Letter(s) from Tatyana Tsymbal to Robert (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my sweet man, my honey love Robbie!!!!

I want to apologize once again my love, that it took so much time for me to write you back, but after you told me, that i missed some amounts in my list of your transfers to me ever i started to search for that missed transfers and i had to visit a lot of translation offices from our past and took the copies of our letters to each other from them and calculated everything once again and even i have the quotes of what you wrote me when you was sending me transfers! Do you still want me to send you all this or it doesn't matter for you anymore?

I also would love to write you much often, but the translation office went away form Lugansk and here was nightmare and i couldn't find another working agency! So i had to wait when everything would calm down a little bit and i moved to Severodonetsk at once my love!

To explain you the whole picture in details my love i can tell you all the following and if you will have the questions my honey i will answer them:

1) First of all we need to pay 1940$ for entering the University before the 28 of February! If we will pay for it later we will need to pay already 2080$!

I will not need to pass any exams and the dean of the foreign exchange program talking to the dean of the faculty and everything was decided!
The dean said, that i am his goddaughter :)

So i will not need to pass the exams to enter to University! We just need to pay the University fee and book fee my love! The book fee is 780$! I will not need this books, so i agreed at the library, that for 400$ they will give me the paper that i received the necessary books!
if you will want i will send it to you ;)

2) After everything is done with the University we will need to pay 1500$ for transportation to Kiev of me and my family! There is no work at all in Severodonetsk city and me and my mom work as cashiers and we don't earn much!

I found out, that i have the classmate in Kiev! So my family have two options to stay to live there:

1) With my classmate in her 3 rooms apartment!She lives alone and she agreed first months my family to live with her for free and after it they will pay just symbolic price!

2) With relatives of the dean in their own house which is 3 floors house!

So to make the whole picture visible for you honey - We need to pay for university fee before the 28 of February! For books fee and my trip to Kiev before the 14 of March! If we want me to come to you in the end of the next week, we need to pay for the books paper and also trip to Kiev before next Thursday!

Honey, everything is decided and agreed! My visa will be renewed right before my road to you!

For tickets will pay the embassy and the foreign exchange program!

I will not need to pay any other fees or papers or bring some kind of documents! The dean and the foreign exchange program told me, that if there will be any surprises they will take care about it by themselves! Because i told them, that after i will pay for University, books and trip to Kiev, i will have nothing left at all! And they said, that they understand everything!

I will not need to pay for the membership in program, because, it will be paid by the foreign exchange program!

So my love, if you have any questions i am ready to answer them!

I love you!

Your Tanya with all my love!!!

Letter 2

Hello my dearest man, my love Robbie!!

I am very glad my love that you was able to prepare all the questions which are very much important and i agree with you, that together we need to see the whole picture visible so we will be able to make the right steps!

Sweetie, i am not sure about what previous letter from you are you talking about?

My honey, i understand, that you will be able to have funds only on the 4-5 of March and i will do my best to convince the people in the university, that we need to pay 1940$ and not 2080 for the university!
I just don't see the reasons why we have to pay extra funds only because we will not be able to pay them before the 28 of February!
Some days cannot change the price :) So be sure my love i will solve it!

Honey, the dean of the FEP presented me as his goddaughter, so the dean of the faculty will understand, that i am dean's relative and it's his personal request to help me! He just wants me to face as less problems as possible and this time finally to go to you my love!

So my sweetie here are the answers to your questions:

1) The dates were extended, because i explained and convinced everybody, that it wasn't possible for me to take care about all the payments earlier, because i wasn't able to get out from the city because of bombing and shooting! I just said, that i don't refuse from payments and i have all the documents ready and with the help of the dean of the FEP

2) Yes my love, the dean i am working with is that old dean from Lugansk's university and he helps me so much, because he wants me to finally come to you, because he knows how much hard it was to meet all the deadlines in the past and make everything working!

Now he works in Kiev in the University and he comes to Severodonetsk very often, because he has mother here and also he have some business here! So here is around 4 days per week here.

3) Yes, i will not need to pass any exams, because the dean of the FEP explained to the dean of the faculty that i learned these subject already and i passed the exams about them already! So my old marks will be taken as result of exams!

4) The name of university is Kyiv National Economic University of Vadim Getman! And it's rather god university in Kiev!

5) No honey, the amounts are not bribes! It's official payments!
For books we will need to pay 400$ only, because i agreed it in the library, that they will not give me the books, but will give the paper, that i received them! So instead of 780$ i will pay only 400$!

6) Yes honey, we will be able to pay 1940$ in the first week of March and not that new amount!

7) If you want i can request for the paper from dean, that he takes all the responsibility on their shoulders if something would go wrong!

8) The medical examination was already passed by me and i am healthy!
I didn't pay for it! In Severodonetsk there are good doctors who are honest and don't work for bribes!

9) The FEP and embassy pays for the ticket

10) I contacted the embassy and they informed me that they are going to help me working with dean of the FEP to finally come to you!

11) The 780$ is only book fee! But we will pay only 400$ in the library and they will give me the paper that i received books! In fact, i will not have them! I just need only the paper from the library! I hope you agree, that it makes no sense to pay 380$ for books which i will not need!

12) My mom works as cashier now, because there is no job of nurse available here now!

13) The agency is going to provide me car, mini bus, and also 3 men, which are their stuff! They have branch office in Kiev and their people travel around 2 times in month to Kiev and back! So i will be able to go there with them! Yes, they helped some other people before with it!

