Scam letter(s) from Ksenia Medvedeva to Marco (Italy)

Letter 1
hi lucky man,don't want lost time,just look at my pic and if you wish continue i am very happy to meet with you
Bernard wish you a good day and take care about yourself,see you soon Yuliya..
Letter 2
Hello my Bernard!! It is amazing what can the net make with lives))) It may make two people who are far away feeling very close)) I think this is amazing. Of course I have heard that there are many frauds here. But I believe you are not among them. You can be sure that I am not playing such ****** games.
Bernard your photos and your children super !!!! Yes super!!!! Your girl and boy very wonderful children ! My dear city is very close to the fighting well until we quietly but some where heard explosions) So do not worry) I can not go to the city) All roads are blocked) How is your mood? Bernard, I was a little bit worried while waiting a letter from you. But I felt such a great relief when I saw your mail)
Now my mood is good) I want to continue telling about myself and knowing more about you.
I will write to you some things I like and prefer and I want you to do the same in the net letter, ok?
Well, first of all I always knew whom I want to be with. I want my man be a kind, good-natured, educated, loving, caring, goal-oriented and romantic. Unfortunately I haven’t found one here. Of course I had some relationship but they finished.
Whom are you looking for?
I love kids. I spend much time with my brother. He is my angel) I was taking care about him when he was a baby. So, though I don’t have my own kids I have gone through a serious school of being parent and sister in one face) Of course I want to become a real mother one day. What about you?
I love nature and very simple things can make me happy. I like when man can make her woman smile and make surprises for her) Like a candle light dinner or weekend outside. Flowers without reason.
I want to feel like a small girl with my man) Are you the one I describe?
Ok, I will stop here, I want you to feel comfortable with me, do you? Will be waiting for your letter.
Yours Yuliya
Letter 3
Hi over there))) How are you Bernard?
I was waiting for your answer and I am more than happy that you answered.
It becomes a good tradition for me to start my day with your letter))))
I hope you can say the same)))
My sweety i like your photos and your beautiful princess )
Very nice photos) Thank you )_
At the moment I do not have internet at home I go to Internet cafes, but you must have patience, I think that soon we will be able to talk to you on Skype
Honey I want to know you better and learn many things about you and your life.
What do you like to do when you wake up and what do you usually do when you go to bed?
I am interested in everything.
How is life in your country?
As for Ukraine, it is not very easy to live here. You know, it is such a nonsense to have such resources as we have and to be a poor country of the third world.
People in villages and small cities live like cavemen!! This is a sad story... so, I will stop talking about it.
I love Ukraine but I see no perspectives here and you know, I don't want to give birth to children here as there is no future for them at all. But please, don't think that my main purpose is to find a foreigner and move abroad.... No, I just want you to know that life is not so bright as someone says.
Do you dream sometimes?
Do you want to know what I dream about?
I have watched one TV show - Bachelor. So, he took one of girls and went to Maldives with her and she didn't know where they were supposed to go. So, when they were landing (in plane) he closed her eyes and opened only when they were standing on the beach and she opened her eyes and saw this amazing water the color of which I have never seen in real!!! I dream about the same situation))))))))
I don't want my life to be spend in vain... I don't want this routine... every day - work, home, and nothing in the end.
My granny has spent her life (she is alive) without seeing even our Black Sea... I don't think this is normal... and I still have a hope to show it to her one day. She doesn't remember when she went out from her house... I think this is awful and this is not a life at all...
I am sorry if I raised too philosophic themes today... I just want you to know that I am more deep than I may seem ))
Have a great day and know that I am starting to think about you more often than just while reading your letters. Yuliya
Letter 4

Hello dear Bernard!
How are you today? How is the weather over there?
Thanks for paying your attention to my previous letter. I value it much. I am glad you answered some of the questions which I have asked. This is nice!!
Today I am going to take part in dancing competition. So, I have to work well this evening)
Hold your hands for me, ok?)
You know, I am thinking about you very often and I want to say that I really can imagine you by my side)) Do you imagine the same?
Yesterday I saw a young mother with a very beautiful little daughter) The girl was holding her hand and walking not very good)) It was such a nice picture. I even had a desire to give birth to a child. I like kids much. What about you?
By the way, do you have breakfasts?
I have and usually I eat eggs with mushrooms and vegetable salad. Also may drink a cup of tea with cake or juice. What about you?
Do you like me? I am sorry for such direct questions. I just want to understand my feelings which appeared like a storm))
Your photo is very beautiful near the Christmas tree) are you doing for Christmas this photo) You know you live in a very beautiful country) I really liked your pictures and I especially love your sweet smile
Can you believe it my mobile phone has broken. I am so sad… I have stayed without a contact… ((( I took it to the repair shop ))))))
My dear the master promised in a week to make phone ,as soon as I will take away it
I at once I will give you my phone number,ok?????
Ok, I have to close for now, as I need to go to work and practice a lot before the concert.
Have a great evening, Yuliya
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