Letter(s) from Oksana Moroz to Gianfranco (Italy)

Letter 1

Hi gianfranco.
I have a natural science education and after that business school studies so I tend to think of myself as scientific, rational and fact-based. But this is my professional behaviour at work. At home I can also be rational when it comes to taking care of a house or my own finances, but most of all in my private life I am a hopeless romantic. Not hopeless in the sense that I have been unlucky - I consider myself very lucky and fortunate - but in the sense that I let my emotions guide me and I easily daydream and I can come up with all sorts of ideas and fantasies.

I don't see myself a "half a person looking for my other half". On the contrary, I am independent and strong and mature. And I am looking for another such person. What a great couple we would be!

I love children and think that having children and giving them a safe and loving upbringing is the closest one can come to a definition of the meaning of life.

I will regard my husband as somebody I want to protect, share my thoughts with, be my partner in the success and happiness of the family, as well as someone I can often hug and kiss on the neck and have steaming hot sex with. (You should interpret my openness as honesty). I really like physical contact in everyday situations and you should not be afraid that I can get enough of this. Also: Even in the most provoking possible circumstances - let's say that he had an affair with another woman - I would never shout at him but instead just turn around and give him two things - a one-way ticket back to where he came from and a two hours opportunity to pack his bags. No drama, no fighting.

Love is to me. It's when I feel that I am a small part of a larger existence. When I feel that giving - my thoughts, my emotions, my devotion, anything - is not about doing something for another person but that giving is something that I take pleasure from. Love is when
I am extremely happy and a little nervous at the same time. Love is when I feel small and safe as well as big and protecting at the same time.

And I believe that a woman should have her own career. Not only for her own sake, but also since it would be much more interesting for him to hear about her day at work than just about today's vacuum cleaning.

So... Here I am having achieved a lot professionally, having seen much in the world, being more physically trim and fit than ever before but without anyone to whom I can give all those emotions, devotion and energy.
My brother who is two years younger than I live with his wife and two kids in Stockholm. I live here in Lviv with my mother, my son and his girlfriend, we live in the house together. We are very friendly family and we easily find the common language together. We like to go out sometimes, go to mountains, skiing. I love my son very much and his girlfriend, Maria, is very good young girl, we love to go shopping together as true women lol=))))

Last but not least: I really like to exercise and do that five to six times per week, mixing running with strength training. I love yoga and everything connects with spirit, soul and person sternth.
Over to you - your turn! And I would more appreciate your own words to me, not your dry presentetional letter with biography on every year.. Please be open to me, I am good woman =)