Letter(s) from Ludmila Kladka to John (Denmark)

Letter 1

Hello John!!! How are you? It is me Ludmila, I am from Ukraine, Kharkov region. Nice to meet you. Tell me about you, as for me I am kind, purposeful, positive girl. I live with my aunt and younger sister. At the moment they are the most important people in my life. I like sport, especially skate. Also I like animals. I am glad we can communicate here. On this site I am looking reliable, clever, honest, sincere and have a big heart and open soul. I want to find here man that will be reliable shoulder for me, to whom I could completely trust, instead I'll gave to him all my care and tenderness. I would like to have near such man that was really the second part of my heart. And what girl are you looking? I want to build strong family, hope you too. And how about you? Tell me about your family. Waiting to hear from you soon. Best wishes. Ludmila.

Letter 2

Hello John! I was pleasure to find out that I received an email from you. I am happy that you respond on my letter. Hope you are interested in me. Of course I cannot tell you everything about me in one letter, but I try do it. My full name is Ludmila but my sister, aunt and friends call me Luda. Do you know girls with such name? I live with my sister Dasha and aunt Natalia in Shevchenkovo town, Kharkov region. I work as a baby-sitter in a private house. But I do not go to school. I like my work because I love children very much. I am 167 and 53 kg. I am 27 years old. I really hope that i will be able to find my man here. I think love, mutual understanding, reliability, care are the main in relations. I am here to find serious, romantic long term relations. I believe that love makes wonders. So I look for my true love. To me, true love is when you can completely be yourself around another person in good and bad times. Love is the feeling that something is missing when you are apart and the realization that everything seems so much better when you are together. I am looking for someone to share my live with who can help me grow as a person and be my life partner and friend. I am interested in you, want to continue our communication. I hope this is the start of something very special between us a relationship that can grow into something serious. What view do you have about family and relations? What you look for??? I like go for a walk, do sports, meet with my friends...I want to know you better, hope that we will continue our communication. And I do not know why you cannot find my profile...I am looking forward to hearing from you. Best wishes, Luda.

Letter 3

Good day John) How are you? What mood do you have? I am glad that we stay with our communication that you do not forget about me. For me it is very interesting to know you more and more. I would like to get more photos from you, I want see you in different activities. I will try to send you too. As for your question, I study many general disciplines, Psychology, English and other ones. My specialization is Pre Scool Education. My mother was a teacher of English that is why I know it well. I like animals very much but I have not any pets. To be honest I have never been on such site like this. I have not much experience in communication. But I will try to be open-minded and honest with you. And what about you, did you have experience in internet dating? Did you communicate with foreign girls? Maybe with Ukrainian girl?) In this letter I want to tell you about my family more detail. My mother died from the cancer five years ago, father left us until mother's death, my sister and I live with aunt. I love my sister very much. It is my pride. We like to go to skate together, for a walk, she likes animals but unfortunately we have not any pets at home. Also we like to cook something special for our aunt. I'd better tell you about my character. I am easygoing, kind, caring, non-materialistic, nature loving, sporty, helpful, social... For me it is truly important such things like love, being surrounded by nice people, having a job that I like and living in a nice place. I absolutely don't like selfishness, rudeness, hypocrisy. I want to know about your character, what feature do you like or dislike in people??? Of course I thought about moving in another country, I know that will be many things I should learn but if I really find my true love I will be ready for it. Oh I hope I do not want make you boring with my letter?)))). I wish you good mood. Take care, your Luda.

