Letter(s) from Elena Shmatova to Denny (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello stranger right now I am even more than sure that first of all you looked at my photo and only then you opened my letter:) Honestly, I did not expect so soon received a message from you! This is a pleasant surprise ...

Well, let me tell you a bit about myself. As you already know from my first message, I'm Elena, my friends call me Lena. I'm 29 years old, but I'm still lonely lady, never been married. By character, I am kind, sympathetic girl :) Probably you will be surprised , right now I 'm in Russia , and my profile on the site of Canada. When I finished Institute in 2012, I traveled to Brandon, practiced in English and worked as a waitress. It is a small town in the province Manitoba, between Regina, SK and Winnipeg, MB. It was like a fairy tale , I learned a lot about your country for 4 months stay there! Unfortunately, I had to go back. But I never give up hope to visit your country again and maybe stay there forever. I have a good friend there, to be honest, it is she helped me to register on a dating site =)

Now I live and work in Bryansk, although I was born in a small township. Who lives there, my mother and brother, I try as often as possible to visit them. I have friends, hobbies, good job, and I'm not just wasting my time. I miss the time spent in Canada, where I was surrounded by friendly people, beautiful places that previously I had only seen on TV. These warm impressions left in my heart.

So, I want to find a loved one, to create a strong relationship. This is the most important thing for me. Age difference or nationality - not a problem for me at all. I am interested in what is in his heart, what is in his mind. I just need a single man who is my best friend and faithful partner , to whom I dedicate my life and I will love. It is likely that I'm looking for you and you're the only one I need - who knows? I am looking for a serious relationship, for a nice man, more than just a friend. I hope that you are looking for the same thing.

Maybe you want to ask me why in the internet? So there are many reasons. Nowadays with all our daily living needs, wants and problems, with all the twists and turns, to speak figuratively, of today’s world, we often forget about the meaning of our life. We think so much and so deep in our mind about the future that we completely forget about our present. As a result, we are not living in the future as well as in the present. We follow different stereotypes, which were laid down by several generations, which we have never chosen. Probably nobody can say for sure why it should be only this way and no other. I do not know yet if the internet is a good way to find the second half of my heart, but nothing will stop me to try. Why not? Every single moment we dream about happy future which must be full of joy and pleasures at sacrifice of our current time. Certainly, if someone says that nobody can force us to live like this, in any event he will be completely right. So what I am trying to say that our life is in our hands.

It is my first letter and hope a lot that it wouldn’t be the last one at the same time. Answer me, I’m not asking too much. Give me a chance to become to be a friend. Let it be… Do not sit and wait for a miracle, and keep in your mind that everything that happens to us, all is made for the best future.

See you Denny. Sending you a big hello from Russia!


PS: I'll wait for your quick reply ... I hope you will not be greatly shocked by my letter:) Please send me some of your pics from your life.

Letter 2

Hello Denny. You answered me and made my day! It’s like a first conversation, our first dialog. In some ways it’s much more easier to write - you must agree with it or what are you doing here :) here I can be myself. I think you do not carefully read my letter, I have already explained in my first letter that I took my friend's profile. I could not change the picture in my, so you could not see my photos on the site. My real age of 29, I was a natural blonde :) You can see in my photos in each letter :) You have a lovely smile, I love your pictures! Do not hesitate to send me more of your photos. You have an exciting life! I am attracted to what you say openly what goals you are pursuing from our acquaintance, talk about your expectations. We are looking for the same thing, it has to communicate with you.

Our nature is very similar to the nature of Canada! Maybe that's why I liked Canada :) There are many interesting places and tourist attractions, but it is very cold in winter :) In Canada, I met very nice people. You have a different mentality, it is to my liking. I plan to return to Canada in the near future, but it's easy to say, but not easy to do. First you need to be well prepared to make such a huge step, but it is not easy when you do not feel any support. It's hard to start a new life in another country, away from home, completely alone ... I'm disappointed in Russian men, totally different mentality, they have a tendency to alcohol. I'm not saying that in Canada there are no such people, but I never met, maybe I was just lucky ...