14) If we will pay on the 4-5 of March for University, books and also trip money, i will be able to be with you around on the 10 of March!
Me and my family will gather all the things and will pack in the mini bus and go to Kiev!

15) About the classmate... I met another classmate in Severodonetsk and asked her if there are any our classmates living in Kiev and she told me that Elena Topolinskaya lives in Kiev! We had good relations with her in the past! So she gave me her number and i called from the agency phone and we talked! I contacted her several time and she told me, that she is waiting for coming of me and my family!

16) The name of my classmate who lives in Kiev is Elena Topolinskaya and honey my family and me have nothing to steal already :) And also she will not steal anything, because my family will live with her and she will have nowhere to go! But anyway i will not trust her something expensive!

17) Yes my mom and sister will go to work in Kiev and like i told you in my previous letter, they can stay first months in my classmates apartment for free, but than they will pay her just 100$ per month for living with her! And dean's relatives offer living with them for free, but they have around 6 people in family, so it will be rather crowdy in the house even if it's 3 floors house!

18) If it's ok with you of course around 200$ will be very helpful for the first time in Kiev for my family!

19) Everybody are in great health and very excited about such turn in their lives!

20) Honey, after everything my family faced they want to get out form here as soon as possible, because even living near the boarded between terrorists and Ukraine is very unsafe and they already saw a lot of horrors!

21) Honey, i think that everything can be done quick, because there are no people in the line and i am the only one! So everything can be done quick!

22) Honey, we can pay on the 4-5 of March the funds for University 1940$ fee and for books 400$! And money for transportation we can pay later when you and me will decide it's time for me to go to Kiev to come to you! But i think, that it will be right to do everything at once!

23) Yes my love, i remember about he spelling in passport and visa and that it should be the same! So when i will receive the documents i will send the copies of them to you! But i will need to be in Kiev already for it!

24) Yes, i have high school diploma honey and i can bring it with me!

25) Yes i have our letters honey and i will need to take them with me by plane!

26) I meant, that when we will pay for the University and books fee, i become the student and the member of the foreign exchange program and the whole process start at once!

27) They help me with everything, because you and me paid already a lot of funds for everything during the last years and at the same time i didn't come to the USA! They are cooperating, because they need me to go to the USA, because if in their history will be such student like me who tried and tried and tried but didn't come, it will not be good for them and they future!

28) The full amount for university, books and trip is 3840$

29) Because my love, like i already said, i always was good student and good FEP member and all the problems we faced were just extraordinary!

I know that you are skeptical after a lot of tries, but i have feeling, that this time everything will be done good, because we have guarantees, that if we will face any unexpected surprise the FEP and embassy will take care about it by them!

Honey, i will be able to come to Parma and everything is going to be good this time my love!

I love you and miss you!

Your Tanya!

Letter 3

Hello my dearest love Robbie!!!

Honey, i am sorry, that my letter will be not so long, but the agency didn't have a lot of free time to translate my letter to you, so it was useless to write you long letter honey!

You asked me to send you the name of the manager and you can use the following name and address for making the transfer honey:

Anton Serhienko
Severodonetsk city
Khimikov District 21
Zip 93400

Honey, i want to thank you very much for doing all your best for us to be together asap!Please tell all my thanks to Karen and tell her, that when i will come to her i will very much appreciate her for everything she did for us!

I like our team working honey and think time everything will be great!
I have no doubts in it my love! We have everything confirmed and when i will receive any paper i will send you the copy of it honey!

You did great job my love and we both are like working hand in hand and i like it so much! We will be great team, family and partners!

Honey, you asked how i was able to stay in touch with the dean and i can tell you, that while i was in Lugansk he was coming there to my old university which stopped his work, because there a lot of papers which he needed and i met him some time and we talked a lot and i explained him everything!

The dean helps with everything because he is good adequate man and he knows how much it was spent for the all the payment during all these years!

My love, there are no necessary registrations or something like this for me needed, because i am going to come from the territory which is under control of Ukraine! Severodonetsk is under control of Ukraine!

Honey, i love you and the agency already tell me to give them the letter to translate it to you!

I love you honey!!

Thank you and you will not regret my love!

Your Tanya with all my love!!!

Letter 4

Hello my dearest honey Robbie!!!

My love, i want to tell you, that i paid for everything and today i will have meeting with dean and like he said he will give me instructions and documents! So my love, will write you everything tomorrow ;)

I love you and thank you for your faith in me and us!

Love you so badly!

Your Tanya!!!

Letter 5

Hello my dearest man Robbie!!!

I understand how much you are disappointed my love and i feel the same! I worry about you and us and please write me soon! I even borrowed 150$ from my classmate!

Letter 6

Hello my amazing love Robbie!!!

I am sorry my love, that it took almost two days for me to write you my letter!!! I missed you so badly! How are you my love? How do you feel? I will not sugarcoat everything my love and will tell you at once how everything goes!

First of all i am in Kiev already with my family! We live now with my classmate and she is very good girl and said,that her proposal about living with her is valid and she would love my mom and my sister to stay with her when i will leave to you my love!

Like i told you, i was going to meet the dean in the evening and he had to tell me about the instructions and and give me the documents!
We had to meet in his relatives house! So i wasn't afraid to go there, because i thought, that it would be his family and i have nothing to worry about and it will be only business meeting!

