Letter(s) from Irina Petrova to Ryan (Indonesia)

Letter 1

good afternoon. I saw you on the internet and decided to write. Looking like you! I will tell a little about yourself. I am young I am 29. I live in the Russian Federation. In Russia, men rough and uncouth. So I decided to write to you in another country. I very much hope you will answer me and we will get to know each other better !? I am young, but already has experience in life. I work at work and earn as much as I need. I have everything I need only the relationship more. I wish that you would answer and we are familiar with. I am writing to you through Google translator program, I hope you understand what I m writing ?! I do not speak English, and if we talk I will learn, it will be exciting. I hope I m interested in you, and you write to me. Attached is my photo, answer and I will send more. Answer will not regret it. watch for Anzhelika

Letter 2

Hello my new friend. I am very happy that you wrote to me. I have never corresponded and friends over the Internet. But my best friend, Anna found herself a husband through the Internet. It was she who advised me to apply to the Internet Agency.
I'm looking for my love and I did not want to play feelings. I only need a serious relationship without cheating and games. I say again. What I first been corresponding over the Internet with a man and I do not worry much.
I want you to write a little bit about yourself:
My name is Anzhelika. I am 29 years old. I live in Russia in the beautiful city of Cheboksary.
I'm looking for happiness in this life. I want to meet your soul mate, because man can not live alone.
I already had a sad experience in building relationships. But nothing good came out, I was very painful wound in the heart. And I do not want to make mistakes and suffer. I want to meet a man who will love me, respect and appreciate every moment spent together. I work in a nursing home (Elderly). I help people who really need my help. I live with my parents. Our two-bedroom apartment, so that there is enough space for everyone.
My parents are retired. We have a very good relationship with my parents. I trust them in everything, they have a very good and open people. I listen to the advice of their parents. I hope that you will respond to my letter and we will continue our acquaintance. I understand that between us is a big difference in language, culture and country. But I believe that it should not interfere with us. You will be interested to know more about me, about my country, its customs. And I'm curious to know more about you.
I am writing you a letter through a translator. But I'm learning very quickly.
I studied your language school and a little know him. I hope this is not a problem for us.
I will help you learn my language and you help me. I think it will be interesting)))
to study each other. I think that the main thing a person not outside, but inside ..
The most important thing what inner peace. I believe that we will not have problems with our acquaintance, it will be very interesting. I have long been postponed soybean savings.
I have enough money to visit another country. But now to talk about it is still very early.
I hope that I was able to write this letter to their intentions and purpose in life.
I'm going to wait for your letter. I hope we will succeed. I send you my photo.
In the next letter I'll write a bit more.
Your new friend from Russia Anzhelika.

Letter 3

Iello how are you?
I hope you are fine. I have not had time to write before you. I am very glad to receive and read your letter. Your letters give me confidence in the future. I would like to write to you every day, but Unfortunately I do not have the opportunity. I hope you understand and offended. Perhaps soon we will be able to communicate every day face to face?!?! I'm sorry that I did not have my computer, but when I have it I will be going to write to you every minute. And it should be you with your letters.
I just write a letter, send and already starting to miss you. I want to write more and more.
I so much want to tell you. When I'm at work and I think I wait for your letters.
I think and imagine that you are doing now. I like what I think about you every minute of his time. Although I'm a little scared. I'm afraid to fall in love with you, but not receive reciprocity. I want to be sincere with you. I am very happy that my life you came. You are very close to me in spirit. I feel that you very suitable for me. I am very easy to talk with you. When I I am writing you a letter I have a strange feeling inside like I'm familiar with you very long. I told friends about you. They are very happy for me. They convey greetings to you. I very much hope that our with you relationships can develop into love. What do you think about this? On E-mail is not possible to fall in love! But if I arrive to you, you I could fall in love with me? Do you like me? Today I saw a nasty the situation on the expensive. Now the roads very slippery. I saw how car hit a woman on a pedestrian crossing. The driver did not even stopped and went on! I ran to the woman and wanted to help her stand up. But then she saw that her leg was broken. It is very terrible.
More people came running. And quickly called an ambulance. I waited arrival of an ambulance. Just the police arrived. I testified and went home. Nowadays you have to be very careful. Now Roads many drunk drivers. This is a very scary and dangerous. I am very glad that I now have you. I want to make all documents travel and come to you. I do not want to rush things. But I want that would be all the documents were ready. I wish that I could come to you at any time when we decide this. I dream of our meeting. And I'm so the same dream as you and I will be together to manage their own restaurant. Or perhaps own a bakery? Or maybe shop children's toys? What do you think about this? I learned how much it will cost my apartment. In the real estate agency I appreciated about my apartment 60,000 euros! It's a lot of money! We will be able to open a restaurant (small cafe) with the money? What do you think? Write me. I'm really looking forward to your answer to this question. I am dreaming about our meeting. I love to dream.
What is your dream? write me. How do you like to relax? I love listen to music. I love to talk, but I do not like noisy companies. I I like to play billiards. But I do not often go to the billiard because it was full of drunks. I like nature, I love fishing. In the summer I go fishing with my dad. He even has his own boat. And of course I I like to cook. And I really want to cook a special dinner for you.
In Russia we say: "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach! "This means that I will feed you so that you can not live without my meal. You will love me for what I cook very tasty food! ))) Write me more about yourself. What do you like? What would you like to eat ??? I am waiting for your answer. I will try to write to you more often.
P.S. In our internet cafe was a failure and why it all e-mail boxes were broken.
Sorry Internet cafe worker in front of me, I made another box, I am writing to you with it.
You're not mad at me? Write to me at the new address, I'll wait.