I generally like active sports, such as beach volleyball, biathlon, skating, skiing. I do not just look. but try to exercise in itself, depending on the time of year. I've always wanted to try it roll down a hill on a snowboard! I think this is a breathtaking moment when you fly from the mountain on the board, avoiding obstacles!

I am writing to you from work, I don't have an internet at home. I and my friend are renting apartment so it is unreachable for us. So do not be sad or mad on me if I am not writing to you immediately :)

I would like to know more about you and of course I will give you some information about myself. I live in Bryansk already 9 years - it's a very big city and I'm used to this vanity. It's easy to find on a map of our vast Russia. Bryansk - is the capital city of Bryansk region, sure you know about it :). Here are many interesting places, restaurants, museums, parks for entertainment, cinemas, galleries. But at the same time, it is a very bustling city, people are always in a hurry somewhere, not paying any attention to anybody. It is hard to get to know someone on the street:) Surprisingly, between us such a great distance, but we can communicate, no matter what! I will try to find your city on the map...

We live together with my friend Masha in a rented apartment, it allows us to both saving :). I have a dog, I call him Tuzik - this is yokshirsky terrier. I hope you like my new picture with him :)) My mom lives about 25 min from Bryansk, with my brother. Sometimes I come to visit, but not as often as I would like. I have no car, so I travel by train or by bus. Rarely my brother picks me up in his car and we move to mom's house. We together chose him the car and therefore, he does not refuse to drive me =) My father died when I was a very young girl so I don’t really remember him. Mommy says that I am a good copy of him and even our characters are very much the same. I have other relatives but we are not so close to each other. Tell me more about your family and you life. And send me new photos, if you have.

Hope to hear from you soon. Take care, bye!

Letter 3

Hello again, Denny. How are you today? Thank you for your letter. You should know that your attention means a lot for me. I'm curious to know about you and your life! Thank you so much written! I will try to answer all :)

In Canada, I was 3 years ago. In truth, I spend a lot of time to write letters to you, I always check with the translators, because I have not practiced in English. It's important that you understand the meaning of my posts, I try to convey my thoughts as detailed as possible .. Send this your photos where you are doing outdoor activities. I also love spending time outdoors with friends. For example hiking. :) We can afford to drink a little alcohol, but this is rare. I prefer to drink tea or coffee. My Tuzik 2 years, it is still a little :)

We mom very close and she understands that the subject - about my father is very hard for me. I kept crying after his death. I do not leave the house for weeks. Pope - is my ideal man!

Looking at the photos, you eat very tasty!

I do not think it would be right to give my phone number after the several letters. At first, let's get to know each other better ... what do you think? you do not think that there is some correspondence romance ... I'll call you as soon as I'm sure that you really wondering with me as a woman. Unfortunately, I do not use skype, I am writing to you from your computer. My boss will not allow me to install software for personal use, besides, I do not have much time to be constantly online. My work and training in the gym take a long time.

I'm starting to fall in love with your words! You are so beautiful saying that my soul is pleasant, and I smile! I'm beginning to think that you're the man with whom I would like to spend the rest of my life! I would like to hold your hand and talk about everything that I have in my head!

I think if I were you visited, we would make a beautiful table, lit candles, turned off the light and have talked and talked! It's so wonderful that we have met each other!

Today I finished my work earlier than usually. Today in our country we have a holyday. It is a day of love, devotion and family. Especially at such moments I feel myself so lonely. My best friend Masha already has two kids and good husband and she is of my age! I love children but I’m not hurrying up. It’s not a question of being afraid of any responsibility, I just don’t feel myself strong enough for it and also I want my children to have a real father. I won’t let myself repeat my own childhood. But enough about this.

By the way i did not tell you yet about my job. I work as a administrator in a small company for the production of plastic windows. I accept orders and negotiate individual client requests. Sometimes it's hard to work all day long , but i love my job . I like being able to communicate with new people. They often contact me to choose the most suitable option. This brings me a lot of positive emotions when I can get a lot of orders. In a particularly busy days i had to work till late. In the evenings when we are working with documents, we often gossiped with the girls :) . But sometimes i feel very tired of it all. I have to smile when you want to cry , to be polite , even if the visitors are irascible and behave provocatively. I always fashionably dressed , with gorgeous hair and makeup. Daily i try to care for themselves, and look anywhere as a queen , regardless of the situation . I also go to the gym 2-3 times a week . This allows me to feel briskly throughout the week . I used to dream about , to take time off and spend a month on entertainment, travel abroad :)

I did tell you that i finished Bryansk Institute of Management and Business and now work in a profession. So i studied English. I tried to find a job in any way related to my profession, I like my work, individual approach to each client. So i'm not complaining, i build my destiny by myself and there is nothing wrong with it.

