Romance scam letter(s) from Basha Musah to Marcos (USA)
Letter 1
Well at first back then when i was 21 years of age i joined modeling due to some reason which is my family was facing a very big problem financially i had to drop out of school because there was no money it was very hard back then so one day a guy met me along the road and offered to help me by making me a model...he said there is a lot of money in it he gave me his card for me to call him when am ready and if i have friends i should bring them along so i thought of it and i decided to join it in other to help my family with the problem... Well the problem was very big as my dad as giving a huge amount of money at work to keep at the bank but unfortunately he was robbed and went and told them they said he is lying that he is hiding the money and if it doesn't bring it within 1 month he will So after thinking about all that i decided to join the modeling in other to make some money and help out my family,so i called two friends of mine we went together and thank God we did little by little we went on a fashion and i was fantastic my first pay was 7000 Canadian dollar and the money that was stolen from my father was 10,000 Canadian dollars so i gave him the money then he went and payed them and told them he will pay the rest later so little by one night when i went to his place we were having fun talking and laughing he later said he wants us to have sex,I told him i wasn't in the mood and also i was having my period he got angry i trying calming him down but nothing worked,he stopped talking to me and i decided to leave even when i am leaving he didn't mind.So the next day i went to see how he is doing if he has come out of that angry he was feeling,When i got there i saw him in bed with my "BEST FRIEND" making love to each other,I confronted him and he got angry again while i was shouting because he has nothing to say all of the sudden he started beating me,I fainted and was taking to the hospital. My uncle later heard what happened so he sent him to jail for 8 month with had labor.So 6 month later his family came and begged my uncle for his release,some few days later my uncle let them released him....Some couple of days later i went to a restaurant with my friends and we met again,He threatened to terrible to me.....Some days later my friends discover a lot pics of me on the internet with also some naked pics of me being exposed as a porn star.....So that was what really happened in my life and that i have patten in the pass.I hope u okay by that i just want to be 100% honest with u and that is why i decided to tell u everything that happened in my life. Runway / fashion show modeling Well my i wanted to use my real name which is Victoria Anderson but they said my name is not suitable enough so they gave me Nicole Graves as my screen that was the name i was using then....I hope u understand me and all that i went through my dear.
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