I came to his relatives house, he met me and we together went to the house! When we entered then house he locked the door and told me, that i can go to living room and wait for him there... When i entered the living room i saw the table with champagne there, fruits, candies and two glasses! I waited for the dean and told him, that i will not bother him for a long time and will leave at once, because i thought, that he was waiting for somebody! But he said, that this somebody was me! I was shocked and told him, that i have man and i am engaged and i am not interested in his proposal! And i took the documents from the table and wanted to leave, but he didn't let me do it! He started to kiss my hands and pulled me to him and started to use his power to take the clothes off from me and i screamed so loud! And he told me, that i shouldn't scream, because anyway nobody would hear me! After it he wrapped my t-shirt and i was only in bra and jeans!

But my love, i am not so easy girl and i hit him so hard with my knee on his balls, that he screamed like little girl and i hit him in his face couple of times and while he was screaming holding his face i took the key from his pocket and ran away!

I ran at once to police and when they came there he already gone somewhere!!! I spent the whole day today in police explaining them that i am not prostitute and was him who is bad guy, but not me bad girl!

So after a lot of hours i was told that i can go home and they will be looking for him! I didn't go home and i went straight to the FEP office and they told me that they fired already the dean and now another man is going to supervise my trip to the USA and he told me at once, that the agreement with the ex dean, that i don't need to pay for the FEP membership is canceled, because FEP cannot afford it! He said, that he has all the documents needed for me to go to you, but they will be given to me only after i will pay them 1350$ for the membership for the foreign exchange program! I told him, that everything was agreed and he said, that the agreement was based on that deans word and it worth nothing now!

I am very much said, that this cruel world is so much cruel!

I love you!

Your Tanya!!!

Letter 7

Dear Mr. Robbie!

We don't have money on our phone, but we have letter from your lady Miss Tanya to you with attachment and we will send it to you asap!

We wish you good day!

Yours "Vanuti"

Letter 8

Dear Mr. Robb!

Our manager received your transfer and money were given to your lady Miss Tanya and she will write you her letter on Monday!

We wish you good day!

Yours "Vanuti"

Letter 9

Dear Mr. Robbie!

Yes, we have letter with 3 documents for you, but we are working in translation of it!

The name of our manager is Anton Serhienko and you can use the following information if you will need to make the transfer:

Anton Serhienko
Chegorina street 61
ZIP 01000

We wish you good day!

Yours "Vanuti"

Letter 10

Dear Mr. Robbie!

Your lady Miss Tanya received full amount from our manager!

We wish you good day!

Yours "Vanuti"

Letter 11

Hi dear Karen!

Thank you so much for your support! You always was great friend and all these years you did also a lot of things to help me and Robbie to be together! I was so much sad after everything happened! And i almost didn't sleep last night! I felt bad very much because we faced this problem :((( I know that Robbie is very sad and i am also so much sad!

But i am very glad, that i was able to hit the dean! I mean, that Robbie taught me a lot of things in fitness and i trained a lot using his advices and i am sure, that without his advices i wouldn't be so strong! And if i wouldn't be so strong maybe wouldn't be alive now! So Robbie is my hero and my real man and he really made the better person from me!

I as told, that it's necessary to pay only 1350$ for being the member of the program! I have 150$ and i miss 1200$ to pay for it!

I am very sad, that this happened and i really even even expect dean to be so disgusting person after he did for me and my family!

Please tell Robbie, that i love him!

Have a good day Karen!


Letter 12

Hi my love Robbie!!!

Sweetie, i am writing you my letter to wish you good weekend and tell you, that i will be missing you on the International women's day which is going to be on the 8 of March! And because of it the agency will be working only on Tuesday!

I miss you so much!

You are my love angel!!!

Your Tanya!!!

Letter 13

Hello my dearest love Robbie!!!!

Thank you for your letter my honey and i understand your emotions!
Honey, i want to tell you at once, that i have the written guarantees of the dean, but now they are not valid, because the dean is fired and new dean said, that he and the program cannot be responsible for things which ex dean promised! I agreed with him that the only thing i will need to pay is the place in foreign exchange program which costs now 1350$ and i have already 150$ like i told Karen! No other payments needed! Only this one my honey!

I also was disappointed and sad when everything happened like this!
You asked me form what pocket i took the key? From the pocket of dean's jeans and i ran away at once while he was screaming in pain! I hope that his balls mashed in one bloody mess!

Honey, i want to thank you so much for everything you taught me, because without your advises about training i don't know what i would do and because of your advises i was able to stay alive! Thank you my honey!!!

Honey, i did all my best and everything i could in this situation!

How can i be compensated from ex dean when he wasn't caught yet by police? They are looking for him and cannot find!!! They have no idea where he is now and when he will come back if he will! I have serious doubts, that he will come back, because he will be put in jail at once!

Taking into consideration all the problems i faced the new dean said, that he is ready to help, but we need to pay for the membership in program!

I love you so much and i know, that we did a lot of things to be together, but i really needed your words and acts of support, because i was almost raped and who knows maybe i was closed to be killed :(

I love you!

Your Tanya!!!

Letter 14

Hello my dearest man, my love Robbie!!!!

Thank you honey for your letter and words of support! You are my real man and i am very glad, that i have you honey and that together we always do everything possible to reach all our dreams my honey! I love you so much and really with all my heart and i am proud, that we did so much to be together during all these years! And i am really so much proud of our relations!They are great example of hard working and working like team and solving all the problems together my amazing!

Honey, i am sorry, that in all this mess i didn't ask how are you my love? How do you feel? I hope that you will feel better and better and will recover completely! And nothing will be aching or giving you problems!

The house is owned by his relatives my love and where near the flat where he lived the police is waiting for him 24/7! But i am sure, that he will not appear!

And you know my love, i even didn't think, that he can harm me or do something like this, because he did so much to help me!