Letter 4

Hello John! how are you?? What is your mood? What weather do you have? Thank you for asking, I have nice weekend but nothing special. On Sunday evening my friends come to me and we cooked pizzas. I was waiting for your letter and very happy to receive it. I like what I read about you. I really like to know you, and I also want to tell you as much as possible about myself. Of course from my profile you know about my hobbies, but I would like to tell in detail what I do and what I feel at that time. First of all I like sport, especially skate and tennis. Twice a week I go to gym. I think it is very important to keep our body fit. I am trying eat only healthy food but sometimes I allow myself to eat at McDonald's because my younger sister like dishes from that. I want to instill a love of sports to my sister. Sometimes we go to skate together. Maybe you will surprise but another passion it is fishing. It is relax for me))) In my opinion there are many benefits of fishing. One of the benefits of fishing is that it is not physically demanding. Just by fishing, your muscle groups, heart and lungs are getting its share of exercise. Fishing is obviously an outdoor activity and the lungs and skin benefit from the fresh air surrounding you. Another advantage it is brain benefit. Fishing is not mentally challenging as it relies on your skills most of the time. Do you like fishing??? I'd love to go on a fishing trip with my beloved man. Also I like cooking. I prefer make cakes and cook Ukrainian dishes. Have you ever eaten borsh or pelmeni??? Please tell me about your favorite dishes. What do you mean that profiles are not real??? And for what people ask money??? I am new person on this dating site and yet I have nothing experience, not good not bad...I dream about building my own strong and friendly family. I dream about good work about making people happy. Yes, I can imagine that I would have two or maybe three children. I 'll be waiting for your answer. Best wishes, your Luda.

Letter 5

Good day, my dear John!!) How is your day today? What weather do you have? I am always waiting for your letter. Thank you for the photos. Your pets are amazing! I would like to see a deer sleeping in my garden)))I like that you tell me about your affairs and share with me your experiences. I like our communication very much. I think we have many general and I like your thought about family and life. I noticed that with you I can be myself, I write honestly about all things. Honey, what do you think, maybe we should do the next step in our relationship? I would like to talk with you by telephone. If it is possible for you, you can call on my number: +380683364149. And give me please your. I hope to have seriously relationship with you. I did not even notice as I start to trust you. Although I had a time when I thought that I could never trust a man. I was deeply disappointed by my long-termed relationship and I don't think that I will have such warm feelings for you. My last boyfriend loved only himself. He is very selfish. He liked only accept love from me but not give. He wanted only free relationship, for him on the first place is not a family but his friends and night clubs. He doesn't take our relationship seriously. For a long time I did not notice his shortages because I was completely fallen in love. In addition to that in the early stages of relations he was a true gentleman, he seems such man that he wasn't in reality. I started to give up with him when he told me that he did not want children. For him it is too big responsibility. But I cannot imagine my happy family life without children. I am happy when I see kids' smiles, hear their funny laugh. Maybe it's silly but I adore when advertising about baby food, clothes and diapers is going on TV))) In such way I can see wonderful babies, their tiny fingers, funny faces, how they do their first steps))) And it's true that children appear only from great love of two. Do you think like me?? If yes, I hope we both can try again together. At the end of the letter I want to tell you about our coming event. On Sunday we will celebrate Easter. Preparations begin today. I, aunt and sister will bake Pasca. Paska Cake is «bread round or oval") - the name of the Russian Easter bread. This yeast product varying degrees and different in size and shape, but always high. Also we will be color eggs. I will send you picture that you have little imagine of our tradition) On Sunday we decided to go with his family to the cemetery for the dead relatives. There we honor their memory and we eat Easter cakes and eggs. I'm looking forward to your answer. Wish you good day!! Your Luda

Letter 6

Hello, honey John!!) What day do you have? I hope you're happy about my letters as I do yours. I think about you all the time. My sister and aunt say that I change for the better. I look happier, on my face almost always smile, my eyes shine brighter))) I told them that met a wonderful man on a dating site. Now they understand why I shine of happiness. And you told someone about me??? You are a very sensitive man and I am glad that you pay so much attention for me. I am happy that you call me, ask how I was doing, support me. Yes, you can call me between 20:00 and 21:00. It's really important to me. Today i have not so easy day, a lot of stress((( i think I need vacation)))))I love to travel despite the fact that I've never been abroad, only on my country. To my mind travelling is a spice of our life. You can have a rest from work and problems, see new sceneries, meet interesting people, try different exotic dishes, lie in the sun, feel sand running through your fingers and many others. But the most important thing in this journey is with whom you share your rest. I would like to spend my journey with my beloved man. We'd have romantic travelling. Just imagine how it would be great be somewhere on the beach. It would be a period of time where we could get to know each other perfectly. Focusing on the partner you can notice how he expresses emotions. Here's how I see travelling with my best half: walking under the moon with gentle kisses, walking together on trips where neither I nor he had never been. On the beach, I would like not only to sunbathe and swim together, but also to massage my beloved. In the evenings, I would like that my man arranges me romantic dinner, for which I'd return thanks with my warmth and tenderness. But it certainly is in my dreams. In the near future the greatest desire is for me to meet with you, to see you in real life. And you, do you want to meet me? In your next letter I would like to read about your ideal romantic journey. Darling, what you think, we will be a good couple? No, John, I use Internet only when I am at work. There is not access to the Internet at my home. And if my boss will notice that I use Internet he will be angry...Thank you that you try to decide my problem with Internet but paypal.com. does not work in our region, only Western Union or Money Gram...Waiting impatiently for your letter and photos) Kisses and hugs from your Ludmila.

