Scam letter(s) from Ramzy Awudu Adams to Ralph (USA)

Letter 1
Hello how are you doing sir. Ralph..
This is Paul Annan from westernunion branch in ghana and nice to write this letter to you ok ..i have something important to discuss with you so i decided to email you and let you know and i have send you my id card too you can check it and wnat to now if you realy interested mail me back and tell me ok ..if you will be interested i willbe more happy cos i have see something you have been doing that dont make me happy cos i saw your name in our system that you have been sending funds to a fake person which is used to be call anita adams and want to tell you that she is not real just want your funds and leave you hopeless and unhappy so if you are interested in my help to you just email me back and let me know and this my cell phone number call me anytime you need me
+233 247189849
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