Letter(s) from Anastasia Kolimulina to Joe (USA)

Letter 1

Finally I was able to write you a message!
I had not previously acquainted when the internet and therefore not immediately decided to write you a letter.
But today, my day is fine, I have a very good mood and I decided to start a new acquaintance.
That is why I am writing to you my humble post in the hope that you will see it and answer me.
My name is Vera
In real life, I have not been able to meet the beloved man, and so I'm hoping that maybe on the internet I met a good, interesting man for serious relationship.
I can tell you more things about me and my life in future letters.
I hope that my message to you and you are interested in write to me!

Please reply ONLY to my personal mail box: ver.kamma@yandex.com

I send you my picture.
I'll wait on you letter and your news pictures