I understand, that you are very much tired my love from doing everything for us my honey! I understand you completely my sunshine!

The address where i live now my love is Kiev, Yaroslvaskaya street 32/24...

My love, we can trust this new dean, because he will do nothing special! Everything is agreed and organized my sweetie! And the only thing which was under ex dean's world, about which he didn't take care completely was payment for the foreign exchange program membership!
The rest organized!

My love, let's do like this... I don't want us to lose time at all and i want us to finally come to you asap! So tomorrow i will be busy taking the paper form police and also from FEP about the locations and you will do your best to find the necessary sum 1200$ to pay for the membership! We owe the 1350$, but i have 150$ as you remember! So my love on Friday in the morning i send you the papers and you make the transfer to the manager's name! How does it sounds to you my love?

I trust you and only you my honey and this is golden rule for me forever!

I love you!

Your sweet Tanya!!!

Letter 15

Hi my sweet love Robbie!!!

Honey, I am very glad to receive your letter and you wrote me today that you are going to have surgery and speaking frankly I worry about you honey! You are the most important person for me in my life!!!!

Honey, I was extremely busy today trying to receive all the papers and the report from police will be ready tomorrow, because police is the most corrupted thing in Ukraine and they wanted me to pay them for this paper, but I went to their boss and he pushed on them so I will receive this paper tomorrow !

But I receive the paper from the FEP dean and also he signed it with lawyer and stamp of lawyer so it’s real paper with real power! It’s said in it, that the FEP program cooperating with the embassy guarantee me, that I will be sent to the USA in North Royalton or Parma, but the exact place of my work they will tell me when I will pay for the membership at the foreign exchange program, because like they said it’s confidential information!

I understand my love, that you are very much tired that we are not together yet after all the tries and after all this years of hard working, but so do I my love! I also wish we could be already together so we would be able to already develop our family and enjoy every moment together!!

And your hot thoughts made me wet honey! I love you so much honey and I want you so badly! I am thinking about you 24/7 and our love making and just every day life will be something stunning! I am sure in it and I want to tell you, that I am going to keep my promise which I gave you long time ago – I am going to make you the happiest man in the whole world!!!

My love, I am honest with you 100% and I will never hurt you!My intention was always to make you feel like the happiest man in the world!

Everything is going very good with my classmate and my sister works with her now! They are working in packing department at the candy factory ;) My mom is working like cashier now! Everything is very good and my classmate said, that she will never throw my family on the street and I can go to you without any worries!

I am not working now, because I think that it’s useless to look for work when I am going to come to you and anyway I would receive my first money only 1-st month of work!

I didn’t show the ex dean my ass and boobs! My ass and boobs and the whole body belong to you my love!

You are right my love, the connection between you and me is amazing and I am sure,that we will be able to keep developing it!

Yes my love, Anton lived in Lugansk and worked in one of the agencies which I work and we can trust him, because last time you sent 3 times more on his name and he gave all the money to me without problems!
After bombing was going in Lugansk he relocated to Severodonetsk and was working there also in the translation agency which we are using now! I think that it’s very good to have in the agency person whom you know already and we can definitely trust him my love!

My love, I will be told the place where I am going to work only after we will pay for the membership at the FEP! And it will be definitely in Parma or North Royalton!!!

I love you my honey and I hope we will be able to pay for everything tomorrow, because I want to be with you asap!

Love you!

Your Tanya!!!!!

Letter 16

Hello my sunshine love Robbie!!!

Sweetie, the manager received the transfer and i have the funds which you sent me! Thank you for everything my dearest man! Thank you! You will never regret! Going to take care about everything asap!

Love you!

Your Tanya!

Letter 17

Hello my sweetheart Robbie!!!

My love, everything is working good and i am collecting the whole information and soon everything will be out in one big picture! And finally after all these years we will be together my love! I am very much excited and very much want us to finally be able to make all our dreams come true!

I have a lot of meetings today at the FEP and embassy and everything is boiling in process! Very excited and happy!

I love you!

Your sweet Tanya!

Letter 18

Hello my honey sunshine Robbie!!!!

Thank you for your letters my impatient sweetie! I know my honey how much you miss me and how much you want us to be together! I so much want us to be together my love! I so much miss you!

Think abut you every moment! For example today when i woke up i was hugging the pillow and i i can tell you,that it was because i was dreaming about you and me! And after i took shower i cooked toasts and coffee for you and me ;) Don't think, that i am out of my mind now ;)
I just imagined how it would be amazing us to have breakfast together, how it would be amazing us to take shower together, to wake up in each other's hugs!

I miss you and think about you all the time and i really think, that we will have bright and amazing future and i think, that everything is going to work between you and me, but for it we need to communicate and share everything together!

Honey, i have the whole documents ready for coming to you... Except 1! I don't have the Kiev's registration and i need to have it to be able to come to you my love, because like i was explained i am registered now on the territory which is under control of terrorists and i will not be allowed to enter the USA, because of the checking! Th way out are the followings:

1) I can be registered at the dormitory of the University

2) I can be registered at the place where my classmate lives

Second variant is much cheaper!

This problem had to solve the ex dean who wasn't found yet :(

I love you and sorry for such news my love!

Your sweet Tanya!

Letter 19

Hello my dearest man, my love Robbie!!!

Thank you so much for all your sweet words of support my honey! I feel very much important and special now my love, because even facing some barriers again we do our best to ruin them and keep pushing and be together finally after all the years of trying! I know,that we are on the right way to happiness!I am sure in it, because we deserve to be happy! We are two parts of one the whole!We are real couple! We are real family!We are real people who loves each other and who wants to be together forever!

