Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Trunova to Will (Belgium)

Letter 1
Morning! How are you today?
I want to know you better.
We can take baby steps or giant steps on the Internet where you do not always have the same option when you find an individual at a club or a singles’ bar.
Actually between the loud sound, alcohol, smoking and crazy audience packed in like sardines, most of the time you don’t meet anybody 1. get a incredible headache 2. lose some of your hearing 3. inhale a lot of toxic cigarette smoke 4. drink alcohol just to pass the time while damaging your liver and brain.
So I prefer the Internet even if it is the first time I am applying it out to figure out whether I can find my future partner.
Some info about me, I’m Svetlana, I live in Canada. I have a good job.
I’ll forward you a photograph if you are interested, just let me know.

If you need my answer Please answer only to my personal mail:

I am looking forward to your answer.

Hugs and kisses!

Letter 2
Wow Bill! I have received your letter and I am very happy about it.
I like to make new friends.I believe that one of my friends can become my future partner. Thank you very much for your answer. Now I see that you are interested in communication with me.
Now I wish to tell you a little bit about me and my life. I was born in Russian Federation, where most of all men are heavy-drinkers. But now I live and work in Canada for 5 months. I am 30 years old. I was born on the 2 of February 1985. I am tired to be lonely. Do you know this feeling? I want to create a good family with a right man. I have a mother and a younger sister, who live in Russia, in Saint-Petersburg. I miss them so much and therefore I call them very often in Russia. I came to Toronto to get a good education and to earn some money. I work as a nurse in a Retirement Home. I am a young enough and full of energy and desire to make real all my plans. But most of all I dream to find my true love. I want to present to my future man all my love and energy. I love animals, kids, music and dances. In a man I respect nobility, kindness and responsibility. I am romantic and sincere girl, I hate lie and games with human's feelings. I know what I am talking about, cause I know how it hurts when a very important person lie to you. I want to meet a man, who will respect me and my feelings and take care of me. I want to have a long-term relations. I am afraid of spiders, cockroaches and mosquitoes.
I hope that this information will be interesting for you. I will be glad to continue our correspondence.
I will look forward to your letter and photos.
Letter 3
Hello-hello Bill! If to be true I was thinking all day long - you will answer to my letter or not, because I think you was hear a lot of bad stories about Russian girls.
In my opinion they shame my country and I do not respect this type of people.
Of course there are a lot of bad people in the net.
You are absolutely right. I am also scared of them. Some people want to get someone's money, others are seeking for slaves and prostitutes, still others have other bad intentions. Nevertheless there are millions of those who are seeking for love and relations, just like you and me, and I want to hope that they make up the majority. But, you should feel if a person is honest or not, that's it. As for me there was also a man who wrote me a lot but I felt that he lied to me from his first letter and I stopped answering him.
Just listen what your heart tells you.
So I think that we understood each other and we will never talk about it again. I respect you - you respect me: this is my only condition.
I live here in Ontario, city Mississauga in the flat of my girlfriend Tatyana. She was born in Russia also.
Tatyana live in Mississauga about 10 years and she has a Canadian citizenship. She was married within 2 years, but 6 months ago she divorced. Tatyana have a a little son Sean from this marriage.
I know Tatyana for 14 years, therefore Tatyana helped me a lot when I came to Canada. Tatyana is my best friend. Do you have a good friends?
I am a very romantic woman. And my big dream is to find MY MAN. A man, who will love me and respect me, who will have a kind heart. May be you will think think that I dream like a child, but this is not like this. I am a very sincere girl, that's why I believe in sincere love between man and woman. I think you must know it.
You are a handsome. I fell that you are sincere and kind man. Am I right? Therefore I want to see your e-mails.
I am lonely girl now. Therefore I try to find my love. And I like to search for my love with a help of Internet. Correspondence and waiting for the reply from a handsome man - this is very interesting and romantic. This type of communication will help to know better a person better before our meeting face-to-face. What do you think of it?
If you have any questions - just ask me.
What I can tell you more now - I am very good at cooking. I like to cook most of all in my life. I can cook everything I think ;)
I like flowers and gardening. I like fishing and camping very much too.
I like read books, dance. I can't tell you that i am a great music fan and that I have some particular preferences... I like the music that SOUNDS good, but what I certainly don't like is RAP. I simply don't understand it and those who are listening to it. But if you like rap I don't mind, after all this is not that important. I like the music of Mariconner (not sure in the spelling), if I am not mistaken he wrote the music for plenty of films. this is about music :)
I like to watch a movies. My favorite one is the "Ghost". Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore are the main actors in it. Did you watch this movie?
I do not know what to write you else, I will try next time.
I have some questions for you, if you don't mind. Can you describe me a woman of your dream? Can you tell me a little bit more information about your education?your work?
I send you my new photo. I hope you will like it. I hope to see your another photos too.
I am waiting for your answer!
Letter 4

Hi Bill!!! How I am happy to get a new letter from you!!
It is like a wonderful present for me!! It raised my mood very much!
I want to see your letters as often as possible,because i am so much interested in our correspondence! it became a very important part of my life! Under your letters, I feel that you are very smart and nice man,let me do such a compliment for you!! I feel that we have much in common, and I am sure,if we once meet,we will have much to talk about!Do you agree Bill?
I would love to know you better. I want to continue to correspond with you,
Please don`t stop writing to me!! I want to see new letters from you very much! Probably the destiny gave us a chance,and we should not miss it?
