Scam letter(s) from Luiza Mendez to Prodan (Hungary)

Letter 1
hello Daniel i must say am sorry for your past, we all need to be very careful in all we do dear, i like your profile and would love to know more about you, am a woman with a good sense of humor and have endless love to show my man. am very much single for over a year now and want a serious relationship now. tell me more about you and your wiliness for a good and lasting relationship now. i must say you look very good,just my kind of man too. look forward to read from you soonest, best regards,
Letter 2
hello Daniel am pleased to read from you and i promise i wont let you down, i also have no intension of staying long on this site, i want someone that i would be with and have a great time with and plan for the sorry about your shift and being tired, i would let you rest and we can get back much later. i also need to head out and get some things fixed up for the day. thanks for liking my pic and i must say your look charming also, just my kind of man. have a good rest and i must say i already have your pic in my head and look forward to read from you.
best regards,hello Daniel am doing just good sorry you could not have much rest, i understand what you going through. am a simple and down to earth woman looking for a serious man in my life.i have a degree in business administration and worked in an insurance firm before i decided to start my little business. am into interior decoration and also handle event. am the only child of my parents which are both late and now just me alone in the world. i would really appreciate if we can work things out for the best as i earlier said and not willing to stay long on this site, i want someone that can take my attention. i prefer we communicate through email privately so we could share pic and get to know each other more. its unfortunate i misplaced my phone some day ago and haven't gotten one yet, i would have loved to hear your voice and know how you sound. look forward to read from you. kiss Luisa.
Letter 3
hello Daniel am pleased to have you here and we could communicate privately and share pic, i really wany us to have a good time and get to know each other more. i have been single and want a serious relationship now, am happy your single and have no woman in your life,i want to be the one to fill up the space and meet your parents. i would really want us to meet in person and see if we are very comparable, from there we can have the whole world to us. would it be possible for you to come to the UK or i plan a trip to come over to meet you? let me know which would be okay for you and i must say again am really happy to know you. here are some of my lovely pic and look forward to get yours too. kiss Luisa.
Letter 4

Hello Daniel I must say am really happy to read from you and your sweet words, you really won my heart I must say. Am really. Pleased we getting along and really look forward to meeting you in person. Look forward to read from you tomorrow and I must say have a good night rest. Kiss forever, Luisa
Letter 5
Hello Daniel am sorry for the delay in my reply, I was out getting some stuffs. I appreciate your effort on making us meet in person, I know it's going to be a great step fr us to meet and know each other in person. I would book a ticket soon and come over to Bulgaria to meet you. I would check the flight details and let you know. I know it's already late there and you need to get some real good sleep. Kiss and expect to read from you tomorrow. Luisa.
Letter 6
hello Dan, how you doing today and hope your work was not such stressful today, i really thought so much about us all night and must say am ready to take the bold step and come over to meet you in person. i have looked out on and have seen flight shedule for SOF airport Bulgaria with flight BA0890 . i would go tomorrow to the ticket office office and book for 31st March. As soon as i get the ticket i would let you know so you know my take off time and landing. hope this is a great feeling for you and happy we meet each other in person soon. look forward to read from you soonest. kiss
Letter 7
Good Day dear,am pleased to let you know i have booked my ticket for 1st Apr 2015 and all confirmation has been made and i requested for an alternative email for you, i guess you got the email. sugar there was a little problem i encountered at the aviation office, there is a new policy for travelers from the United Kingdom to acquire a Health Insurance which would cover me for the trip and also for the period while am in the foreign country in case of any health issues. I have collected the necessary forms from the Insurance Policy Office but i still have to make a payment of 373 GBP as the fee for a duration of one year while the Insurance covers me, without this payment and collection of the necessary documents from the Insurance Office i wont be allowed to fly with other passengers on the very date of my departure. Please i don't know if anything can be done for me regards getting the needed sum so i can get the necessary documents before my flight date, am already exhausted with money after buying the ticket don't know if anything can be done for me to raise the sum so i can get along with my trip. Am really happy to inform you this and cant wait to be in your arms soonest sugar....wink. kiss Luisa.
Letter 8
Hello dear, what do you mean?i have already booked my ticket, all I need is to get my health Insurance. You don't have to sound this way to me dear, if I didn't want to meet you I won't go this far. Please and please try and understand me, don't use your past to judge me, I have never collected money from any soul before, if I had enough money I won't ask you for a penny, I swear down. Please try and understand me, I have already book my ticket and been stamped. All I need is 370 GBP to get my Health. Insurance before my flight date which is 1st of Apr. Baby you need to trust me on this,i really look forward to meeting you in person and starting a new life, lets not throw this chance away....cry Best regards, Luisa.
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