Oh, Denny, I wrote you so much today… now it’s your term.
Wish you to have a good day and take care.

P.S.: I think you'll like my new pics =))

Letter 4

Hi my friend Denny. You take a vacation! It's great, I did not take a vacation for 2 years. I would also very much like to take a vacation, and I'm already thinking about it.

Friday tough day, I'm trying to finish all the work before the weekend. Yes, I have to check with onlain translator, I am trying to find the right words. Sorry if something was not clear to you. I would not want to read our emails is your friend, suddenly there is something personal between us.

Probably The girls visit a karaoke bar tomorrow, and we will sing the song. Do you love to sing karaoke? We sing songs only in Russian, of course about love! :)))

I was referring to his father. I'm not a very religious person. I go to church only on religious holidays.

In any case, the food that is prepared at home - delicious than somewhere in the cafe! What do you like sushi? I like "Philadelphia"! I love it!

I think maybe you're my man. I think so because we can openly write their thoughts, share their experienced and their present. We have already written as long familiar people. This brings us. Here's how I think :) You really became my special guy and I do not hesitate to write to you, what is going on inside of me. Recently, I found myself feeling that I want to touch you, to your body and pressed my lips to your warm lips ... Please do not show anyone this letter is just for you!

I love my dog Tuzik, but it's not the attention that I could give a beloved man.

I'd like to visit hot countries such as Turkey, Egypt, Cuba.

I wish that I had a strong family. I want my future children ran and laughed and I with them, and loved man :)

Today I was thinking a lot about you. It is so great that I’ve met you. I even advised my friend Tanya (she is working with me in the office) to go through registration in the internet. All the more she has a good self phone and she can use it as a modem. So it’s easier – she can check her e-mails everywhere she wants. My self phone is not working again. This is a Chinese copy of the iPhone. I was giving it for retiring twice already. Knowingly succumbed to the low price, i spent more money to repair than it's worth. Now I don’t want to spend any rubles on it! Besides it’s not so necessary for me. Maybe I'll give it to my goddaughter. She likes to play with my phone, maybe it is a hand in this break :) But I'm not angry at her, how could you be angry with the child?

So I hope everything is fine with you today. I wanted to ask you did you ever communicate before by the internet? Do you already have an experience? As for me I tried a couple times before but it didn’t work. There was nothing wrong with those people we simply did not understand each other. And it is the most important thing in any relations. Isn’t it? What qualities in a girl for you are the most important? Should it only be attractive or should have some useful skills, such as cooking, to create comfort in the house, to be able to caress a man by nights, etc. ? Overall, I possess the necessary qualities for a girl, it's laid to me in childhood my mother. I'm a good cook (I hope LOL), hardworking and try to take care of themselves, to my man was not ashamed of me. I just do not have enough next to a man for whom I would have tried ... In turn, I expect and hope from my man, he is an defender for me and the most-trusted man in the world, with whom I can do a thousand things together and having fun with him. For which I would have gone to the edge of the world, without hesitation. If we ever meet one nice day, how we spend this day? If you dream of a perfect date? Where would you like to go and what to do with your girlfriend? I have hundreds of choices, what would I like to try together, but I would like to make sure that our thoughts are the same :)

Denny, I am very sorry but I can not write more today. It’s late and I have to go. Next time I’ll write more.

Thinking about you Denny.
Your friend Lena

Letter 5

Hello my friend. Privet!!! What's happening in your life? What's new for today? I would like to visit Turkey, Egypt and Cuba, because I love the sun and heat!

No I do not sing North American music. Tell us what kind of direction.

My father was a devotee of my family, it could be relied on in a difficult situation, he was a caring and loving father!