I would love to tell you something.
Probably you will be amazed. But i did not date any men for a year.My previous relations brought me much pain and disappointments..
That`s why I did not search a man for any kind relation. I simply was afraid to create to a new ones for all this year.. Do you understand me?i think it hurts so much, when your beloved cheats on you with another person.. Did your woman cheat on you? did you feel such pain? That`s why I am afraid to be mistaken again. I want to love my right man, and have no secrets and lies between us. Please, promise me one thing... if we have something serious in the future, you will never lie to me!
I am having very little time for dating with men in a real life. So Tatyana has registered me on a few dating sites for new acquaintances. Our communication is a very good result of it, what do you think? I am very thankful to Tatyana.
I am telling you all these because I want you to understand me. We can not talk in reality for now, so we can share life in our letters. And when we finally meet in a real life-we can be a very good pair. Do you think so too? What are your plans for the future?,what is an ideal family for you? What does love mean for you? Please answer these my questions,because answers will tell me much about you! I will say good-bye for now,and send you my new photo! I will impatiently wait for your next letter!!
Letter 5
Waiting for the mail like in old times when postman delivered the mails and people looked for the postman through the window :-))
Especially when you have a good expectation like a letter from beloved!
In old times the beloved puts perfume on the paper so that the other can smell her or him and feel near :-))
Or a kiss on the paper and the beloved kisses the paper and feels the love!
Sometimes a piece of hair cut and enclosed the envelope :-))
like my teenage love did many years ago :-)) I don't live in the past but never throw it away or forget..I keep even little memories and remembrances! Sometimes I look at them and feel strange and even painful but at the same time sweet pain in the heart :-)
Now I get a letter from you and it give me the same feeling and taste of those letters with that perfume or kiss and I can even see and smell and touch your hair!:-))
Bill,what are your dreams?
I think that two people should be the same views and dreams for the future.
My biggest dream for the future - creating a good family with the right man. The man, who rather acts that say,the one who loves me and accept as I am.
Love for me is mutual understanding,support,fidelity between two loving people. family for me is a place,where I want to find cosiness and composure,love and care and of course stable ****** life.
I do not understand women in your country..
Where do they look?
Why is such a wonderful man is still single?But it is a very good chance for me..
Let me tell you a little about my day.I finished my work earlier today.
The weather was fine and i walked to Thornlodge Park county park.
There were many lovers in the park,they kissed,laughed and was shining from happiness..
I was looking at them and suddenly felt sharp loneliness..
I decided that I will do my best to meet my man this year and we will go to this place together!!!We will walk in hands, and kiss..and everybody will envy us..
Maybe I am too romantic,but it is me who i am..
I feel that we alike- our hearts know pain and disappointments, and we are both tired to be lonely..i feel a little sadness in your letters..
But I am glad that you do not waste yourself to an empty women.
You save your kind heart and best qualities for your right lady..
I appreciate that much!I would love to be that lady in the future..
I think I will stop here..please do not forget to write me - I do not feel lonely when i get your letters!
Please tell me a little about your parents,ok?
I do not have any distinguishing marks.
I have a Working Visa.
The pictures from the previous letter have been taken in Calgary (Canadian Rockies).This is the most beaurtiful places in the world I have been visited.
I will impatiently wait for your next reply!
Letter 6
I sincerely hope that everything is good with you,Bill.
Today I checked my e-mail with excitement. Thanks for your compliments.It is very pleasant for me. I didn't receive compliments from men for a long time.
And I thank you for that.I am glad very much that I was pleasant to you.
When I read your letter, my heart wants to jump out of my chest.
Really, it is very pleasant for me!I feel you are a very gentle and kind man.And I was delighted very much, when I saw a new letter from you.
It raised my mood!
if to be true, to tell,that I wait for your letters very much.
You have interested me very much. And I want to know everything about you.I hope,that you are interested in me too.if we go on like this,am I sure we will forget about our loneliness,am i right?
I want to be a best friend, a lover and the special beloved also.
I am a woman who can laugh and cry, embrace and kiss.I likes to go out or to stay at home and make a dinner together.
I like to take foamy bath or watch TV together with my beloved man.
I like shopping together,clothes and the foodstuffs, or things for home. I am the woman who likes to laugh and does not argue.
The woman who loves to show my feelings... Also loves lingerie!
If you feel the same and look for girl with family values,simple and romantic you found her, - it is me!!!
Together we could be happy and enjoy all warmth of love.I know, that life can be difficult, but it becomes easier when you have a loved one,to share good and bad moments together.
I was searching for a such man all my life..I can say,I am very serious in a choice of my future partner.Many men offers me to date, but mostly are interested only in one night stand.But I am patiently waiting for my right man..And I am truly believe that he is very close for me..maybe it is you?
Today after work Tatyana and me went to the Cineplex cinemas.
We watched a very nice movie"The theory of everything"-it is a life story of scientist Steven Hocking.It tells us how important to have a loved one,who can help to overcome illness and despair, and give a great aspiration to live and invent inspire of all the obstacles.
Did you watch it? I loved it greatly!!
After movie, we went to the cafe for a cup of coffee.
i told Tatyana about you and our relations.
She was sincerely happy for us!
But she advised me not to hurry..We need to know each other better before we take a right decision about us...I am sure she was right..
Do you agree with me Bill?