I understand my love, that you are facing a lot of busy moments and i also want us to do everything as smooth as possible so we will be able to be together in each other's hugs as soon as possible!

I am also tired my love from talking being far from each other! I want to hug you, kiss you and us to enjoy everything together and every moment, every step, every single second! I want us just to receive what we deserved by patience and all the power we put in our relations!

My sunshine i guess that the registration in Kiev about which you told me some time ago is that what i faced now! But i want you to understand my love, that everything turned like this now, only because the ex dean didn't do some things which he had to do like payment for the FEP and also this problem! And now we have to deal with it by ourself without anybody's help!

My love, i will gather all the documents tomorrow and will scan them and send to you my honey!

Sweetie, i went to check today with my classmate and all the paper work and registration costs 1794$!

Once we register me which takes around 3 days after we will pay i will bring the registration paper to the FEP and embassy and they will book the tickets for me! To make the story short after we will pay for the registration i will be able to fly to you in 1 week approximately my love! And yes, i will be able to go to Parma, North Royalton or Strongsville!

I love you my sunshine!

Your Tanya!!!

Letter 20

Hello my dearest man, my sweetest sunshine Robbie!!!!

Thank you very much my dearest treasure for your letter today and glad, that we are keep fighting hand in hand with all the problems we face on our way to happiness! You are the most important person for me and i thank you so much for trying so hard to do everything possible and impossible for us to be together and we are working in this question together like team! I am very much proud of us honey!

Sweetheart, the amount is so high, because they ill need to restore the information about me, because the whole information is lost for them because i am registered on the occupied territory! So the whole process about registration should start from the very beginning and also there are a lot of paper work! I am very much sorry, that we face it now and i was able to borrow again from my classmate 94$ and we are missing now 1700$! Of course 94$ is not big amount and i wish i could be able to get more, but it's better than nothing and at least it will be a little bit easier for you to find the necessary amount my love!
And i thank you very much once again for everything you do for us!

My love, we are not guessing! Everything i write you is correct 100% honey!

I planned to send you the papers today, but some of them at the FEP office and they were not signed yet! So i will send them to you on Monday my love! Hope it's ok!

I trust only you my love and you are the only one person who never gave up on me and i am proud to have such man like you sweetie!

I love you so much and miss you all the time honey!

Your Tanya!!!

Letter 21

Hi my dearest Robbie!!!

Thank you honey for your help and your letter! Will be in a hurry to take care about the registration my love!

Will write soon when everything will be solved!

Love you!

Your Tanya!

Letter 22

Hello my love, my honey Robbie!!

Sweetie, everything is fine!Don't worry my love! I just so much busy now with police about the ex dean! They are looking for him and always ask me a lot of questions! Today i spent almost all ay in their office!

But everything is going perfect for me and you i the question of my coming to you!


I love you!

Your Tanya!

Letter 23

Hello my dearest love, my sunshine Robbie!!

Thank you my dearest love, my honey for your letter! I am very glad, that finally i am able to write you my letter my sunshine! How do you feel today my love? How was your weekend? What special did you do? My weekend was calm and easy! I did nothing special! Everything was going smooth and without any problems! I just went for a walk, went to the market, to buy some vegetables, eggs, spaghetti, and some chicken fillet ;) I am not going to cook something special, but i like this simple and very much delicious dish like roasted spaghetti with eggs!
To cook it you need to boil spaghetti first and after it, roast them with eggs mixing all this all the time ;) It tastes very delicious with cucumber :) I bought 1 at the market! It was very much fresh and delicious ;)

Yes my love, it's not very much healthy food... I mean spaghetti roasted with eggs ;)) But you know my love, sometimes you have that feeling when you want to eat something not very much healthy? I had that feeling ;)))) Anyway i am doing all my best to eat god and i always do my best to stay in good shape for you my love ;)

I also spent a lot of time in police office, because they ask me a lot of questions like if i had sex with ex dean before, if i know why he behaved like this, if he tried to flirt with me before, if he showed any attention to me, etc? And they ask me again and again almost the same, but using different words! I when i visited them last time i said, that soon i will not be able to come to them, because i am flying away from Ukraine and they said, that they have different thoughts about it, because i will not be allowed to go out from the country before the ex dean will be found!

I said, that it's impossible because i cannot wait for him for ages when he will be found and they said, that there is such law! I said, that i have everything organized and everything settled finally and tickets booked for Friday the 3 of April, but they said, that i will have to change the tickets and better cancel them!

I said, that it's not going to happen, because this dream to come to the USA i was waiting for ages and now nothing can stop me and they said, that police will stop me in the airport and if i will behave bad they will block the ability for me to travel outside Ukraine!

They said, that there are two options:

1) To wait when the dean will be found! Because they want to be sure when they will caught him, that i wasn't lying about the whole situation saying that he tried to rape me!

2) If i want to cancel my trial against ex dean i need pay them compensation for all the process and all the paper work and all the work they did, etc! And i will be able to go everywhere i want!

The most sad in the whole story is that after all the years of problems with embassy and FEP everything is decided with them already and i had to fly to you this Friday already, because the tickets are bought and everything is decided! The only thing i was missing is the exact location and place of work which they had to tell me before my flight!

And now i don't know what we are going to do!

I love you deeply!

Your Tanya!!

Letter 24

Hello my dearest love, my man, my honey Robbie!!!

