Scam Letter(s) from Irina to Ernie (USA)

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Letter 1

Darling Ernie,
It is so nice to hear from you over and over again.I won't even tell you how i'm glad to get your letter:))
I'd like to tell you what kind of man i'm looking for.He should be very attentive to me because i think that i'm worth of it,don't you agree?:) I think i am:) I can't understand how a man of my dream whom i love wouldn't pay enough attention to me...
Also i'd like him to be loving because i'll be only with a man whom i love, i just can't imagine my life with the man who are not my beloved and if he doesn't love me then nothing will turn out,do you agree with me? I have one more thing to tell you that i use the services of the translation firm because i don't know English but would like to correspond with you so much.I really hope for your understanding with this problem,ok?i don't think that it'll be a problem for our coomunication at all because i'm planning to learn English in the nearest future. I don't have MSN messenger:(
Well,i think i'll end for now.
Hope to hear from you very soon,i'm very interested in you:))
Receive my kisses and hugs,OK?:)
Yours Irina

Letter 2

Hello my dear Ernie,
Your letters always make my mood better:)
I have some feeling inside me that we can have a great future together and my presetiment never failed.Hope this time it will also come true ,i really want it because you seem rather different from others and i like it:)
I'll tell you more about me.I'm 25 years old and i live in Donetsk but was born in Krashyi Luch.It is a very small town and that's why there were no prospect for me there,that's why i've moved.I've graduated from the Pedagogical university,the speciality is teacher of the primary school and now i work as a teacher with small children:)It is so nice,but the salary is too low.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon and to know more about you.
Please tell me more about your life.:)
My kiss and hug to you:))

Letter 3

Hello my new friend:)
It's so great that you answered my letter.I really was hoping to get the answer from you:)You are so nice!
Why am i here?Well,i can tell that i began to use the services of the Internet with a hope to find my man that i can't find in my country.
I'm very interested in you,hopw while corresponding we can know each other better and in future we will have good relations because i'm serious in finding my soulmate and i'm not going to play any games.
I want to find my only one and to change all my life with him.Can you help me to do it?:)) I just want to ask you to answer me if you are really serious because i don't want somebody to break my heart. Be honest with me and i'll answer you the same:))
Waiting for your reply.
Kiss you
Yours Ira

Letter 4

Hello my future hope,
I have one problem to tell you about today and i think that it'll also dissapoint you...but i think it wouldn't be honest from my side just to dissapear silently.Well,the problem is that i don't know English,i've written you about it already and i've payed for the services of the translation firm as long as i could but i can't afford it anymore now. This is the problem i was talking about...
I don't want to tell you that it's the end because i don't want it to be the end.
I know that you'll think bad about me after this letter but i don't want anything from you,really...i just want you and nothing else...
That's why i don't want to ask you for anything,just if you really want to continue our correspondence and you are interested in me because i'm really i can propose you one way out:I can give you the address of the translating firm i use and you can help me to pay for thier services,so we won't be able to stop it and to regret about it for the rest of our lives.Just think,ok?
So here it is :
Don't make the decision in a hurry,i really rely on you because i don't have other people to rely one,you are my the only one hope.
Your waiting Irina



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