After cafe we went home and cleaned her flat.So now i am sitting in front of the computer,and writing you my new letter..
Today i have new questions for you: Do you believe in love by correspondence?
Do you think of a marriage in the near future?
I am sorry if my questions are too personal..
I will close my letter for now..
i send you my first sweet kiss!
And also I send you the photo of me and Tatyana.
Svetlana Trunova.
Letter 7
Hello,my sweet and lonely Bill!
How are you? I just have read your last letters. And now I am hurry to write a letter for you.
I was busy as bee and that is why I didn't answer to you right away.
I worked last 2 days and after work I came home and had a baby sitting with a child of Tatyana. I had energy only to go to sleep.
So I hope you will forgive me my silence.
I thought about you so much. I see that my trust to you gradually increases. I hope that you feel the same. Anyhow, I know that you are the fair and kind man. And our meeting isn't accident. I think that it is destiny have acquainted me and you. Now it gave us chance which we should use to the full - I mean our growing sympathy to each other..maybe i am too childish, but i believe in love by correspondence.. Yes,life sometimes deceives us and we make silly decisions. But I am sure I was not mistaken when i addressed to the Internet to find good, fair,decent person. I believe that Internet - a remarkable way of acquaintance - if not I would never meet you. You know that our correspondence is very important for me. I like, that we are open with each other. if we keep any secrets from each other - when the true moment comes we may be disappointed and confused..
As for me, I am sincere always. I prefer to be a good person to myself and others.
I like to deal with a good people, kind, respectful and fair. People who pretends and use others are not pleasant to me. We build relations, we create our future every day, if we will not do that our life becomes senseless and empty. When I see happy and loving couples and families, I think that I am lonely. But now I have you in my life, and when i think of you my heart fills with warmth and tenderness..You can not imagine how often I am thinking of you! It is so happened that I have not met my right man in Russia.. For me there is no value in what country person lives and what language he speaks, i value what is in his heart. Life is too short and never knows where your love waits for you.. do you agree with that?
Today I am going to cook something tasty..Tell me, please, what are you favorite dishes Bill?
I will try to find the recipe and maybe soon day I will cook it for you..:) Please tell me more about yourself, about your character. Share everything you want with me.I want to draw your full image, to ********* into your inner world, i want to create a powerful league of hearts, thoughts and minds..I want our friendship to blossom into a true love.. ok i probably wrote too much..excuse me for many words.. But it is very pleasant to tell you about my life.. what qualities should have your future woman? Do you like to make surprises for your beloved? or some crazy actions? share with me please!
Today I send you the photos of me and my mum, we were in Thailand, I like this place very much!
I will finish for now..but i promise to keep you in my mind all day!
yours lady,
Letter 8
My darling Bill, I miss you all these days.
You have changed my life, and I feel that with each letter we become closer to each other.
I realize that you are serious about me.Thank you for your understanding and care..How I need it at this moment!
You know, sometimes i feel very lonely here..Thousands of people,with their worrying,problems,hopes and dreams..How to recognize mine in the ocean of faces??
of course my family cares of me much,But nobody can replace my soulmate. Somebody,who will protect me,make little surprises in the mornings,smile only for me,and love me.
I hope so much it is you..
maybe my words amaze you? But i tell you what feel,i can not hide my growing sympathy to you..
You are very kind and generous person-i appreciate it.You don't hesitate to tell me warm words.they touch my heart..
You are a person of strong spirit,kind heart and enormous courage-you have all i want to find in my future partner.i am sorry, if I scared you..I just want you to know this, my dear friend..
Earlier I didn't think that people from the different countries, speaking different languages,can be so close to each other!
yes,we have never met in a real life,but I feel like I know you for all my life..
Now i understand that love between two people is a very powerful thing,and it does not know age,nationality,and can wait for you everywhere,even in the Internet..Do you agree?I am sure it is the destiny,blessed me to know you.
Do you remember we promise to be fair with with each other?
i want to share something special with you..As you know,i did not have a boyfriend in Russia.Why?
Two years ago i dated a man from Canada.
his name was Lesley. Tatyana, my friend, introduced us to each other.
Lesley, was a friend of her ex husband and came to Russia like a tourist.
it was love at first sight..We thought we would always be together..
after a month, Lesley came back to Canada.His business trip to Ottawa, Canada ended with an awful car accident.
..His death was a great disaster for me.i did not want to live anymore, For long 6 months,i could not look at anyone else..
but thank to my family and friends,i survived.After I had relations with one Russian man,but he brought me too much pain..he talked about love,but at the same time met with other woman..Finally,I decide-i will not date Russian men anymore..With them i do not know what are tenderness and happiness..I saved myself only with hard work, had no time to think about love..
One day Tatyana invited me to Canada. i decided to create my new life here..I always remember,what a wonderful and sincere man was my Lesley and i am sure,one of a foreign man can make me happy again...because they don't cheat their women. Moreover I've heart that foreign women cheat their partners much more often and they cares only about money.
I hope you will understand me right.
darling,i feel much more better now,because I shared it with you.
only very close people knows about my unhappy experiences..
And I told you about that because I feel very close to you..
Please remember it always!
I will wait for your letter,take care!
yours truly,
Letter 9
Bill, every morning I open my eyes and I think about you. I run to work and I think of evening to have possibility to read your message and to write mine. At last I can read it and write to you, my dear.
