Scam letter(s) from Marina Vidyakina to Kim (Canada)

Letter 1

Greetings my lovely. Forgive me for that that I has not written to you some days. The matter is that I really was very busy and had no absolutely any time to write to you. Now I was released and can write to you again. My beloved, I very much grieved for you these days. To me it was very sad and lonely. Though my lovely, in my opinion I have rather quite good news to us. You remember in the last letter I wrote to you about that that my mum would like to sell the apartment to pay my trip to you? So, she has consulted to the lawyer and he has told her that such variant can be carried out and the apartment of my mum can be easily sold rather quickly and for which good money will suffice that mum could buy for itself the new house which will to cost less and to help me with payment of trip up to you. However there is one rather serious problem which may prevent to meet to us. The matter is that I am registered in this apartment and my mum may not sell it until then while I am registered there. But I also can not leave an apartment because I am prevented by any legal formalities which I can not overcome and consequently I can not and leave an apartment. It is rather difficult for me to explain to you laws of the country which prevent me to make it, but the fact is the fact. I can not leave an apartment and consequently my mum may not sell an apartment and help me with payment of trip to you. I do not know that to me to do right now because I very much want to arrive to you but I can not make it as I do not have any money for this purpose. I even tried to take the credit in bank on the security of the property to arrive to you but me have given up and in it. I in despair my dear. My mum too is very much upset because she really wanted to help us to meet as soon as possible. But my mum could will offer us one advice. She has told that if you have no money to pay my trip that to you it was necessary to try to take in bank the credit for any term and under any interests. The essence consists in that that all over again you take money for my trip and send them for me. I prepare for all documents, I buy tickets and I fly to you. Automatically me write out from an apartment of my mum and she receives an opportunity to sell it. Mum will make it in very short term and at once after she receives money for an apartment she sends them for you that you could pay the credit at once. In my opinion it is favourable because the big interests for so short term will not be also you can pay it almost at once after I shall arrive to you. Thus my trip is paid actually by my mum and you only are the intermediary in money. My lovely, I hope that you may understand me and will make all that depends on you that we at last were together. My lovely, I so want that we at last will near each other that I simply not can transfer with the help of words the desire more soon to appear about you. I literally in despair from that that all of us yet together and I can not undertake anything. I in despair loved. But the hope for you and for that still lives in me that you can help our meeting. I love you.
Yours Marina
Letter 2

Greetings my lovely! Today I have come in Internet - cafe and very strongly was delighted when have seen in the letter box the letter from you. I today even have woken up with such wonderful mood that simply can not explain the pleasure Know my lovely, I sometimes has changes of moods. For example yesterday I had awful mood. I was very much upset from that that trip to you costs so much. I was awfully injured and fell asleep with disgusting emotional. I did not have hope for that that we shall meet shortly.
But today in the morning all is cardinal changed. I as if have found in myself forces to continue to live and trust in the best time. On soul I had such ease and freedom that I have realized that all will be good. I did not understand the reason of the pleasure but I felt that soon all will change also we shall be together. Whether I before that how to go on work have decided to go in Internet - cafe to look you had time to write to me the letter to this time. I very much was delighted when have seen it in the letter box. I yet did not understand the reason of the pleasure but I already probably felt that you have found a way to make so that we were together as soon as possible. I with shudder of heart read the letter from you.... And happiness has swallowed up me such strong wave that I might not resist to this any more. We can meet soon???!!!!! My lovely, I am happy. I can not transfer you in a word that that I feel now. Now I know that we shall meet also hope for the best more never will leave me. It always will be with me until then while we do not appear near each other. I each day shall come in Internet - cafe and to write to you. I shall love each day, each morning, each time because this instant approaches us to that for ever to be together!!!!! I shall be hope and to wait for ours as I hope a fast meeting. I shall love these instants of expectation because they disappear and there are instants which have remained that we have met. Loved, since this minute I shall perceive time on another. Before I perceived it as a certain abstract concept and did not concern to it seriously, but now I shall love time and to respect it because it approach our meeting!
My lovely, I want to answer and your question. Certainly I shall be glad to become mother for your children. I very much love children and I shall love your children just as I would love the. I do not see any difference in that who biological mother of children, the main thing who has brought up these children and has helped them with life. I shall be sure in that that I to love your children. Children are the most fine thing in live of persons. It can be put on one level with love. Children give to us happiness! You want it? You want that I became your wife and you became my husband? I know it because we like each other really. Our love not only words. This condition oppress. Up to that as me this feeling I even has touched imagine not might that it is possible to love with such huge force with what we like each other. I did not trust in that that feelings may be such strong. But fortunately I was mistaken also me the huge love to you has seized. You feel too most?
And one more my lovely. I hurry because already it is time to me to go on work. I understand that for you very hardly to pay all at once, both the visa and the passport and the ticket. But there may be we shall make so. All over again I shall be to registr the visa and the passport for travel abroad that me have let in your country. As far as I know these documents have rather long validity. As soon as they will be ready I shall store them until then while I will not have money to tickets. And thus I want to tell you about that that as soon as at me in hands will be money on tickets, I at once shall go to aircash departments, I shall buy tickets up to your country and at once I shall treat to to you. That is we can be together in day or one and a half after at you money to tickets will appear. And to us any more will not come to wait for that day as documents will be ready because they will be already at me in hands. That is I want to tell you that I think that it would be better if I began to think of documents as soon as possible. What you think in this occasion? You can help me with payment of cost of documents? It will demand less instant money and it is possible that you have necessary sum directly ?????. Write to me that you think of it.
Forgive but now it is time to me to go on work because I already am late.
Good-bye my lovely, I love you!!! p.s. The love is a fine thing!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 3

