Scam Letter(s) from Rita Ming to Leonardo (Uruguay)

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Letter 1

I am grateful of your socializing.How many children do you have ? I am single ,nurse by profession and you ? My fathers name Sastre Pedro.I want to know more about you,I want to know something before I get there.I want to be help to me, tell me things about Uruguay,the environment,the way we live, and if the place is good for investment, because I like to invest in any business profitable, and I need your help to tell me what business that are profitable and exactly can I invest, both of us can invest together. I'm thinking of investing in real estate and oil palm, I need you to tell me which is the province have favorable environment for investment. God bless you

Letter 2

Thank you for your urge to champion my investment plans. I am glad to have read your email which gave me more confident in your ability.I will like you to send to me your recent picture in your reply.We can invest on real estate or if you have any other lucrative business that you can introduce me to. I sent you this proposal with trust because you are living in Uruguay which I also believe you have the fear of God.My budget for the investment is 4,000,000.00 dollars, which my late father Late Engineer Sastre Pedro, deposited in bank here in Malaysia..My fathers wrote in his will that I can only make claims when I am upto the age of 30 or if I can find a trusted person .who can assist me for investment. I am 19 years Old and 11 years from now is very far and I do not need to stay here in Malaysia because my mothers husband is always trying to get all my father left. From my fathers will, you get 30 percent of the total sum of my fund as accepting to help as my business partner and also securing my fund in your account. My Phone: +60149697118, you can call me anytime you are free, I will appreciate if you will send me your phone number.I decided to work with you due to my belief in honesty and integrity. I have taken you as partner and brother and expect your kind guidance .I called my fathers lawyer after reading your email and told him about you, then he asked me , that I should put it in writing and submit to his office, I will do that as soon as I receive your suggestions including your mobile number and full name,so that we can always communicate. My mother have remarried to another man, who is a Malaysian and her husband is very interested to gain all my father left, that is the more reason I am very grateful having you in my life to help me secure my fund and I assure that I will never let you down, I pray that the almighty God will continue to bless you, extend my greetings to your family, Have a blessed day.



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