Scam letter(s) from Julia Petrova to Will (Belgium)

Letter 1
Salut. You are a great man.
I understand very little about computers and the Internet. Me in everything helps my girlfriend.
She helped me to find new friends on the dating site and find your mail.
I have no friends in Canada. so I decided to try find friends on the Internet.
I understand that it can be dangerous for me, because you never know who actually wrote you.
And maybe this person is using other people pic.. so told me that I should be using Skype.
And I hope you got my email
Im looking a new friends.
I need found new friends in Canada.
I wanted to start talk to you.
I'm will travel in Canada in next month. Where lives my relatives. My visa is almost ready.
I want to live in Canada. Find a good work. Find a good man and create a family.
What city in Canada do you live?
You can write me sometime.

Please answer ONLY to my private mailbox:

Please send me your foto.
Sincerely Julia.
Letter 2
Hello, Bill. I am very glad to meet you... I never until that moment, are not dating with the men and did not seek friends on the Internet. But this is probably my only chance to find new friends.
my girlfriend showed me dating sites. one of them was your profile and email. I do not remember the name of this site. For one evening there were very many. And I decided to write to you and a few other girls.
The point is that I live now in the city of Kiev, Ukraine. I had to leave my hometown Donetsk. There is there is a war and I was difficult to live here. So it was decided come to Canada. In Canada live closest friends of my grandfather. They are old and very good people who themselves offered me help. I want to start all over again. New life in a new place. AND in a new place is very hard to be alone without friends. So I began to search for friends on the Internet. you have been in Ukraine or Russia? although these two countries one unified. I do not know why the land is divided. I think that all this is because of money. and on television news and talk just a lie. All this is very painful to watch, both because of divisions of land killing people. earth she belonged to all people together all equally but do not you think? I don't know why I am so open with you.
I have not decided exactly what the city wanted to come. But my relatives live in Toronto. I can travel to any city, and I like it.
I like freedom =) I believe that people should be free.
Well, my main interests are music, flowers, comedy and horror films, fashion and yoga. I don't think I differ from another girls my age ) What are your interests, Bill We can have a lot in common. And tell me more about you, please. You seem to me a nice person. I hope inside I do not mistake. I don't know why.
My sentimentalism and emotionalism maybe my vulnerability in my life, but I don't want to change myself. I am who I am. I want to earn money too in Canada and be independent girl. My good girlfriend last year went to the USA after she met a man from internet and now they are happy together and she has a good work. but I lost contact with her.
My English is bad but I will need time to improve it. I am not a Paris Hilton or Jennifer Lopez ) but I think I am attractive and I want to create relationships there too.I need a man to spend my free time.
Maybe I won't have too much free time but I would be glad to see your interest in me, Bill. My documents soon must be ready for travel! P.S. I'm sorry for my English, I use a translator :) I can not install Skype, sound works, but the video does not work ...
of my girlfriend brother has to resolve this problem very soon.
Your new friend Julia =) i send kiss in photo :-* I am waiting your photos...
Letter 3
Hello, Bill. Thanks for your email ) I See your reply to me it means you are interested ) It's pleasant! ;-) I loved your foto. you are a beautiful man.
My favourite quotation is "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." I want to meet a man and my closest friend without games and betrayal. Is it possible in our life? Worked as a coach - teaching fitness, yoga, and I make a workout in the gym. I like outdoor activities, winter skiing and ice skating in the summer like swimming and rollerblading. I want to learn to snowboard, as well as a driver's license. I love animals. Live with me - a cat, a parrot and hamster.
With him I can not pick them up, because I'm afraid that they will not survive the flight. As a child, played the piano, now also would not mind to learn to play some musical instrument or do painting. I am ready for any work right now, just to do something. I expect that when we meet you will not be dissapointed with me, I know =) I don't know yet how many months I am going to spend in Canada but not a little for sure. Soon I will have necessary documents for arrangements. I have ideas on how to spend yoga sessions in companies. I long is working on all the details of this idea. This is something between a tea break and team play. I have a higher education in the field of management.