Isn`t it happiness?
The only thing that upsets me is that now you are far from me.. I want to share my life with you, I want to be always with you, to feel your warmth and care. Perhaps,it seems strange for you, we have not met you in real life, we have only letters,which I cherish, but I have feeling that we know each other for all my life. I hope you are not frightened also understand me. I see that you are seriously interesting in our relationship. I am happy that I was not mistaken in you. All my life, I was searching such a man like you, who can be the sensitive and devoted partner. It is very pleasant that I am not alone now, because I know that there is a person who thinks of me - you!
Last night I had a little sleep..I had a wonderful dream: dim light,soft music and the two of us. You gently take my hand in yours,and we slowly dance. I look in to your eyes,they are so thoughtful. You stare in mine, they are full of emotions. I feel soft lips so close to mine..I want to kiss them..Oh,sweetheart,together we can make magic.. We love each other from a minute to eternity..
I think about our daily life: You come back from work. I meet you with smile and kisses. We sit on the table and eat tasty dinner together. You tell me about your passing day, I listen to you with interest. on these minutes I feel absolutely happy!!!I enjoy all the moments I spend with you. After we watch a nice movie together. We sit on a sofa,sweetly embracing.. On weekends we make love and all the day and night - not enough for us. It will be today, tomorrow, always..the day we will meet and begin our new life..Are you ready for that,sweetheart?
Honey, it doesn't matter, that you are older than me. I always liked people who are older than me, because they are smarter, reliable and careful. In life i search for stability and reliability.I am tired of lie and treachery. If you are sincere and fair with me-I will love you and respect you too. I am a very serious and responsible woman. And men of my age can't understand it. Only the elder man can appreciate it. I also know that the elder man are mature- do not change their decision easily, like young men. With older man I am always sure in next day.
I am not demanding creature, and it is not difficult to make me happy. The only things i want to ask you- please do not betray me! do not disappear without any reason..Always tell me the truth no matter how hard it is.
My heart is so tired of pain..
Darling, what will you never forgive your woman? are you a good kisser? I need to know,because I like to kiss much :)
I do not have any tattoos, birthmark and scars.
I am here by my Working Visa. All the pictures I sent you have been taken here in Canada, some in Calgary, some in Mississauga, and some in Thailand.
Bill, I ask you for your phone number. I do hope to hear and listen to you're sweet voice as well my dear Bill Internet is a place where one feels it's full of lies and double faces but once I get to talk to you maybe that shall change things for both of us dear...So what is your number? I will call you and prove you that I am real.
oh,dear,how i do not want to finish this letter,and be apart of you again. but i promise to be strong, and I will fall asleep today thinking of you.. think of me too with warm and tenderness.
Svetlana Turunova.
Letter 10
I thought about you a lot,dearest Bill I have been exhausted by uncertainty.
I can tell you: "I love you!! I would like very much, that we could become a pair, to become close and unique!I want to shout you through many thousand kilometers about my feelings.Yes, people will be in shock,but I am ready to cry to splash out my love emotions!!
I told you, that I am a very sensitive and romantic woman. You are unique and loved one for me!
You can not imagine with what pleasure I receive your messages.
They make me happy! I want to see new and new letters, I want to be closer to you in all possible ways!
When I read your letters, the whole world becomes far for me: when we are together you and I. I am ready to forget about everything when I receive your tender letter.
This world is only for us. We are two persons shining from love. When our hearts beats as one,the birds will sing for us and under our feet flowers will blossom... I can not imagine my life without you. I close eyes, and I see your face, sometimes I can even hear your soft voice: you call me- "darling Svetlana". And this moment I would like to throw all and escape to you,to leave this vain lonely life behind and enjoy my time with you.
I imagine our meeting in dreams. You hold my hand,and kiss me.
And during this moment there is nothing more important in the world, than to be with you. I see you even in my dreams, you are very close to me,I can feel yours breath. I LOVE YOU!!!
If you ask me why I love you? -I can not find the right words.
You captured my heart with your kindness and big heart. I am even ready to believe that you given me by destiny, though from sometime I have stopped to trust destiny because it often sent me tests, and now it has sent me you. You are the best that were happened with me in my life!
Do you belive in destiny Bill? You are the one whom I searched for all life.
We cannot exist without each other,as fish without water, as a flower without sun, as the human without breath. I cannot simply live without your words. Probably I am very much sentimental. If something happen with the Internet I will die,with awful and painful death - from a melancholy.
My dear, do you love me?Tell me please as soon as possible! tell me, what do you think of me? It is very important for me!!! I will not offend, if you do not love me.Love is a very unpredictable feeling,it comes suddenly,when you do not wait for it i know.. Why we cannot meet right now?
It simply so hard to sit and wait a meeting with you. It is a pity that I have no magic wand, I would wave it, and fly to you the same second on the wings of love..
but now I need to go sweetheart. I kiss you tender!
yours only,Svetlana.
Honey, I think that you forgot to attach your phone number in your last letter.
Please, write me your phone number??????????
Letter 11
Honey, I asked for your phone number. I do hope to hear and listen to you're sweet voice as well my dear Bill Internet is a place where one feels it's full of lies and double faces but once I get to talk to you maybe that shall change things for both of us dear...So what is your number?
