Romance scam letter(s) from Marina Vidyakina to Les (USA)
Letter 1

Hi my dear!
I so am glad that we with you have found each other on correspondence, I like to communicate with you, I am glad that you always understood me. I want to tell you that you are expensive to me above all. I am simply happy that we with you have found each other.
I simply adore you. I today again long worked but little bit less than yesterday, but I all the same am slightly tired.
But you know lovely to me yesterday have told very sad thing. When I yesterday went home. I have decided to go a public telephone booth to call my mum. I so love her, so it is a pity to me that we with her live far apart. When I yesterday have called her home that why nobody took a tube. I began to worry, because I well know mum, at this time on evenings she already always houses.
I have decided to call mother's to the neighbour on the house. And mother's the neighbour has told that have put my mum in hospital. To her yesterday have told that at my mum the heavy attack was, to her it became very bad. Mother's ninaaea has called in first aid both there have arrived doctors and have taken away her in hospital when I have called in hospital to learn that happened with my mum, to me have told that to her already little bit better. But she all the same is in a heavy condition, and to me have told that will be necessary to perform my mum serious operation. To me wanted to explain what illness at my mum. But I and have not understood.
I know one that this operation very complex and that on operation a plenty of money is required very much. To me it became very bad when I have learned about that that have put my mum in hospital.
I have decided what to call my brother he now live in the other city. He has told that he will help as can. Today he has sent money to my mum on operation, but it is not enough of it. I too have sent my mum on operation all staying money. I have left a few money to have a meal and descend in Internet - cafe to write to you the letter and to share the trouble, I hope that you will understand me and can help me somehow. It is very inconvenient for me to do it, but please understand me lovely to me now simply there is nobody to address more. I hope that you somehow can help me, please if you can send me though some money to operation to my mum. Now I shall write to you my address if certainly you can send this money through western union, this firm to be at you in America should seems to me that. My address dear:
post/code 424000
Panfilova street
house 33
flat 71
I very much hope for you because I now simply have nobody to address. I shall wait tomorrow your letter to me. Because now mother's life depends only on you. WITH LOVE FROM MARINA!
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