Scam letter(s) from Ilona Porebrik to Steven (Denmark)

Letter 1
Again, welcome, my dear friend!
Thank you kept in touch with me.
With every letter we become good friends with each other. I am very pleased.
I am happy to go home from work, and know that your letter waiting for me!
Thank you for telling me about you.
You know, I have a good mood today !!! I learned a great news!
My closest friend told me about the pregnancy! O God, how long she and her husband were trying to have a baby !!
She told me that her husband cried when he learned of her pregnancy. Of course, I'm a girl impressionable, I also cried when she learned the news!
I can not express in words how I felt when I heard the news! I write to you, and all contracts within me !!! I find it hard not to smile!
Sorry to tell you this. You interested? But I do want to shout about it! My girlfriend is like a sister to me.
We have been friends since the first year of university. We met on the first day of university, and have always been very close.
She married our classmate when I was in fourth year. It was a modest student's wedding. I was a "bridesmaid" and photographer in one person.
I have been doing photography, and attended the University of photography lessons. I love to photograph beautiful landscapes and people.
Portraits of my favorite pictures in the profile. I have many friends photographers. They are interesting people. Many photographers strange, but they are always interesting to talk with them. You love to be photographed? I think that in your town a lot of beautiful scenery.
On the second year of university, all of our members photography lessons went to France. Unfortunately, I was not able to fly with them.
I needed to pay by flight and accommodation, and all the money I sent to parents. I don't have passport.
This too has become an obstacle for my flight to France.
My friends arrived from France and happy with a lot stories. I envied them, but was happy for them.
Since then, I vowed that someday I'll be a lot of traveling and make photos of landscapes and other countries.
Again I tell you a lot about me. I hope that you're interested.
I'm glad I met you on this site. I do not think that I soon begin to communicate with such a wonderful person.
I heard that on such sites a lot of scams that cheat girls. I'm sure that you're not lie. Are you interested.
Are you nice and cozy dialog. I want to tell you everything that's happening to me. I'm glad I met you. Thank you for our fellowship!
I need to go to bed. Early tomorrow morning to work.
I'll go to sleep with thoughts of you and your next letter!
Your Russian girlfriend, Galya.
I wish you a good time!
Send a kiss!
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