I'm also glad I found you! We already communicate, as long familiar people!

Yes, I am the first talk on the internet and I think that is easier to talk than to in live.

I'm starting to fall in love with your words! You are so beautiful saying that my soul is pleasant, and I smile! I'm beginning to think that you're the man with whom I would like to spend the rest of my life! I would like to hold your hand and talk about everything that I have in my head!

I think if I were you visited, we would make a beautiful table, lit candles, turned off the light and have talked and talked! It's so wonderful that we have met each other!

You know, Denny, our correspondence brings some special meaning to my life. Now every day of my life it's not just a daily routine. Now I'm waiting for the evening with great impatience. I'm still not sure but I'm waiting for your letter, for some warm words from you. And it's so wonderful! And also I told you already that I have a high education and I passed state exams on English language, but it was two years ago already and it seams to me that I'm loosing my English without any practice. Especially in our town. I work in the office almost 18 months and I saw English-speaking people there only two times and no one French. So, please do not pay a lot of attention on my mistakes and remember that I am trying to do my best or try to speak Russian :)

Today I tried to imagine you, your home, the people who surround you. We have 9-10 hours time difference. Can you believe that right now talking to you I am on thousand kilometers from you !

I had a day off today. I'm used to get up early and even if I don't have to work I wake up about 7 a.m. in the morning. I've made some cleanings and helped Masha on the kitchen. She cooks really well and she can't stand anybody else giving her advises or trying to do something better. So it was hard ))) I told her that she is a chief cooker and that I'm here to do every her order. After all she let me come into the kitchen and do some simple stuff. In the afternoon I had the whole day for myself. What can be better!

It's very interesting for me what do you do if you have a lot of free time. Do you have any hobbies? Do you like to travel? You can think that it's strange but I don't like shopping instead of every single woman. The thing is that I don't like teasing myself with thousand things that I certainly would like to have but can not afford. Usually I have two days off as in every normal schedule. Sometimes I help my friend Masha to look after her children. Don't know how good am I as a baby sitter but still I am a god mother of her youngest doter. Masha doesn't ask my help too often and I try not to refuse. So and today in the afternoon as well I took her kids and we walked in the park, ate ice-cream in the cafe and looked at pigeons for hours. I didn't do any hard job but in the evening feel that all my forces have gone far away. Sleepy-sleepy tonight I'm saying you good night my friend. Sending you very big hello from Russia. Please send me some photos.

Take care, look after yourself and bye-by.

Letter 6

Hello, it’s me again. So now I’m sitting at home and writing a letter for you. Don’t be surprised I still do not have an internet connection and I will have to go to the internet cafe again. I was glad to receive your letter again as usually. I think you will succeed work. I wrote to you that my phone is broken. I can not write the way I sing. For yet I do not know French, but I would like to learn it. French language is the language of passion! I know how to cook at least 10 different soups: soup with mushrooms, soup with krapiva, soup of milk, solyanka, rassolnik, shchi, borsch, cheese soup, cream soup, fish soup, etc.

You have a very beautiful and happy, mother and daughter! I hope in the future to meet with them :) I think your mom will tell me a lot of interesting things about you!

You know in Russia we have an expression (not sure that I can translate it correctly, but I’ll try to do my best) so: the distance between people is like a Fire and the windathe real fire will be even bigger and stronger because of the wind but little light will be blown out by the wind so as any relations…I really hope you can understand what I’m trying to say. You can answer me that there is no relations between us, not yet, and you will be right on one hand, but on the other hand you already came into my life, you already have a place in my mind (all the time), in my heart and even now it’s so hard to imagine next day without you. The most important thing is that I enjoy corresponding WITH you. I feel the same comfort as you are. Never before I could expect such “relations”. We are blind now. Does not matter how many pictures I can send you – you still don’t know me in real situation. I am afraid to disappoint you and be disappointed in you. But who knows. We simply have to use every opportunity in this life. I really believe that it’s better to regret about what you’ve done than to regret that you never tried.

Hope that you don’t see it strange, I mean, that I’m writing to you every single day. I’ll try to explain. It’s just my great pleasure to read your answers and I would be very sad if one day you’ll stop writing. Now I know I found a friend and I’m very appreciate you for it.