Letter 12
oh, dear Bill!Thank you for your letters today!
you can't imagine my feelings when I saw that in my mail box was 2 letters! I understood at once that it is from you, because you are the only man in my life! I read it with a great excitement!I want to say I am happy,that you are mutual with me!I feel that I am so much attached to you that I am so much in love that all the thoughts are leaving my head,and it is so difficult to concentrate on something, so difficult to think about anything but you!
This is so great that we have each other in our lives.
I would like to have a meeting with you. I am really glad that we can speak about such things as I sure that we could have good relations.
If we don't meet, our acquaintance will be vain. I know lot of lovers who found their happiness in the Internet. And I am sure we are one of them!!
If you want - I can arrange my trip to you. Unfortunately, I can not invite you to Mississauga, cause I have no my own place. as you know I live with Tatyana and her son. I do not have my own room. If I come to you I wish to stay at your place. Please, write me the name of your closest International airport???
Are you ready for a meeting? Can I entrust you my heart Bill? I worry a little,because I`ve heard bad stories too..When foreign man kindly invite girls to their countries and then treat them badly,can leave without documents or force to work in an ****** services.
i think it is awful.. but I am sure it is not about you,because i have chosen a mature and decent man. And you will not play these silly games!
There is a little chance that we will be disappointed in our acquaintance.
If this happen please make a promise,that you will be polite to me and accompany me back at the airport.
It is unbelievable that we have only got acquainted and already speak about a possible meeting!! i think it will be our wonderful chance for both of us!! Don`t you agree?
Today we celebrated a birthday of my friend Susan,she works at the same Retirement Home as me. I had a party with all the stuff for the first time!
We have a little Champagne (i drink very rarely! - 1 glass)and had fun.
I even sung a karaoke!!It was really cool! I have learnt that i can sing pretty well:)are you proud of me,honey? I presented Susan a nice set of lingerie Victoria Secret. To tell you the truth,I like to make gifts more than to get them! We were talking with her and I said: "I have fallen in love!"who is that lucky man asked me Susan. I told her a little about you. I said you are the man I was always dreaming to meet.
The one who will always protect and support me.i hope I was right?
She was sincerely happy for me!
I forget to tell you that there were no men on this party. I think you can be a little jealous. i do not want to upset you.
Darling, you are the one for me!Don`t forget about it!
I will finish my letter now..please tell me what do you think of our meeting?How do you imagine it in your dream? I am waiting for your answer and your new photos! i hug you,my sweetheart and kiss you tenderly!!!
only yours,
9055811791 - is my phone number.
Letter 13
Hello my sweet Bill,
It is always a great pleasure and an endless joy to receive your letters, every time before i open your mail my heart beats in an incredible way ... I tell you now that i will never change you with any other man in the world and the universe, because from the beginning I've felt in my heart and you gave me the opportunity to know and feel that you're my destiny ... the sweetest man I ever had in my dreams. Magically you came into my life that no longer empty and sad... now you are my most important person for me and I believe that soon I will kiss and hug you in a real life and I will never let you go away ....
I have missed much in life because I did not have a companion. You are the companion that I have wanted for so long. You are the man that I long to share life with. You are the friend that I can share my inner most secrets with. You are a loving and supportive friend to me. I want to be a loving and supportive friend to you. I long to help you with life's difficulties and lovingly encourage you for your every new day.
Now I want to explain you something and to ask you some questions. Please, think about it properly. Today I got a phone call from Russia from my mum. She was very excited due to certain reason. She said that I must come to Russia as soon as possible as I must help my family to solve the question with our apartment in Saint-Petersburg. Therefore I will have to go back to Russia these days. This is actually very important for my family. But do not worry my darling, my trip to Russia will last not more than 10 days, so I come back to Canada soon. I understand that we have already agreed to meet in the coming days, but we must postpone the meeting.
And now I want to know: I will book tickets from Saint-Petersburg to Pearson. I will talk with my boss about my vacation in May. I will be happy to meet with you here in Toronto. I want to ask my boss for 2 weeks off. I am sure my boss will give it to me, due to I was working very hard all 5 months and almost without days off and weekends.
And I am sure that I will find 2 or 3 days for our meeting in May.
What do you think about it my sweet? Do you like this idea? We can meet in reality and spend 2-3 days together.
After Russian, I will arrive to Pearson on the 28 of March.
I want to book a round trip(I will buy ticket to Saint-Petersburg and back to Pearson) - this way is cheaper for me. I hope that you will agree with me. I hope that our acquaintance will not remain a dream and become reality as soon as possible ...
I think that you are my second half and destiny has helped us to meet. It is our chance to be happy and we cannot miss it.
I only know that I feel inside, and my heart boils from love. I never believed that I can fall in love with the person whom I never saw in real life. But now I have tested it and I trust in it. All can happen in this life. Also there is nothing strange in it. I should inform you one thing. It is really very important for me. But I should know that you trust me. You should not have any anxieties on me. I do not deserve it. I have only serious intentions for you. I should inform you it because it is very difficult to feel it inside and not to speak to you. Please, tell me that you trust me and that you do not think that I am supernatural. I am the very sensitively sensual girl. And you became for me the important person. I cannot imagine my life without you now. I will better die than I will lose you. My life will be empty without you, life will not have any value for me.
Do you have prepared all for our meeting Bill? honey, I can truly tell you that it seems to me that those days are the best days in my life, because I am madly in love with you and because I am sure (I don't know why, this is some 6th feeling) that we will make each other happy! I will never meet someone better then you and I am sure that as well that you will never meet the woman who will love you more then i do! this is like a fairy-tail, and I can't wait the moment we meet with you and when we will kiss each other for the first time and everything will be great!
