Scam Letter(s) from Natalia Dmitrieva to John (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my sweet John!
I understand that the laptop would slow down our meeting. But it would be a good way of communication with my sister at that time which I shall live at you. I shall poorly feel myself if not will be opportunities for communication with my sister. Here there is no problem with access in the Internet through a cellular telephone. At me now the strongest desire, it to lean against strong your shoulder. Only to show the weakness to all successively I cannot. People which can console now me very little. And one of them you John. I very much hope, that I can expect for you. I think, that it not mere words. I till now hope for it. I swear to you everything, that for me it is expensive. If you will decide to come to me to the aid, and I believe, that will decide, I shall not demand from you neither love, nor sex. It is just necessary for me that you were near to me. Clear my sun John if you only knew, I saw what remarkable dream today. I do not know to what it, but to me have dreamed, that you have come to our house, and we have lain on a sofa in front of the TV to look any film. We simply laid beside, you embraced me, and occasionally we exchanged words. And you laughed at my pronunciation. You do not imagine, as it was good me in that dream John. When I have woken up, even eyes to open it would not be desirable. As you do not suffice me, and there are no more forces, to wait for our meeting, I am simple from mind I shall go. You have simply charmed me. I am constant about you I think and very much I miss. I shall be with you while it is necessary for you. I very much love you my sweet John.
Gently loving you Natalia

Letter 2

Good afternoon my friend John!!! I am indescribably glad to your letter. Thanks for your fine letter. It has touched my soul. As it is a lot of goods and I find cares in your lines. Yes our city is in the same time zone as Moscow. My surname Dmitrieva. Your desire to help me to buy a computer is for me the big unexpectedness. It would be valid very well to talk to you in a mode of real time. I do not know as it will be better, if you will buy a computer there and will send it to me, or it is better if you will send me money and I can buy an old computer here. At us a computer cost of 700-1000 dollars. To receive phone to home cost - 200 dollars. So if I have money I can receive phone. I want to tell, that to your letters become very necessary for me. I began to notice, that very much I wait for your letters. It for me as a drink of fresh air. I very much frequently think of you, about your life. I try to present you and your world which surrounds you. Would like to introduce to yourself people with which you communicate and you will spend time together. And this world causes in me a lot of curiosity. I think, probably, we shall meet sometime. As it will be, it is interesting to me for presenting. It is interesting to me to write to you letters and to read your opinion. I start to understand, that you very well understand me and share with me much, that I speak. I did not expect, that we so well shall understand each other. You become my best friend John. You become the most dear person. And under your letters, I see, that your soul is fine, goods and is crystal-clear and open for associates. But in what I am sure, it that you now are really not indifferent for me. I do not know, love it whether or not, but I very much value our friendship and very much I am afraid to lose it. Therefore do not take offence, if I not frequently write to you letters. For me it is only financial problem. And the problem that happens a lot of work. The Internet - cafe is expensive to use frequently. But you should know, that I very much frequently think about you. Therefore do not doubt, in that I cant forget you. I all time think about you. It would be valid to see interestingly you in the person. In letters the person at times speaks even such, that at a meeting it would not tell, but all the same it cannot replace alive dialogue. I very much want to visit your country. I never was abroad and consequently it is especially interesting to me. But I hardly can arrive sometime to you. In fact trip likely very expensive cost. Or if you really would like to see me. That tell to me, when and where you would want our meeting? It is possible, that at a meeting we shall find in each other something more than friendship. I do not know what news to you to tell. Though is not present I know. I recently went to one of the girlfriends. Father of my girlfriend asked me to ask you. The matter is that he has invented the engine, but he has no money to receive the international patent. He has has found out that to him is necessary the address for the financial help of the venture funds. But in Russia it is not enough venture funds. He asked me to ask you - there can you to find any venture fund which invests in inventions. If you find out something, that will help the father of my girlfriend he will financial thank us when he will make all. If you find out something, write to me I shall transfer it to the father of my girlfriend. He asked, if you can find out, it should be e-mail of venture fund. It will be the best way for negotiations. Has absolutely overlooked to transfer you a greeting from my sister and the niece. Well it is time to me to go home. I shall write to you so quickly as soon as I can. I wait for your careful letters my best friend John. yours Natalia



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