Thank you very much my dearest love for your letter and explaining about all the situations and your thoughts! I very much appreciate you for everything you did and doing for us and i always appreciated you for it! And i understand, that because of a lot of our expenses you took some loans and you was busy paying them back my sunshine! I understand my love and i again very much appreciate you for all the hardest work you did for us!

Honey, all the time when we faced problems with people who tried to cheat on us you always told me to go to police and let them take care about everything and i did this time like this, because they are the only who could find him and actually if they would catch him i would demand big compensation from him and we would win in this situation!
But they didn't catch him and they are keep looking for him in all possible places!

My sweetie, i am sending you my electronic ticket and you can see all my flight details which is going to be tomorrow my love flying form Kiev at 7-00 in the morning! But looking at the whole situation i think, that i need to ask the embassy and FEP to postpone my flight and re-book it for Monday and maybe even better for Tuesday, because we have things which we need to solve and which cannot wait, because leaving them unsolved we can face a lot of much dramatic problems!

Honey, i was very much convincing talking to police today in the morning and they told me, that it's not just their desire to receive compensation from me! It's official compensation to the government for the whole work, paper work, started processes, searches, etc which they did already! I applied for the ex dean to be found and punished and if i want to take my words back i need to compensate to the government!

I was told, that the whole amount of compensation if 2000$! They couldn't make the amount lover, because it's official! So i talked to my classmate and she said, that she doesn't have any funds, but she was able to borrow from her friends 200$! So the amount is missing is 1800$ to pay for the compensation to the government!

The most important is that this compensation is legal and it's not bribing or something like this! And just paying this compensation i will receive the paper that i paid the compensation and there is no questions to me and i will be able to show this paper everywhere!

The saddest thing is that we have everything settled and decided between me, FEP and embassy!

My love, i will not take that 250$, because they cannot solve the situation my love and the agency said, that they don't have funds on their phone, but hopefully later in the evening they will have!

I want you to know, that i love you very much and i am really very much sad, that being closer than ever we face this moment with police!
But it's possible to make everything working even if it will be very much difficult!

I love you!

Your Tanya!!

Letter 25

Hi my amazing man Robbie!!!

Sweetie, the manager received your transfer and i will take care about everything today and tomorrow!The agency is not working tomorrow so wait for my letter with all details on Monday!

I love you and soon i will tell it to you looking in your eyes ;)

Love you forever!

Forever yours Tanya!

Letter 26

Hello my dearest man, my love Robbie!!!!

How are you my love? How do you feel? How is your day? I am sure, that you missed me very much and missed the news from me and i am glad, that i have news from you that the process is stopped and everything is in order, but it will take another couple of days for the police to fix all the documents, and pay all the official payments! So my love, instead of today i will come to you on Friday! I am going to the FEP and embassy today to tell them about it, because it was the deadline for me to tell them about the results of the process today! I am sure, that they will be also happy, that finally Tanya has nothing on her way to fly to the USA to hug her sweet Robbie and dissolve in him completely!

I wanted to thank you once again for faith in us and me! I told you a lot of times and will tell you once again, that for me you are amazing man and i am proud that i have you and proud, that we are together!

Love you forever!

Your Tanya!

Letter 27

Hello my dearest honey Robbie!!!!

Sweetie, i am very glad, that i was able to give you some amazing positive emotions and i was very glad to read such sweet letter form you! I don't even remember my honey when last time you was so much happy ;) I keep the fingers crossed that i will be able to come to you asap and just jump in your hugs and give you amazingly hot and sweet kiss my love! I am waiting very much for this moment and when i just imagine how many years and how much power we spent for this amazing moment to come true i feel goose bumps! I mean, that we did a lot of different and necessary steps, we found a lot of ways to be able to be together and tried a lot of them and we just were like blind kittens sometimes, but anyway we are on the way to our happiness and we are on the way of our amazing moment which we were waiting for years!

For me it's really remarkable moment, because we always worked so hard like real team and it was a lot of funds spend all the different things, to solve a lot of problems and get me from a lot of troubles!
Sometimes i made the mistakes and it caused us a lot of troubles like it was with the stolen bag... And i want to thank you for faith in me and us! Thank you so much for everything you did for us and for me!
You are amazing man and i agree with you, that we are amazing couple, because only being in couple, only supporting each other and only giving our hand always to each other we were able to make all this work!

My dearest i would love to give you the flight information today, but when i went to the embassy yesterday they said, that they will not be able to buy the ticket for me, because it was the deadline yesterday!
I told them, that it couldn't be deadline, because i have the problem with police solved, that they will need to do some processes before i will be able to go outside Ukraine!But the embassy said, that they couldn't rebook the tickets all the time when i faced problems and this time was the last time when they rebook it! They said, that if i want to go i need to buy the tickets by myself!

I told them, that we didn't agree that way and i told them that the embassy had to buy me the tickets and they explained, that the embassy bought and rebooked the tickets for me a lot of times and cannot always do it!

So my love, now i need to buy the tickets by myself and they costs around 1640$!

I am sorry for giving you this news, that in general everything is ok and working! The police are going to finish their work today and i hope that on Friday i will be able to fly to you my honey!

I love you!

Your Tanya!!!

Letter 28

Hello my dearest and brightest sunshine Robbie!!!

Honey, thank you so much! I really don't have any words to express you my dearest the whole appreciation i have for you my love for everything you are doing for us! You are amazing man and i touched and proud of us and you my love! We are great team and amazing couple and i am sure, that everything is going to be amazing for you and me!

My sunshine planned to buy the tickets, but was contacted by police to come to their office tomorrow honey! I guess they will give me all the necessary paper which will finalize all the problems with that trial!