Greetings my lovely. When I have come in Internet - cafe I was very glad to see your letter. I always very much am glad when I see in the letter box your new letter. However to me is very sad to hear about that that your son is sick. I can understand as you now hardly. Children are the most important thing in the world for any person and it is always very hurt to look at illness of the child. I hope that with yours son all will be good also he will recover soon. Very awfully when children are sick. It is unfair as children are most defenceless and helpless people in this world and they should not be sick. I understand your feelings of the father. I very much would want to help you to endure this pain. I want tell you that you always may hope on my support. I always can understand you. I very much would want to be about you right now to help you to look after your son. I know that now you need in support because for the man very hardly to be engaged in education of the child and it is twice morally difficult to be about him when he is sick. I want to be about you together with your son. I want to look after him and to give for him all love and caress. Probably he very much requires female caress and care. And it is very hurt me also because I can not give it for him right now. But I want that you trusted in that that your son soon will recover also all it will be good. Our love will help us to overcome any obstacles and problems together.
Lovely, you asked me about that how many money to me it is necessary to pay for documents. For the passport and for the visa I should pay 570 American dollars (340 for the visa and 230 for the passport). My passport will work till 5 years, and the visa really till 1 year. However then I have the right to prolong these documents on longer term.
You also asked me about that as you should send this money. My lovely, the unique way which will allow me to receive your money it if you will use the western union. Today I have learned that branches of this organization work in my city and I without any problems can receive your money. I have learned that that you might send money you need in my full name and my address. It for you: First name: Marina
Last name: Vidyakina
Address: Russia
Yoshkar-Ola post/code 424000
Panfilova street
house 33
flat 71 My lovely, I hope to see your letter in the letter box tomorrow with news about health of your child.
I understand that you have no a free time and consequently I finish the letter today. I love you!!!! Never overlook about it.
For ever yours Marina P.S. With impatience I wait for your answer
Letter 4

Greetings my lovely. I am glad to that that your son feels like better today. I hope that soon he will cease to feel a pain in ears and will recover. Really awfully when children are sick. Lovely, please transfer from me congratulations on birthday for your son. I wish him health and happy life in the future. Birthday a good holiday, is a holiday of the childhood and it is a pity to me that your child meets this holiday ill. However I all the same hope that becomes fast to him better. Please kiss the child from me and tell that I with impatience wait for a meeting with him and it is not a pity to me that I can congratulate him personally.
My lovely if I have correctly understood you that you you have half from 570 American dollars. It is correct? Loved Kim if you have this that I ask to send them as soon as possible. If I correctly understand that you have 285 American dollars to send. Lovely, please make it as soon as possible. As soon as I shall receive this money I shall make the passport for travel abroad to bring a part of payment for the visa and to wait when you can send second half for the visa. I do not hurry you as I understand that right now to you very uneasily because of illness of the child. However if you may send 285 USD that do it as soon as possible using the western union. You have for this purpose my data and may make it without any problems. Dear last night I all time thought of you. When I watched TV, I thought of you when mum talked to me I as thought of you when I took a shower that too thought of you and when I have gone to bed those all my ideas were only near to you. I long might not fall asleep and in a head ideas only about you and climbed about that I not near to you. I have risen on kitchen to have a drink waters and have unexpectedly taken the handle and mechanically began to write down all ideas about you on a paper. So I have stayed two hours but to sleep it would not be desirable at all as I was very much excited also ideas were far near to you. And so in these two hours I have written a poem which I have devoted to you. I from myself did not expect it that I can write a verse, especially in my opinion it completely not bad. I sure in the childhood wrote verses, but they were about mum, about the brother, about school, about love I never and thought to write. But now, when I have learned you and have learned that such love I for myself have opened in myself this talent. Lovely it is all due to you, you have inspired me on this small feat. I have already taught the poem by heart and now I shall write it to you. Remember this first poem I devote to you. I hope to you you is pleasant also will not be smile. Simply because there was no you,
I might not tell you that yours.
Long in the winter and pure in the spring
It was very bad without you one.
Long light of unreal pictures
In show-windows
Again an autumn, winter, again summer, spring for ever
Kiss recollecting tone
As if flights of sharks
Vanishing absolutely, anywhere at all, for ever.
Simply because there was no you,
I might not tell you that yours.
Long in the winter and pure in the spring
It was very bad without you one.
Only you understand me to disappear loving
At each night without dream
For nobody it is necessary. I one
I am simple can not without you, I should loving
Recollecting I sing and silently I am angry on myself.
Simply because there was no you,
I might not tell you that yours.
Long in the winter and pure in the spring
It was very bad without you one. Well lovely it was pleasant to you? I think that it very romantically, and you? And you sometime devoted verses? And to you devoted? I ask answer me.
Lovely I wait from you tomorrow for the answer. I love you.
Also remember I think of you each minute. Forever yours Marina
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