Wish you everything the best. Wait for your letter. Miss you, Denny.

Letter 7

Hello my Denny. The weekend was wonderful! I met with my friends, it was a lot of laughter and fun! My favorite singer Alla Pugacheva, and the song "Love Is Like a Dream."

Yes, I know how to cook a lot of soups :) My favorite soup is the borscht! Then you already know how to cook only cooked food :) It's okay, I can cook everything myself :)

Tell us how you were a kid? I've been a fighter, I was running around the house and broke all the toys :)

I am impressed by your knowledge of literature! You are very well-read man! I like it!

Excuse me. I try to answer you all your questions, but I do not have sufficient time to comment on your answers. I can only write to you from work. I have already told you.

I agree that the correspondence does not give all that you can learn about each other's lives. I can give not only external beauty, but also the internal! Why did you decide that I'm not the kind of person who writes to you? Why having such thoughts?

I do not have time to watch videos on Youtube, if the boss sees it, it will make me a reprimand :)

How is everything today with you? How is your job? Today I feel myself so sad and lonely. I was thinking a lot about our correspondence and bout our relations. You became to be like a drug for me (I hope you understand my words correctly). The whole day I’m waiting for your letter and I know that we are so limited in our communication. I often try to imagine you saying me all those words from your letter, I can only dream to hear your voice...at the same time it’s hard to know that you are so far away from me. Thousands of kilometers are between us.

It’s not very comfortable for me but I will do the first step. Do not be afraid I’m not hurrying you up, I just want to ask you to give me your phone number. As I don’t have any connection I would try to call you by myself. Of course you don’t have to and I’ll understand if you refuse me.

Yesterday I was talking to my mother about you. She said that I must be ready for everything and that I must be very careful with the internet friendship. But I see that you are a very good, honest and kind person. I don’t know how to explain it, but I simply feel that I can trust you, believe you. I said my mother that there is nothing to be worry about, that everything is under control and you’d never hurt me, aren’t you?

It’s so nice to know that you are thinking about me too. I don’t know what will be in the soonest time and I don’t know what to expect from our relations but I already know for sure that it’s a great pleasure for me.

So if you give me your number — it would be a good opportunity for us to have a real conversation. Will wait with impatiens for your answer. Be good my Denny and don’t forget about me :)

Your girlfriend Lena

Letter 8

Hello my angel. Maybe you forgot to give your phone number. I hope you write it in the following letter.

I'm not sure for how long am I writing you but it seams like I know you for ages. Sometimes I think that you can read my thoughts, like you are able to see my mind. Day by day you become to be closer to me. Do not you know the song of Ne-Yo "Closer" - this is a song about us (it was a real singer not so long time ago). I afraid do not find words to express how much I care about you and how much I need you, but nevertheless you should remember about it ...

There is nothing new in my life. The same work day by day. Now it seams to be very boring when I've met you. I'm trying to do all the same but it does not bring me happiness any more. Now I see that I live like in a little box and you can help me to open it.

So it's late already and I better finish my letter. I'm thinking about you my Denny.
Miss you.
Your Russian girl Lena.

Letter 9

Hi my wonderful, Denny. It was so great to receive again your letter. Your words make me feel so nice. I am very-very appreciating you for your attention. All those days you are always in my mind. I’m getting ready to sleep thinking about you and waking up with a smile because of you. Today in the afternoon I was so deep in my thoughts of you that I completely forgot to pay for the ticket in the bus. Yes I know shame on me, it has never happened before. So you see how much you mean for me. Sorry if I confused you :) My eyes are brown. Yes, I grew up on the songs of Alla Pugacheva :) Unfortunately I rarely visit an Internet cafe, from a lack of time. Thank you so much written that I find it difficult to answer everything, but I think it will be better when you call to talk, I'll call you sometime and we'll talk better :)

Also today we (me and Masha) will go to the cinema to watch move "Christmas tree 3". Hope it will be interesting enough. Honestly I’m not crazy about such films which consist of several parts. You simply have to know all the parts before, but I’m not a fan and missed almost all of them. So I go there to make a company and only because of Ekaterina. We have a couple good cinemas near our work. There is a very good surround sound and you, do you like to go to the cinema? What kind of films do you prefer and what’s your favorite one?

