Scam Letter(s) from Tatyana Andreeva to Harold (Canada)

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Letter 1

Hello, my dear friend? Your day passes positively? I hope so!
You can not imagine how much I am pleased that you have responded to my letter.
I'm sorry I did not answer you earlier. Unfortunately, I had a lot of study and work. Now, all is well and you will be able to communicate without any problems.
Now, we can not guess what will end our relationship. But I believe that we will succeed.
I got your email from an unknown destination to me. The letter stated that it is absolutely free service. In the world there are volunteers who help the girls find love. As men of my country do not show any interest to women, I decided to write you.
We can talk and get to know each other better, and at the moment is the most important thing. Now, our only happiness is in our hands. Let me get to know you closer. I am confident that we will succeed.
I believe that language barriers, racial and cultural differences do not become a barrier for us. I am convinced that the great love speaks a common language. The difference in age is only a number. The difference in age is not a problem for me. Bright mind and a pure heart are the main components of the human being. Age does not matter.
At the moment, I am a student. After graduation, I'll be a dentist. I have extra money, because in our country do not give a decent stipend for students. Therefore, I have a small additional income. I earn a dance teacher in the children's studio. I like to teach children to dance. Do you love to dance? I love the waltz and tango.
My biggest dream in life - is to build a strong alliance based on mutual respect and trust. I am confident that our meeting is a new stage in our life and fortune will smile upon us. If you do not want to know me closer and you only need the game, we have to stop now. I believe that this will not happen in the very near future, we will be able to see each other's eyes in reality.
My name is Nadezhda. I was born - 27 December 1985. I am 29 years old. My height is 165 cm and my weight is 50 kg. I'm from Kazakhstan. My hometown - Karaganda. I work out and try to lead a healthy lifestyle. I am not against smoking and alcohol, everyone makes their choice. During the holidays, I allow myself to drink a glass of champagne or wine.
I rejoice in every moment of this life. I am a positive and purposeful. In the future, I will tell you more about me and my hobbies. I like to study foreign languages. I know English. I can speak and write in English. I studied English at school and at university.
I never had children and was not married. Unfortunately, I am an orphan, I have no parents. I have no brothers and sisters.
I grew up in an orphanage. Unfortunately, my mom and dad died when I was 4 years old. My parents had an accident on the car. I am very hard to remember these moments, so with your permission, I will not talk about it. Thank you for your understanding. Life goes on and you need only look forward to a happy future.
In addition to the emotional loneliness, emptiness in my heart. In my life, there is no man who respects, loves and appreciates my feelings.
Unfortunately, the men in my country have lost all respect for their women.
For many men, is more important than alcohol and short sexual relationships.
Men of my country have forgotten how to care for women, they are too conservative and rough. I am sure that in romantic relationships are important feelings such as trust, understanding and respect. I am sure that with you our views on life are the same, and we can build a true, loving relationship together.
If you have the need to only in my erotic photographs, and I is not interested in you as a person, I advise you not to read my letter on and never answer me. Many men who fraudulently wanted to get my adult pictures.
If a person is lusty and treats me with respect, I will never send him intimate photos. As soon as men understand it, they immediately ran away.
This left my heart wounds.
I'm glad when I admire. I am not against sex photos. I understand that you're a man and you want to see all the delights of my body. But I do not want you to make me do this.
Maybe in the future, if we build a loving relationship, I will give you my sweet picture. As long as we think of it sooner. Please tell me more about you, about your country, the city where you live. What are you keen on? I want to get to know you and to take steps closer to our rapprochement.
Please do not leave me unattended. I wish you a good day.
Your friend,

Letter 2

Hello, my passionate lion, Harold!
How is your day? I hope you are fine.
My day has been very rich. Work and study do not allow me to get bored, but you're never out of my thoughts, though, no matter what!
I have wonderful news for you, all my travel documents ready.
In the coming days, I am going to Astana for continued stay in the place of my internship.
Today, I found out the news and immediately wrote to you about it. When I sat down at my computer, I was hoping to see your letter, and now I am very happy that you wrote to me. I miss you. I feel that you are very nice and kind people.
I am a young woman, and I have a big sexual appetite. I'm a little embarrassed to write about it. I do not think I'm doing something shameful. We communicate for a long time, so I think that we can talk openly about sex. I think it's natural, and it does not need to be embarrassed. Please tell me you want to see my new photos?
When I arrive to your country, and we'll meet, you'll be able to please me in bed. I'm sure we will have a beautiful night without sleep.
The fact is that here I do not have men for many reasons. Firstly, due to the fact that I'm going to leave Kazakhstan, so I neither seeking a man here. Secondly, men in our country, very conservative, shy and not confident. They do not know how to deliver real pleasure a woman.
I love the new sexual positions, role play and new, unusual places for sex. I like oral sex. I think this is one of the most enjoyable sex, as well as the most intimate.
I want to taste your sweet cum on my lips. I have never experienced this wonderful feeling. I really want to try to do it with you, Harold. In Kazakhstan, none of the men could not give me such pleasure.
Psychology Kazakh men are very conservative, and it is unacceptable for them. I do not want to have sex in the missionary position only. This is a very monotonous. I want to experience something new, I have a lot of ideas and I love to experiment!
I want to try all the poses Kamasutra. I hope you can help me learn this beautiful book of love. I need a partner to explore the sexual life.
I've never had sex in the ass. I want you broke my ass, but please be gentle. Do you promise me? Please do not think I'm an immoral woman. I just can not do anything with them - you really excites me!
I believe that sex in a relationship is very important! I hope that we will understand that for each other and be together throughout life. I am ready to devote my whole life to one person who will understand me, appreciate and love. I hope this man is you!
I want to meet a man who is worthy of my pure and sincere love.
I want to send this letter to my pretty candid photos. I have even more candid photos, and I'll send them to you later, but please bear with me. I'm a little embarrassed. I hope you enjoy my photos. I hope that these photos will not see anybody except you. These photos are just for you, and I would not like my pictures, I saw someone else.
If you're confused by something, then just tell me about it and I will not continue to do that.
I would like to see your candid photos too, if you do not mind.
I would like to feel your cum on my body and face!
I'll tell you honestly, I really want you Harold!
I end my letter, and I feel great excitement. Between my legs very wet and I miss you terribly! My hands reach down to caress the clitoris.
I hope that this letter brings you smile and gives warmth to your heart and pants :) I look forward to your new letter to me in the near future!
I am sending you a million passionate, sexy kisses.
Your lioness,



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