I love you honey!

Your Tanya!

Letter 29

Hi my love Robbie!

I will write and explain everything! Love!

Your Tanya

Letter 30

Hello my love Robbie!!!

Honey, i am writing you my letter today once again! I want to tell you at once my love, that i am not scam, fake or something like this! I love you and i am real woman and you saw my photo with sister and mother and you could see that we are all look alike and that they are my real mother and sister! I am not playing games with you and i am serious with you 100%!

The reason i sent you sometimes the photos which were modificated, because after a lot of working out in the gym, after trainings and after reading all your advises, i didn't have almost no results in building up my body! And being sad after lack of results i was reading your letters in which you told me how much it was important me to be strong, how much you want me to be strong and i remember that it was like very very much important for you, that you even wasn't ready to continue with me if i wouldn't send you the photos of my results in training!

I was just afraid you wouldn't write me again after you would see the photos of me almost without any results after training! I don't know why i didn't have results almost at all!

But i am not con artists, i am not scam!

I love you!

Your Tanya!

Letter 31

Hello my dearest love Robbie!!!

Sweetie, i wanted to call you, but the agency didn't have funds on their phone and they are fixing something with it my love and if there are any questions i can answer by letter please ask them! I am not going to lie you or something like this! You are and always as my Number 1 priority in life and it will be always!

I always thought, that you expect me to be perfect shaped for you my love to be able to help you with everything and make you feel proud of me and i was so much afraid to ruin all your expectations my honey! I was so much afraid you wouldn't want to be with me :(((

What a stupid i was when i did that with photos which i sent you :(((
Only now i understand, that i shouldn't be afraid to send you the photos of my real body and i should just be opened with you 100% and you would understand me anyway, because you are the most amazing and understanding man in the whole world!!

Yes some my photos were modified and the photo of my tattoo from my body was put on the modified photos, but i have tattoo my love! It's symbol of our love and it's very much important for me!

I love you!

Please forgive me!

Your Tanya!

Letter 32

Hello my amazingly important honey Robbie!

Honey, the agency is going to put money on their account tomorrow so i will call you when i will come to their office!

I love you and i want us to put everything on it's shelves, because everything i want in my life is to be with you forever!

Love you honey!

Your Tanya!

Letter 33

Hello my dearest man, my love Robbie!

Thank you my honey for your call, for your patience and for simply being the best man for me always my honey! I love you with all my heart and i owe you my whole love and all myself! Honey, the photo i attach today is real and the scanned copy of my ticket to you is also real honey!

But that visa to someone called Lyudmila is not me at all honey! Who is that girl?

I am happy to read my sunshine, that you didn't give up on us and i give you my word, that i am not going to give up my sunshine!

My dearest the breasts augmentation and my tattoo and the rest if real! The only thing i wasn't totally honest wit you was my photos, because like you know i wanted to impress you so much my honey! And i was afraid that i wouldn't be able to meet all your expectations!

My love, i would love to be already on my plane to you and i wanted to tell you about everything by phone, but money came to the end! The police found ex dean and he started the trial against me and said, that it was me who tried to force him to make love with me to receive some benefits in FEP! But it's lies!!! So now i am waiting for the following instructions and i hopefully will be able to receive them tomorrow! It's total nonsense and i think, that it's really crazy all the words he said about me! I am sure, that if the trial will happen i will be able to win it, but i don't know when it will start and how everything will go!

So my love, i hope tomorrow i will know more!

I love you and i give you my word, that i will never lie you ever again!

You are my love everything!

Your Tanya!

Letter 34

Hello my dearest honey Robbie!!!

Thank you my dearest man, my honey for your letter! I agree with you, that the level of tiredness from all the problems which are coming one after another is very very much high! But all the time we face anything i keep talking to myself, that sooner or later this is going to come to the end and we will be together like we wanted! And all the time turning back i see that very hard work, all that efforts we did to be together and i simply cannot give up! And i am proud of us, that we are anyway keep walking ahead ruining all the barriers and i see already your hugs my love and i want to make the last step and jump in your hugs my honey! I love you so much and all these years we worked very much hard for the main target and for the moment which is definitely waiting for us ahead! I will not give up and i know, that you also will not give up my honey!

My honey, all the documents, etc i sent you were real! Like i said my sweetie the only thing i wasn't honest with you was that i sent you some modified photos of myself because i was afraid to send you my real photos because i didn't have that results at the training which we both were waiting for ;)

Honey, i paid that 2000$ to stop the investigation and looking for dean! And they actually stopped it, but dean was caught in the Western part of Ukraine! I guess the police there didn't get the information that i have nothing against the ex dean! So they caught him and when he was explained everything he said, that it was me who tried to rape him and who demanded him to fuck me to receive some benefits in FEP!
But if it would be so, why he ran away and was hiding form police?
Anyway all this the court will decide before the end of the month!

The meeting in court will be on the 27 of April... I had free consultation with lawyer and he said, that this trial is piece of cake for him and we will definitely win, but he wants to be paid 1899$ for his service! I checked some other lawyers and they charge much more my love!

If i will not have lawyer in court i may lose the trial, because i am zero in law things!

I love you with all my heart my honey!

Your sweet Tanya!

Letter 35

Hello my dearest honey, my love Robbie!!

Honey, i very much appreciate you for your letter and i am very much busy today consulting with lawyer, FEP and embassy and tomorrow i will write you my normal reply with couple of receipts and better explanation! I have good news my love ;)

Miss you and love you!

Your Tanya!