Kisses, Svetlana.
Letter 14
Hello my Bill. I am writing to you now my promised letter. I am going to Russia today. And I want to explain to you my reasons for leaving home urgently. I hope that you do not mad at me for this. I understand that we waited and planned our meeting much. And the result is that our meeting is postponed until 4 of April.
Please understand my dear, that I should fly to Russia urgently. My family has a problem, and only I can help them with it. I will explain to you all the details about this problem when I arrive to Russia. And remember that you live in my heart now. I value our relationship very much. And I look forward to our meeting at the airport in Pearson on 4 of April. Now here are details of my flight to you:
departure, 04 April from Pulkovo Airport
09:20 ? 19:10 1 connection, 3h 10m, in Rome,
travel time 16h 50min
from St Petersburg Pulkovo Airport
09:20 04 Apr airplane:
to Rome Leonardo Da Vinci
12:05 04 Apr Airbus A320
---connection Rome 3h 10m---
from Rome Leonardo Da Vinci
15:15 04 Apr airplane:
to Toronto Lester B Pearson Intl
19:10 04 Apr Airbus A330
I hope that this time is convenient for you. And you will wait for me there on 5 of April. I will go to Pearson airport now.
My friend Tatyana will drive me to the airport. I want to confess that I'm afraid of flying. I wear a mask for the eyes and insert earplugs into my ears so that I could feel better.
Are you afraid of flying Bill? I ask you to forgive me again for our meeting postponed. Please understand that I can not leave my family in trouble. So I have to fly to Russia and help them. I explain it to you because you have to know everything about me and my life.
You are my beloved! And you should know all about me. Am I right?
I'll call to your phone (I'll buy a new sim card in Russia and I will give you my Russian number) When I come to Russia, I will write you a letter. My mom has a computer at home in St. Petersburg. So I could use her computer to communicate with you. Please do not forget me.
I'll be back soon because we need to meet and check out our feelings.
I finish my letter. Please remember your promises and me. The girl who is bored and waiting for our meeting very much. Take care of those feelings that you have for me. I love you!
Lots of kisses and hugs.
Wish me luck on my flight.
Your Svetlana.
P.S. I am sorry that my letter
is so short, cause I need to do a lot of stuff here before my departure.
Letter 15
Hello my dear Bill. Your Svetlana wrote this letter now. Do you remember me? :) I am joking.
I hope you have not forgotten about me. ;) I came home to Russia. And this winter forced me to feel Russian melancholy without you here. I want to tell you I 'm afraid of losing you and our developing relations. I thought about you a lot these days. I have a fear that you can do something bad. For example you can find another woman there. And our meeting will not happen. Please be patient before we meet. It will happen very soon, my sweet. Do you remember yourself as a kid? Do you remember how you wanted and waited for something desired like a gift for your birthday? Do you remember this feeling? I have the same feeling now because so much I wait for our meeting in reality. I look forward to this meeting as a child who is waiting for the most desired gift for a birthday. Do you understand me Bill? I need you in my life so badly and I look forward to this meeting very much.
And now I want to tell you about my meeting with my family. I arrived at the airport Pulkovo St. Petersburg. My sister and mother were waiting for me there. Our meeting was a happy and warm for all of us. Mom cried. This happens during our meetings always. My mom is very sentimental. But it was tears of happiness. Afterwards we went to our apartment. We came home and was talking about everything almost for 3 hours. This is a great happiness when all close people are together. But I wasn't completely happy - you are far from me : ( I love my family very much. And I know that you will like my family. I told my sister and my mom about you. They take their best regards to you. And they said that you are an interesting and nice man.
My mom promised to knit a warm sweater for you in a few days. This sweater you will need when you arrive in Russia. you should come to Russia to meet my mother and sister someday. You are welcome to my home. Therefore, I will bring a gift for you from my mom (warm sweater for the cold Russian winters.)Bill, which size of your shirts? My mom is a good and caring woman. you will realize it when you meet her in reality.
I finish my letter. And please write down my cell phone number here in Russia 79877312539 (7 is country code of Russia and the number is 9877312539) may be you will need to dial with a code 01 79877312539 or 011 79877312539. You can call and send a text to this number anytime you wish. I'm waiting for your call very much. Remember that there is a woman in this world who loves you and care about you always! I love you and kiss you.
Your lady,
I will arrange 2 days off in May for our meeting, but I am surprised you changed your mind while I was flying...
Letter 16
Every time I open your letters i get a special feeling amazing and wonderful, how are you?
Every day more I believe that can come true our meeting... that we can meet in reality...
I think of you so much my sweet Bill you're always in my thoughts, I never stop to thinking of you ... I really would like very much to be with you in real life and hug you so strong and caress you gently with so much Love i can.....drives me crazy thinking that I do not know how long we have to wait to be able to meet ....
I understand that you wish to know the reason of my arrival to Russia.
I want to explain you it now, cause I promised to explain it all. So I 'm doing it now. The problem of my family is in an apartment they live. I'll explain everything to you in detail now . My family ( mother and sister ) lives in a two-room apartment in the center of St. Petersburg. My family rented this apartment.
I used to live in this apartment before my departure to USA. We rented and lived in this apartment for about 7 years. So we know the owner of this apartment very well.