Letter 7

Hello, darling John!!! How are you? What weather do you have? Hope you have sunshine, at least in your heart))) Yes, I get your text message and do not worry about it. I understand that you can be busy. With each new letter I make sure that our goals are very similar. Your answers always make me happy and smiled. I like that your idea of love and family is based on the same principles as me. It is very important that we both believe that trust is most important in a relationship, when you can share with your problems, doubts and take support from the partner. Another point of love that coincides between us is confidence. It is slightly different from trust I think. It is when you can completely relay on partner. You look like a man whom I can be relay. Of course and emotional intimacy play a great role in relationship. Each of us wants a deep and frank conversation from the heart. Talk about fears, doubts, dreams…I hope that we will have future together. We both believe also that the couple should be friends. To my mind it is the highest level of relations. Because sometimes the problems and difficulties have to be solved with friends, and when this communication can replace a beloved it is wonderful. Respect is another component of the relationship. Some of the interests and views on many things of the couples can vary and in this case it is important don't be selfish. You must respect individuality and decisions of a partner. I consider that our feelings become stronger. If say the truth I wait for day when we can meet each other in real life. I want feel your presence. It seems to me that I would very happy enjoy every moment with you, feel your strong arms and strong man's shoulder, smell and hear your voice. Near you, I'll forget about everything and I feel that we are alone in the whole world. This moment will be exciting for both of us. Do you want to see me? Tell me about how do you imagine our first meeting? John, yes, I have not passport. Is it really will be the big obstacle for our meeting??? I really want to do it but to be honest I can not afford to do it by myself...In our nowadays situation in Ukraine it is very evpensive for me. Thank you that you worry about me and Dasha but how can you send me laptop???? In which way??? Of course I know such proverb and I respect your decision. I wish you good day and be waiting for you. My warm kisses, your Luda.

Letter 8

Good day my sweatheart John!!! How is your mood today? I hope your affairs are going well. I am very pleasure to read your letter. And John, I wish your nephew good health and luck!!! No, I have never eaten donuts, in our country we do not cook it))) Your words are like sun shines to me, when I read it on my face smile is appearing. I'm sorry we did not meet earlier, where have you been all this time?))) I feel you are really close to me and I can imagine spending all my life with you. I would like a family life that would consist of small simple things, such as walks in the park, have a dinner together, watching films, telling jokes, baby's smile, cuddles, see your face when i wake up, give you a kiss and hug when you are going to work and wait you form work with a tasty dinner. . But if all these little simple things folded into one, we'd have perfect relationship in which two will be enjoying every second. What little simple things do you see in your future family? Do you believe that falling in love through internet is possible? Maybe I trustful and naove but I believe in it. I imagine such day when you come from work and I with our children meet you. You kiss me and hug tightly our children. On the table you see your favorite dishes cooked by me. Children are very happy that their daddy came from work.))) I would like to wake up with you every morning, the first thing I would like to see it is you with a smile on your face and happy eyes. I find that I take you in my life more and more. I think of how it was wonderful to explore things we have never seen. For example how our child will grow under my heart, as it will take the first steps. Or do things we have never done before, for example to choose a stroller for baby))) I hope that you communicate only with me. I still can not believe that I met you. You become more and more like a man of my dreams. I often re-read your letters. What do you think I will be a good wife for you??? John, I have learned about passport...it is very expensive for me, it costs 250 Euro, I can do it for two weeks. I should collect my salary for two month to do it. And about laptop, firstly it is very expensive present for me and secondly I am not sure I could get it because of war in near region, service of delivery does not work. Missing you and waiting impatiently for your letter. Your Luda