And one more news for today I talked with my boss and she said that I’ll have vacation in a couple weeks. It would be great because I did not take vacations for a long time! Of course I still have my weekends and holydays but it’s not the same. This is a good time to meet in person. Did you think about our meeting? Would you like to visit me in Russia, meet with me in the Canada?

I miss you. It sound strange but you become to be so close to me. We are corresponding for not very long time but we wrote so much as other people can not tell each other during much longer relations. At the beginning I was looking for a friend who lives far away in other country. It seemed to be very interesting and useful. But now I regret a lot that you are so far from me. It could be easier if you are my neighbor. One morning I would simply knock to your door and say “hello, I missed you”.
Denny, why at this moment you are not with me? I’m sure God created us to be together. It should not be this way. You can not see me now, but I’m ready to cry. Please, Denny, reply me as soon as it possible, let me know all your thoughts, don’t hide anything from me. I wait. I need you.

Send you BIG kiss, with love from Russia.
Your Lena.

Letter 10

Hello my dear Denny,

I'll call you on Monday and we will discuss the details of our meeting. So I dream to hear your voice !!!

Thousand Kisses, Your Lena.

Letter 11

Hi Denny,

You read my letter? It came to you? I hope all is well with you! Waiting for a response from you soon.


Letter 12

Hello Denny, I again tried to call you, but you did not take the phone again. I was so upset, that does not talk to you! Now I understand you were busy. Okay, I'll call you tomorrow, I hope you will answer me. I think it would be better if you leave a cell phone number so I can call you on the line. Please, I'll call you, answer me !!! I'll call you at the same time, as we had agreed!

Forward to our conversation, your Lena

Letter 13

Are you okay? No response from you to my last message... just wanted to tell you, good afternoon, Denny! I know what you're very busy. Just could not wait to share my good mood :) You gladden me, if you text me back soon


Letter 14

Where are you missing? I worry!

Letter 15

Would like to meet with you. Do you want to meet in Belize? I'd like to talk about our meeting. It would be great! What do you think?

Letter 16

How much more you will be in Belize? I think I will meet you there or when you arrive in Canada, we can meet there. How do you think? I think it would be a wonderful trip!

Letter 17

Well, over the weekend I'll find information in a travel agency !!! I'll let you know on Monday! Yes, you should extend your vacation :) I think that we will have an unforgettable journey.

Letter 18

Hello loved Denny!

This morning I visited the travel agency and found out about the prices. I even could not ever imagine that it will cost so much! My love, after our conversation with tourist manager I can say for sure that I could never afford such a trip. He said that now it's prices jumped up due to the high value of the dollar. So he gave me an information paper and explained me that it would be better to organize a tourist visa. It does not take a lot of time and they give the assurance that I am 100% get a tourist visa if I order it through them. So they will help me to organize everything but I will have to sign a contract with them. The whole price is 1620 american dollars there are tickets Moscow-Denny-Moscow 900 dollars and all required documents: visa 300 dollars, insurance 115 dollars and medical card 85 dollars and a service of tourist agency 220 dollars. It's all necessary to came to you and at the same time it's just crazy sum of money for me. Even if I spend all my and my mother's savings I will cover only approximately 60% of this trip. I still do not have enough 650 american dollars. That's all I can say. I was ready to pack my suitcase and now I'm crying.

I just wanted to be with you. Now I do not know how to be in this situation ... hoped that you could help me ... It's unpleasant to ask you about this, but I think that this applies to both of us, so it's only fair that you, too, will contribute to my arrival. I'll be very grateful to you ... Of course, large part of the sum do I pay myself, but I can not cover all the costs. I hope we can find a way to be together ... so hope!