His age is 65 years. He's a good friend of my father. 3 years ago my family and this man agreed that we would buy this apartment gradually. We made repairs to the apartment and fulfill all the conditions during these three years. But the owner of this apartment died last week. Therefore, after his death his daughter inherited this apartment now. She received heirship (a Russian law). We agreed agreed with her that her father's old contract for us does not change. But this woman told my mom 4 days ago that we have to pay for it the rest of cost of the apartment within 10 days. Or she will sell the apartment to another buyer if we do not give the rest of the money during this time. This woman found another buyer, who wants to pay for the purchase of the apartment much more than we can. And this woman will return money which we paid already after the sale of this apartment. We do not want to lose this apartment with such a cheap price.
The price was fixed 7 years ago. Now the prices for flats grew up so much!
So we started to act immediately when we found out about all this. We have our own one-room apartment in a bad neighborhood of St. Petersburg. My family gives to rent this apartment.
So my mom found a buyer for the studio immediately. We sold this apartment.
My mom sister and I the legal owners of this apartment. We sold our apartment in St. Petersburg after I signed some papers in Russia. So I flew to Russia so fast when I learned it all. Do you understand my love? People say in Russia so "trouble never comes alone." And now another problem appear. We sold our own apartment. My sister and mother were able to find some money. Therefore, we must find within 7 days 2000 usd more.
This woman is very principled and greedy woman.
Therefore, she will sell this flat to another buyer if we do not raise her money during these 7 days. We used all the possible options for emergent search of money.
Therefore, we are busy all our days with search of this money here. It takes a lot of my forces and nerves. I am very tired. My mom, sister and I try to find these 2000 usd together.
I do not lose hope. I told you all this detail because you're my man. And I think that you should know everything about me. Do you think so, my Bill?
I finish my letter. Please remember the main thing. You are my man! I'm your girl!
I believe in our future. I hug and kiss you.
Sweetheart, call me please. I miss you so much!
Your Svetlana,
with love.
I prefer queen size bed.
Letter 17
My sweet Bill. I was so much afraid to open my mail today..I was afraid not to find a letter from you. I hope that my last letter did not scare you.
I want us to know all about each other, that's why I told you about this problem. Please forgive me for that. Probably I shouldn't tell you about it. But I want to let you know what I am doing here, that I do not relax and do not have a fun here, do not enjoy my life. I feel that you can understand me and support me through this difficult time.
you are my man and I am sure you can comfort me.
I miss you a lot here. I mark every day in the calendar before our meeting. I have big plans and fantasies for our meeting ;)
Do you know a quiet place near the water somewhere in your area? We should visit this place for a picnic. Quiet location near the water where there is silence and no people. We need to talk and solve a lot of things these days of our meeting. I hope you understand me Bill?
I'll tell you more about my childhood. I'm sure that you want to know about it because I did not tell you about my father before in my letters. I was born and raised in St. Petersburg.
Saint Petersburg - is a young city. St. Petersburg was founded in 1703. It is the largest northern city in Europe with a population of people greater 5,000,000 people. You know the history of this city ? You can read about my city in wikipedia if you have interest to do so. My childhood was happy and fun thanks to the love of my parents. I was a little girl who smiles a lot. So I loved to make small performances and competitions in our small apartment. My mom helped me in organizing these performances ever. I went to school at the age of 7 years. I went to school for 10 years. I had a lot of fun for my high school years. My first children's love has happened to me in school. My first kiss . The fight against the boys at school and more. :)
My childhood was happy until the moment when my parents divorced. It happened when my age was about 15 years. It was very strong nervous shock for me. But my sister was worried stronger because of this because she 's younger than me. my father was cheating my mum with another woman. She could not forgive my Dad and left him.
It was a hard time for my whole family. And I realized - that children suffer more because of parent's quarrels. So I promised myself forever - children will not see and hear our quarrels with my future husband. My future husband and I will protect our relationship from all bad. I will not cheat my husband because I chose this man and it is forever. Do you share my thoughts of future family?
My father lives in the city of Kirishi now. It is 300 km from St.
Petersburg to the east. His name is Sergey. He is a doctor - orthopedist. His age is 57 years. He has another family now. We see our father once a year. He arrives in St. Petersburg for a couple of weeks in the summer because my father has a lot of work at other times. I hope that I can introduce you to him... My father is kind and cheerful man who can support any conversation. He is a very erudite man. I think that this short story will explain a bit more about me.
I'll talk about my father and childhood more during our meeting in Canada if you have interest to do so.
I finish my letter. Please remember that I trust you a lot and you are very important to me. I think of you and wait for our meeting soon. I hug and kiss you. I love you with all my heart! I'm waiting for your new letter soon.
And I send you a photo of me and my sister.
Kiss you tender.
Letter 18
Distance is a cruel thing because I not only miss you but I also wonder if you are doing well, if you are in good health and if your mind and soul are at peace. I'm also curious to know if you think of me in the same way I think of you, which is just about every single minute and second that goes by (and the clock ticks so slowly when we're not together!). I want to be with you and make you happy being with me I want kiss you and hug you in reality and I want to tell you how much i love you in reality, my sweet Bill!!!
I really miss you :( Even though I don't see you every day, I'm with you at every moment, still I miss you. Though you are someone constantly in my thoughts, in my dreams :) I guess I still can't believe i met you in the internet...i'm happy!!!
