Romance scam letter(s) from Olga Naumova to Rick (Canada)
Letter 1
Hello Richard!!!!
Well …. I do not know from what to begin our dialogue. :) I never got acquainted on the Internet, and the first never started gets acquainted with the man. You probably think that I'm the next silly girl. Lol
Ok. Probably it's interesting to you why I have written to you on a site? And why I get acquainted on the Internet. I read many profiles … but my sight has stopped on your profile … .mmmmm … …. normal the man (has thought me) when read your profile … and has decided to write to you. I think, that the Internet gives cleaner dialogue because in real I cannot gets acquainted with guys. Yes many guys try will get acquainted to me …. But they see sexual object. They do not see me! They want only sex. I want relations!!! On a site to me offered virtual sex … it ridiculously …. Group sex turns out. (computer, girl, guy).
Opssss ….. there is some platitude. LOL
I hope, that have not frightened you. Now I need to go. I'll write more about myself in the following letter!
Ok. I hope to receive your letter and your new photos.
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