Letter 36

Hello my dearest man, my love Robbie!!!

Thank you for your letter my honey! I am very glad, that you wrote me!
And i know, that you are waiting very much impatiently for the news from me and i will not keep you waiting honey!!!

My love, the whole situation is the following! I bought the ticket to you, but because of this problems which we faced now i will rebook it for the date when i will be going to you my love!

So i don't have any funds my sweetie!

Talking about the trial which was started against me by ex dean! He has no chances! The lawyer told me, that he won a lot of such trials and he even gave me the guarantee letter, that he will win the trial and also we will be able to receive 10000$ compensation from the ex dean for all the troubles we faced my love!

He wrote, that he gives me guarantees 100%, that we will win this trial with 10 000$ compensation from the dean!

So my love, winning this trial we will not only solve the question of my as soon as possible coming to you, but also will receive compensation 10 000$! So you will be able to give back all the loans you took my love to make all our dreams come true!

But like i said, we need to pay the lawyer 1899$ for his service!

The trial will be on the 27 of April and i will be able to come to you on the 30 of April!

My honey, i know, that you are adult man and you are able to make the decisions concerning our future together! It's in your hands now, because i did everything possible from my side to find such agreements here with everybody!

I love you with all my heart and i really ask you to help us and i hope you will be able to do it! I love you so much!!!!

Your Tanya!

Letter 37

Hello my sunshine love Robbie!!!

Thank you for your letter honey and from the very beginning i want to thank you for being the best teammate and partner for me and us! I love our relations, i love you, i love the great work we did to be together and i love every cell of you and our relations! You are not part of my life... you are my the whole life! You are not my air to breath... You are everything from what i consist!

Honey, why you ask me about the 2000$ when i wrote you about them in my letter on the 21 of April:

"Honey, i paid that 2000$ to stop the investigation and looking for dean! And they actually stopped it, but dean was caught in the Western part of Ukraine! I guess the police there didn't get the information that i have nothing against the ex dean! So they caught him and when he was explained everything he said, that it was me who tried to rape him and who demanded him to fuck me to receive some benefits in FEP! But if it would be so, why he ran away and was hiding form police? Anyway all this the court will decide before the end of the month!"

Honey, you see by yourself, that the ex dean's story is weak and you also understand, that i will win this trial, but only with the help of the lawyer! I am zero in law things, etc and without lawyer i will never win this trial even being 100000% not guilty!

Honey, you know better than me that if somebody lose trial and have to pay he will pay because it's the law and court said like this! It's impossible to spit in face of court my love! Maybe he will not pay us at once 10 000$, and even if it will take for him to pay us back 1 year we will receive almost 1000$ per month! Not bad!What do you think?

Honey, it's just talking between me and him! It's court! And with lawyer who has experience in such trials i will win 100%! Even you know it!

But my love, without lawyer i can lose of course!

I don't know if you will think about it again or not, but it will be the last time i ask you about help for us! I give you my word and i don't know what else i can do to help us this last time!

My love, i will try to send you my photo tomorrow!

Love you!

Your Tanya!

Letter 38

Hello my honey Robbie!!!

Sweetie, sending you my photo today! It's my recent photo which was made couple of days ago! I hope you like the way i look and not disappointed with the way i look, with my shape! I want to be always special and the best woman for you my honey!

My love, thank you for your advise, but we both know that without lawyer nothing will work! I very much appreciate you for your advises, but this time they are not going to work and you know it honey!

I have no right to demand something from you after you did a lot for us and for our relations and for me and my family! And i never demanded something from you!

I told you the whole situation! I explained you the whole ways we are able to solve it! And i even sent you the guarantee letter from the lawyer and he guarantees, that we will receive the 10 000$ compensation and it will not take more than year the ex dean to pay the whole sum!

I was even able to talk to him and he agreed us to pay him 1650$ instead of 1899$!

And it's great pain for me to read words from you,that i am scam etc!

2000$ were not wasted! That time we were on our way to be together and it was necessary step! I agree with you, that it would be better us to spend it on lawyer, but it's impossible now!

Why you say, that we are going to pay for corruption!??? Work of lawyer always was very high paid my love, because law is very difficult field! And for example i am 100% zero in law!

It's very good, that we both understand, that i am not guilty and the whole world can understand it, even judge can understand it, but the dean will be with lawyer who knows how to do his work when i will be without lawyer at all! I even will not be able to answer his tricky questions, because he will definitely ask them to receive my answers which he will be able to use against me! Without lawyer i am done and will be thrown in jail!

Maybe on Monday it will be my last letter to you, because on Tuesday it will be court gathering and if there i will be called guilty i will go straight to prison from the court room!

The most important thing is that this time you can help not only me to avoid the prison, but us to be together and i will be able to be with you not later than 30 of April if we will hire the lawyer!

But if you cannot... At least write me sweet Good Bye letter on Monday to read, so maybe i will be able to take it with me in jail!

Love you forever!

Your Tanya!

Letter 39

If you are still want us to be together...with real me... write me back! I will make the video for you to show you who i really am... I really love you and all this years i didn't lie you about my feelings and my desire to be with you! You asked me if i love you? Yes! I really do!

Letter 40

Dear Mr. Robbie!

Let's agree, that you will send the ref number in letter and we solve the equipment problems during the day today so at around 16-00 Ukrainian time you will be able to talk with her! Ok? We just want to help you and your lady Miss Tanya to solve your situation!

So if you would send the ref number now, the manager will go to receive it and your lady Miss Tanya will be able to pay the lawyer so he will prepare for todays process!