday, because love is real magic!
It's something which people cannot see and touch, but at the same time love gives people power to live; that emotions which makes blood boil in veins; that blast of energy which nothing else can give; that special feeling of butterfly in stomach when you just think about person who is so much important for you; that special excitement when you see your partner after some time apart! Love has really great power, because it's even able to start and stop wars! Is there another feelings which people have so much desire to discover? Of course no!
It's like El Dorado for everyone! There are a lot of people who are looking for their love during the whole their lives and cannot find it... But it doesn't mean, that it was not even necessary to start to look for love! Nobody said, that it would be easy... And look at us dear... We are not near each other, but anyway we love each other and we would love to make everything work! It's not easy task to create the whole picture from small puzzle pieces, but i am sure, that the most important is desire! We have it and this is the most important! And i am sure, that our desire will help us to find that special and hidden road to our El Dorado ;) So i want to congratulate you with St. Valentine's day and i wish love to me to grow in your heart every day more and more like love to you grows in my heart! There is no exact description of feeling love and be loved, like people can describe headache, etc! Because love is unique gift and i would love us to find it together! Love! Your Mila!
Letter 7
Hi my love of my life James!!! Glad that you wrote me honey and i will write you my letter tomorrow, because i am very much busy trying to find all the possible ways for us to be together asap! Love you! Your Mila!!!
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