There are no words that can possibly explain how I feel right now, because in fact, I've never felt this before ... I am looking forward to the very important date: 4 of April.
This magic date,when we see each other and begin our new life! This thought makes me forget about my problems here. I love you.It is very amazing that I tell you this words, but it goes from my heart,i can do nothing with it.. i want to speak about my these minutes, I feel very close to you and my heart does not ache some much! I love you tenderly... I have a good news today. I called my friend Tatyana. Do you remember her? I live with her in Missisauga.
She shared with me something good which happened to her in my absence. Tatyana and her ex husband Darren got together again. Now the whole family (and her son Sean) spending time in Thailand. I called Tatyana to borrow some money...But unfortunately she can not use their bank accounts, as they are in another country now. But nevertheless, i am very happy for my friend. She has deserved to be happy! Probably,her ex husband will move to her apartment soon, and I will unwanted at this place...Maybe this change will be for the better in our relations? I believe it. Today I will go to the Kirishi, town,where lives my father. I will ask him to give us some money for the purchase of the apartment. I did not ask him before, because my mum was against it. But now we have very little time to collect all the amount,and I hope so much that my father will help us somehow. I have my mobile phone with me, so you can call me anytime. I need to hear your voice,and the words of support,my sweetheart! Please Bill, forgive me again for this sad news but I am doing my best to put my family out of this trouble! I do not lose faith that soon we will solve this problem...I will think about you..You are in everything what I say,in everything what I do.. I carry you in my heart forever!
yours,little girl,
Today I send you a photo of my baby sitting with Sean - son of Tatyana and Darren.
Letter 19

Hello-hello my Sweetheart!
Did you get bored without me there Bill? I miss you a lot here.And I think a lot of us. I dream a lot about our future. I talked to my friend on the phone today Tatyana. She told me that she found a true happiness in her life:.her beloved Darren and little Sean. And I cried with joy for her when she was telling me all this. It's real happiness when a man and a woman are together,when nothing separates them. Do you agree with me Bill?
Yesterday was a very hard day for me. My father didn't get money for me, cause he have another family now and he bought a house for them with a help of a loan. And by Russian law he can not take another loan till he finish pay the first one. He want to help, but he can't.I cried all the way home..I felt so helpless and empty.. I knew that I am the one who can help my family in this awful situation.
Understand my love,I didn't ask you to help me with money for our apartment, cause I was sure that you will think bad about me that I only want money from you. So I solved the apartment problem - I sold tickets and we bought finally this flat! You can not imagine my love, how happy I am now, all my family are so glad now! My mum was cry because of happiness.
My sweet, the reason of my coming to Canada was - to earn money to help my mum to buy this apartment. So I did it and I am proud of myself.
But I will need your participation in our meeting. Honey, I should buy tickets again and I hope that you can help me to do it. We were waiting for this meeting for so long!!! Therefore my sweet, I rely on your help. I know that you love me and you are waiting for me, so please do not think that I use your feelings to make money. I do not love flattery, incorrect people. I hate egoism.
People, Using others for something, provoke in me hurricane disgust. I want that all people on the earth lived happily. In various times of my life I met with good and poor people. I am happy that I had relations with good people, as it has taught me to kindness. There is such quality - self-return. I believe in you,I belive in our love that much more than money! I have said all that i wanted.. I will wait for your letter with great impatience.
I love you no matter what will be your answer!
Letter 20
Hello,my dear Bill!
You can't imagine how encouraging you letter is!!!
I feel like you doing your best to please me and to order the flight for me. After I read your sweet words of support, my man,I feel much more better. Now I know that I made the right choice when I decided to be your woman and I will never regret it!
Today i had a very strange dream at night.I was walking on the bank of the river.
And suddenly I felt no ground under my feet. I fell into the river.I tried to reach bottom with my feet but the water was too deep.Then a big whirlpool appeared at that place. i cried for a help but no one heard me. I feel that the whirlpool tightens me under water.I start choking and sinking.I was scared to death. I understood that I will drown soon.
I tried to grasp with something that I could stay over water. But I can't find something that could help me. And I feel suddenly that someone grabed me by the hand and pull me out of water. I get on the coast. And I see you.You rescued me.You pulled me out of this water and embraced me. And I woke up.
I think that this dream was a sign for me.And I was not mistaken.
I knew when i woke up that you will order me the tickets. Bill darling, I wish to have the flight on the same date the 4 of April. I gave your e-mail address to the travel agency, they will write you in the morning.
Bill, I did not search for a rich person, I search the person with whom I will be happy!!! And now I have found you. You are such a good person and warm-loving!!! The person of my dream!!! I want to find in you the partner, the friend and the husband. With my kindness and tenderness I can make your life beautiful. I believe in you and your love.This is what I always wanted to find in and to give to my man - love, happiness, understanding and support! a lot of kilometers separate us now, but you have never been so close to me as at this moment! That is why I am incredibly grateful to you!
my love,please remember, money is not everything in this world and we will overcome this obstacle for sure. of cause it is easier when you have a lot, rather then little, but rich people are not usually happy.
Do you know who is the richest 2 persons in the world? no? not Bill Gaits with his wife, but YOU and ME. we have the greatest treasure, it is our LOVE, and I think we will never spend it!I love you,very much!
You’re the smile on my face, the twinkle in my eye, the warmth inside my heart and the fullness in my life!
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