Scam Letter(s) from Jenaveve Fianu Chen to Tony (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my darling Tony
Thank you soo much for your email and also the time you always have for me,sorry i have been very very busy yesterday going up and down seeking for mum to get well at the doctors and i was very tired,i came online yesterday but my email took time to open so i needed to send you a short messages on IM and i fell asleep,there is power of now but there is power on the laptop.

Aw i really miss you soo much my darling,gosh pls you should be putting on gloves and boot when working so that you wont get worn ok.i told you to do that,aw never will i hell at you either,i always want to see you happy all the time,i am glad to know you treated your self.i wish i was there to take care of you.i miss you soo much and i want to hold and kiss you now,i really love you with all my heart.

I understand that you cant help now,but my darling i dont know where to go again apart from you,i pray that a good luck will come are way soon,we dont have to worry,there is a time that we do be in happiness and also there is a time that we suffer,we need to get the faith and also fight for everything to get possible,i will like you to know that i will always be by your side and also take care of you,you are all i want and i will be with you either in good or bad.i love you alot baby.

many kisses and hugs from me to you.




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