And I worked in the field of corporate events "Team building". I think it will make good profit.

I thought if I find work in your area, so what is the closest airport to you? From the beginning I was going to stay at the friend of my grandfather. They geologists. And the places engaged in search development of oil and gas. He is a strange person and old, but good.
He lives with his wife. and with it travels north for excavations.
It's not comfortable for me to live at house of married people and especially if they are from my relatives ) I will rent a room in your city, this idea much better for me. Attached are my photo in fitness. Honestly I don't choose purposely what photos to send to look perfect ) I am who I am! And what about me character... It is rather complicated, well I think all people have complicated character in some way, what do you think, Bill But romance is always in my head. I love to live, to love, to laugh. I like to be with a good company, I can say I am a leader in a company ) How they say, you are treat people the way you want to be treated so I can be friendly with any person. I never judge people who they are and what are they doing. I also believe in love and that this is immortal thing which may reborn in any second. Well, enough about me, I think I have listed all my features in my last email ) I believe career is important but I will not be able to achieve something in my life without loving someone.
My age 27, Height 175 cm, Weight 55 kg =))))) My birthday is 1 may =) Tell me, please, Bill, what do you want in your life? This is a serious question ;-) What woman is ideal for you? I think I don't bother you with such question but it would be interesting to know. If you don't want to answer it's ok! How did you spend your day? tomorrow morning I go to a swimming pool. Do you like to swim? P.S. We can exchange phone numbers, but to call or write sms .. very expensive so it is best to wait for the moment when I repaired Skype and webcam. I lost my iPhone =( So I have now the easiest phone.
Who calls and SMS =) And with the phone, I lost the password to social networks. But I did not like to use social networks. I do not spread my photos for everyone to see. I prefer live chat with their friends.
Meeting in a cafe, walking, theater.
Letter 4

Hi my foreign friend Bill.
It again and again I write to you the new letter. I hope that I have not bothered you with my letters but to me is valid dialogue with you is pleasant. You the interesting person and I want to know you better and consequently I want to set to you some questions to learn you it is better as than the person.
1) What can make you happy or what the pleasure gives to you?
2) What do you want to receive in your life?
3) Do you like children?
4) Send me your photo =)
I think that while these questions will be to learn enough but if I shall want something else that I shall ask you about it ok? Bill you unique with who I communicate through a computer. When I searched for acquaintance on the Internet that I have written to several men and me have answered only and 1 guy from Canada. But he wanted to receive from me only ***** photos and consequently I have stopped to write to him.
And I understand that the ticket to Canada very expensive. but I can no longer remain in the Ukraine. My house is destroyed. And I do not want to live here. There is a war going on. I want to start a new life in Canada.
I now live in safety at my relatives in Kiev. but before falling asleep I remember the day when near my house bomb fell. I was at that moment the house and miraculously survived and did not hurt ... Not long before this event, I lost my mother. And was all alone. I find it hard to talk about it and I want it as soon as possible to forget. I had a friend, whom I wanted to marry, but I found out that he cheating on me. I could not forgive him for that. So my only chance to forget it all - go to another country, a new city and to start again. And thank God, to me in this help my grandfather's friends.
But I am a strong girl and I can handle it myself. You more serious and clever the man and I want to speak only with you. I want from the partner: honesty and huge love! It is not pleasant to me: to lie and mistrust. My main value in life as at all women - creation of safe family.
This letter will not be long because I should be in time today still something to make but next time I shall write to you more.
I wish you good day.
I wait for the answer.
Your friend Julia. P.S.My photo from my last job, Managing a fitness center =) P.S.S. The day after tomorrow will be repaired my skype. and we can see each other on webcam. I worry not a lot =) You can call me +380934829656
Letter 5
Hello, Bill. I am like a squeezed orange after today. This paperwork sometimes brings a lot of headache =) I have time now to reply to you. And I like children too =) I think that between us there should be no lies and deceit. so I want to be completely honest with you.