I need a couple of days to prepare the necessary documents for the visa (photos, certificate from work, fill out all forms, copies of passports, information on real estate and other) and another 5-7 days for approval of visa. Here are some variants of scheduled flights. Let me know what time my arrival to you will be the most convenient. We can choose any date:
1. Delta
Boarding from Moscow (SVO) DL 467 Economy- DL 703 Economy - Airbus A319 arrival Belize Citi (BZE) 11:44am 2. Lufthansa Boarding Moscow (DME) UA 1451 Economy - Airbus A319 - UA 1407 Economy - Boeing 737-800 Arrival Belize Citi (BZE) 10:14am

Almost forgot, I also need your full address. It is necessary to fill out a form to obtain a visa, I should indicate in what places in Canada, I'll stop. Can I stay with you, or will I need to get a hotel room? I would not want to confuse you with my presence and annoying =) LOL

I'm praying you please do not leave me alone. I need you, Denny! It will be the end of my letter, I have to go back to home, getting dark. I'll wait for your answer tomorrow morning. Passionate kiss to my Prince before bedtime!
Always yours Lena

Letter 19

I went to the agency and there promised that I will make a visa. If I do a visa at the border, it will be cheaper, but there are risks, because they can not refuse me a visa. So I asked the agency, they promised that they would do me a visa 100% and I will not have to worry about my flight. I think that we can live in one room, if you do not mind. Yes, it would be nice if you showed me the sights. Thousand kisses, your Lena

Letter 20

Hello Denny, today I'm at work. Boss as always gave me a lot of work, but I'm glad that my vacation soon !!! Why do you say that there is not any guarantee that I will come to you? My intentions are serious !!! I will not deceive the man who became my very close. You are part of my soul! In the travel agency said that a visa in Belize will be done 7-10 days. I think better, I come to you in Canada!

This morning I went to a travel agency and learned how much a visit to Canada. The whole price is 1540 american dollars there are tickets Moscow-Calgary-Moscow 950 dollars and all required documents: visa 170 dollars, insurance 115 dollars and medical card 85 dollars and a service of tourist agency 220 dollars. I still do not have enough $ 570.

I need a couple of days to collect the necessary documents for the visa. The visa will be ready in 5-7 days after I pay the travel agency services. Here are some options for scheduled flights. Let me know what time my arrival to you will be the most convenient. We can choose any date.
1. Air Canada
Boarding from Moscow (SVO) AC 2570 Economy - Airbus A319 - London (LHR) AC 851 Economy - Airbus A330-300 - arrival Calgary (YYC) 12:15pm 2. Air France Boarding Moscow (SVO) AF 1845 Economy - Airbus A319 - Paris (CDG) AF 342 Economy - Boeing 747-400 - Montreal (YUL) AF 6564 Economy - Boeing 737-600 - Arrival Calgary (YYC) 9:40pm

Letter 21

Hello Denny, I no longer had a vacation, I would like to spend it with you. In Russia, it is +5 degrees Celsius and rain , it is very gloomy, I am sad because I did not next to you! My vacation for 30 days, if I take a vacation for a long time, I have to take unpaid leave. It would be nice if you showed me all the beautiful places in Canada! Canada is a wonderful country!

I would agree to help you, if to come to Russia, because I am confident in you, you were my loved one! I am ready to help you with the flight to Moscow! I would not want to postpone our meeting! When you arrive in Canada? We have had a wonderful time together!

Well, I'll try to find a camera and take photos of my passport.

PS: here are some of my photos :)

Letter 22

Hello dear Denny, today I came from my mother. I had a wonderful time with my family and friends. I told them about you. My family and friends are glad that I met you and that everything is wonderful!

Letter 23

Hello loved Denny!

I often go to see my mother, I usually do a visit to her mother at the weekend. My brother has a car, so it takes me out of the house and takes to her mother. It's great that you flew well. I am very much afraid of flying :) This is very scary. Unfortunately, we now have +10 weather gloomy, constantly going to rain. Dear Denny, when we meet? I dream of our meeting.

Kiss, hug, your Lena

Letter 24

Hello dear Denny! I have no fears :) I think it's better to make a tourist visa, because it is 5-7. If you do this visa, then I do not need your letter of invitation. I just need to pay for the travel agency services, and then they will start the process of making a visa. I need your help to pay for this process. Let's do it in advance, so you do not think about it. On what date I plan to book tickets? when can we meet? Love you, your Lena