Scam Letter(s) from Alexandra Melnikova to Larry (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my prince Larry!
I am very happy to receive your letter. How do you feel?
How is your mood?
Today, I feel very good, my mood at the height because I found your letter.
The heat from your letter warms my soul. You means a lot to me. You have become an integral part of my life Larry.
I say this seriously, because I love you my sweet prince Larry.
Every minute I think of you my angel Larry.
In recent days, I only think about you and me and I dream about our future life together. I dream about how we build our life together.
I have only the most delicate impressions of it all!
I'm really looking forward to this moment, when we meet at the airport, I want it with all my heart.
My dream is to see each other face to face, to take each other's hands and gently whisper in the most gentle words. I am the happiest woman on this planet, because I met you my prince Larry! Now I understand that love can come at any time and very quickly. And now I do not know how to live without you, my dear Larry.
My dear, I am looking forward to the moment when we are together, I so much miss you my love! Last night I could not sleep for a long time, I again thought about you my dear Larry. Though we're far apart we are united by love.
We shared a long distance, but there are no barriers to love.
It is a pity that we are now far. I can not keep your hands, I can not feel your breath, I can not hold you close to my heart, I can not hug you and kiss. But while I get your kind letter, I will always feel your love and care. I want to be with you forever my Larry. I love you and miss you my dear!
Also I give to you "Hello" from my mom. My mom is very happy that we plan our meeting.
Well my love Larry this I finish my letter today. I love getting your letters very much. I already can not imagine a day without your letters. Waiting for your answer.
PS Now you've become for me the most important person in the world.
I always think of you. I love you very very much. Kiss ....
Your love Aleksandra.

Letter 2

Hello my love Larry!
The age difference is not a problem for me. I believe that age is a state of soul.
Thank you for your beautiful letter, as always, for your sensitive words and the words of care.
Your letters are so nice for me to read when I close my eyes, I can imagine, what are you talking to me. This is a great miracle !!!
My dear, my love Larry, in my last letter I told you about my feelings.
My soul was forced to tell you about my love. Our letters combine our love and our feelings for each other.
I want to talk about my feelings for you always, I only think about it, I just can not hide my love for you Larry. I for a long time waiting for love!
And now I can not imagine my life without you and your letters. I fell in love with you.
I think you possess most of the qualities of a real man.
And I think that I fall in love with each letter you more and more.
I'm a little afraid of this feeling. Because we are far apart, and only God knows if we are destined to meet you ... My love Larry, my mother and my friends are very happy for us. They always ask me about you, about your feelings for me. I sincerely hope that you have mutual feelings for me. It's so Larry? I believe that reciprocity is a very important fact in the love between two people. Another very important to me that my mother supports and understands me. Because when my mother and my father met, they loved each other very much. It was the best time of their lives. I think that for us now, too, comes the best time of our lives. And if we feel love, we must not miss this chance. Since in the future may not be another chance. Previously, I would not believe that people can fall in love over the Internet. And now I want to say I love you my dear and lovely Larry. I am sure my love for you. I want to be with you, but unfortunately we are far away from each other. I like you very much needed, I love you!
I want to feel your arms! Then I'll be the happiest woman in the world!
And I'll try to make you the happiest man in the world.
I want to love never stops. I hope we will be together, and no one will ever hurt us.
In this letter, let me finish. And I am waiting for your reply.
PS dear Larry you should know that I feel very happy when I read your letters! With love and affection, Aleksandra.

Letter 3

Hello my dear Larry!
Over the weekend, I'm going to visit that my mom. Nothing special about this, I did not.
My full name is Aleksandra Melnikova.
I am very glad to receive your letter, it is very nice to me. Your letters have become an integral part of my life, and for us it is very important not to lose touch.
Your letter is a source of joy and happiness in my life. I want to say that your presence in my lonely life, has had a good effect on me.
I do not know what's going on with me and my feelings. It's weird probably but I get a good mood when I think of you Larry. I say this sincerely. I have a good feeling, which I did not have before. My dear Larry I constantly think about you and me, and our online dating, it was so fast and unexpectedly. I could not even think that it would change my life. I'm a little afraid to talk to you about my feelings. This is very important, but I can not describe the feeling in words. I understand that we are not indifferent to each other. And it makes me enjoy every day. Before you go to sleep, I dreamed all night about you and me Larry. I imagine that soon we may be able to be together and have a happy life.
I realized that now I can not live without you further. And I understand that I can call it a feeling - love. I was excited to say that you Larry.
I hope that we can create a strong family, to live together and enjoy this gift of fate. Do you think my dear Larry possible in the future? My hands are not a lot of shaking with excitement as I write this to you Larry. I can not explain everything in words, it is difficult. Maybe it's some kind of nonsense.
But I want to say that I have for you a feeling like love! My favorite Larry, I talked about my feelings to my mother. And she completely understands me in this. My mother said she was very happy for you and me. Because she wished me luck in my life, and my mom thinks that I made the right choice! The main thing that our feelings were mutual. I hope and believe with all my heart that we will soon be able to see each other in person. My mother asked me if in the future everything will be fine and we'll be together, then where will we live? I told her that I hope to live with you in your country. My mother tells me that I will miss the country. But she realizes that in our country is a very difficult life situation. She wants me to be happy, had a good family and was next to the beloved, which will take care of me. I think that my friends envy me a little, but they are very happy to meet you. My friends say that after meeting with you, I became much more fun and changed for the better. They say that I am the light of happiness! Dear Larry, you are now in first place in my life. I want to say that I love you my dear Larry !! I realized that I wanted to be with you! It is important for me. At this point I finish the letter, my favorite Larry.
I hope to get your reply soon, because I can not live without it. With love to you,



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