I have a daughter. she 10 years old, her name Eva. Her biological father left us alone and left the country. So I raise my daughter alone. At first I helped my parents. But they have died not long ago.
One grandfather of all close relatives. We much love him ...
most in the world I dream take my daughter to a safe place.
Canada is probably the most peaceful place. And live there friends of my grandfather, who help me with the arrival.
I love children. I'll send you a photo of his daughter. and little nephew with whom I often babysitting. Is the son of my aunt, which I temporarily live in Kiev, that would prepare all the documents and visa.
My poor knowledge of English might puts me in an awkward position =) I'm trying to answer all your questions, but very take a great interest writing a letter that are moving away from essence of the question or the answer. And when I translate a letter, sometimes the meaning is lost, that I want to tell you.
The thing is that in the Russian language has dozens of meanings of one word and they are all translated into a different language. And the result is such nonsense sometimes =) but I'm working on it =) I love to travel. Parents with every years I took out a vacation by the sea. Traveled in France, Italy, Turkey and other cities in Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Belgorod, Astrakhan). Was on a fishing trip, really enjoyed this activity.
Languages - Ukrainian, Russian, English, and just a little bit Italian and French.
I prefer a more quiet music, deep house and lounge. Very fond of instrumental music and classical music. Favorite Movie: "The Pursuit of Happyness" with Will Smith. I love to read books, let the latter will read "Shantaram" (I really like it).
I was thinking recently that we will know each other better when we meet. But I do like emailing to you, Bill.
I hope you are having a nice day. I want to take a hot bath and relax after my day. And send to you photo. Kisses, Julia
Letter 6
Hello, Bill. I am having a wonderful day! I understand that I am going to Canada and my mood is very nice because of it! How about you?
How is your day going? I want to tell you if you ever visit Ukraine let me know please. I will be your guide here any time. Or if I can not met you I will ask my friends to meet you. I have great news! At the beginning of next week, I got the visa.
And I can already buy a ticket and fly to Canada !!! =) maybe I will meet with you at first, then will go to my relatives. You would show me your city. Practice English. A walk in the park. I would have cooked dinner for you. what do you say to that? it's a good idea?
I want to get to know you. And to be your best friend. And I will be not so lonely in this new country for me.
Tomorrow I will be packing my luggage. I am afraid it will take a long time for me to think what to take =)
I will try to choose only necessary things for the trip. I will take my mascot along which is stuffed animal and it is Lion =) Do you have a mascot, Bill I hope all my clothes and underwear will fit my luggage. By the way what type of clothes do you wear? I wear casual clothes. I like to go shopping and I can find even not expensive clothes which fits me and I look wonderful. My favorite brand is D&G. What is yours? I want to know more about you with each email till I reach your place =) If I ever bother you with any question you should tell me at once so I could understand that it'd better not to ask. It's ok. I am not a tickly person. Well, of course I can be hurt with something as we are all humans =) But sometimes I think there are situations in life when you should tell people straight and in time what you think to prevent from some danger or unforseen troubles.
Our meeting at last is held, I so am long her waited, I can not sleep on night knowing that in some days we shall be seen with you, we shall go for a walk together having undertaken a hand for a hand, morning to rise together with each other and to do much still that.
Now I'm waiting for when to me transferred money my relatives.
Although they are not native to me uncle and aunt. It's very close friends of my grandfather. They are very good people, they lent me money. And offered to live in their home. and I will take care of them.
they do not have their children.
So, tomorrow I will have my day busy again, I also would like to buy some presents for you if you don't mind ;-) Will wait for your email. Julia PS We can now talk on Skype. I fixed it =) I'll be on Skype at night (my time) and morning (your time) Add me now, i wait.... my login - ( julia.petrova757 ) Send you a photo where I dress are different dresses and outfits =)
Letter 7
I'll be on Skype now. and in the evening at 10 pm in Kiev
Letter 8
Hello Bill
I very much frequently think of the future.
Probably each woman reflects on it early or late.
I very much would like to find in this life the present love, complete tendernesses, By passion and human care. Unfortunately now in Ukraine it is not easy to find The suitable companion of life.
I very much would like, that in my life I would appear the man with which could To create happy family and to have children.
The man, to which I could trust most secret.
The man for the sake of which be necessary to live.
The future is represented to me as that that very good and kind.
What do you want to get or achieve in the future?
I'm waiting you on Skype =) I took the laptop at the girlfriend. so I can not be there often. Yet we have problems with the Internet. Very slow connection, so that there can be problems with communication.
Now in Ukraine all the problems with communication and the Internet.
I am waiting for your letter =) yours Julia I'll be on Skype about an hour or two.
Letter 9
Hello my lovely Bill.
I am happy to see again your letter.
My dear I do not know that occurs to me but in me the strange feeling lives.
This feeling forces me to think of you constantly.
I need in your letters as air and water..
At me never arose such feeling earlier but it seems to me that is connected with you.
During our acquaintance you began me more than simply the friend, you to steel for me the person which it is rather dear to me.
You are necessary for me now and I want that we have continued our relations.
I think that you are that man which I searched for long time.
When I receive from you new letters but my face there is a smile I wish you successful day my fine Bill and I shall write to you again soon.
I kiss you!
Letter 10
Hi Bill !
Today at night I saw you in the dream! It was a beach, between us there was a big distance and we went towards each other! It was long time, but the distance between us did not decrease. Then we have run towards each other. And distance between us the beginning to be reduced. Cool waves gently touched mine a foot, there was a wonderful feeling! We had long both passionate embraces and kisses! When I have woken up you was not close, on your place there was a pillow!!!! =) I very much was upset!!!!!!
How are you?
I hope you have good mood and your health are at height! I feel well and which I saw dream does of me happy this lonely day. And ideas about you always will help to relax in most difficult times. You give to me confidence of life.
To my greatest regret I should finish the letter. I give you the heart and I will be sure that it perfectly safe, Because it is in your strong and reliable hands.
Yours Julia.
P.S. My morning photo =)
Letter 11
Hello my sweet. Good morning =)
I'll be home pack a suitcase. After a few days to get a visa and passport.
There was a problem with the transfer of money from friends grandfather.
They can not send money directly to me via Western Union.
They went to business trips. And there is no Western Union offices.
I do not know what to do, I'll try to find a way for this.
because I need to have to get the money to pay for the visa and documents, and buy a plane ticket.
I'll come as soon as friends grandparents send me money for the ticket. I will get a visa next week.
The most interesting thing I told my grandfather just now. It turns out that his friends who live in Canada, borrowed money from him, and now want to return them to him.
And he will give them to me accordingly for my ticket .. and after two or three years, they replace me his house. their children. and all the relatives remained in Ukraine.
The thing is that they are in USSR times , fled to Canada, given new names and lived there. they asked for political asylum in Canada. they are scientists. and my grandfather, they greatly helped them to move to Canada.
Now they want to return home. In Ukraine.
A house to give me a sign of gratitude for the assistance rendered to by my grandfather.
I think it will be easier to obtain Canadian citizenship when there is a place of residence.
I am looking forward your response.
Yours Julia =) kisss
Letter 12
Hello, Bill. I am not in a good mood today ( It seems there will be a delay in my flight to Canada.
Grandad's friends can't send the funds from the place where they are now, I have no idea why. I am going to find out what is the problem . I knew something would be wrong ((
Letter 13
Hello my sweet. my love. my hope. my support. my joy ... good morning.
I'll gently kiss your kiss and pass this letter. I was so grateful to you for your help. I did not expect that everything will be fine. but now I'm happy !!! My sweet, I need about $ 3,000. What would we, my daughter could go far away from the war. My relatives were afraid to transfer the entire amount immediately. So they want today to complete the transfer. Let's all do today, and tomorrow I will buy tickets and documents. Okay? my sweet, tell me how much you will be free today?
I'll wait for your letter with impatience. I love you!
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