Scam Letter(s) from Brenda Berger to John (UK)

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Letter 1

Hello my love Mark
My love, I is ready to fly now to you, I received money this morning.
Now I am in the airport, and I wait the registration on flight. In 30 minutes I will pass customs and registration, there I will show them money, and to a smog to pass aboard the plane. I very much love you and I wait a meeting. I am very happy now. In some hours we will be together. I will go now to have dinner in airport cafe.
Very much I wait a meeting.
I love you Mark.
Yours Vika.

Letter 2

Mark, I am very glad that you had time to send money today. I will go in the morning and to receive money. I will write you tomorrow the letter as soon as I receive money, and then I should go to the airport and wait my flight, I will write also to you from the airport, there also there is a cafe Internet. I very much wait our meeting, I very much miss on you, I am happy, that already tomorrow we will be together. I adore you and very much I love. I will go now to hotel and to have rest, I will write to you in the morning.
I love you Mark.
Yours Vika.

Letter 3

My love, yes I here, I just came to the Internet cafe. You have finished work? I hope that you had possibility to send money. The darling at us remains very few time, and tomorrow morning I should have time to receive money. You have already sent money? Please write more likely, I will wait your letter.
I love you Mark.

Letter 4

Mark, I am glad to see your letter. But I do not understand that you wish to explain to me. All of you yet have not sent money?
MoneyGram opens in Moscow in 9:00 mornings and it is closed at 18:00.
I very much hope, that you can send money today.
Please write more likely and inform me.
I love you Mark
Yours Vika.

Letter 5

Hello my love Mark.
Good night my Mark. I just now could find a place in the Internet cafe to write you the letter. It is a lot of people today here, the big turn, I came some times, but all time has been occupied, and just now I could find one place to write you the letter.

My love, please forgive that I have forced you to worry, I know that you wait my letter, but I could not write to you, I hope that you will be happy to see now my letter.

How your mum? I hope that all remarkably, please tell to it hello from me. Yesterday I wrote the letter to my girlfriend to Kirov, I asked it that she has informed my mum, that I'm fine, and I still am in Moscow, and I will fly only on 4 February, and I just saw the letter from Nastya. She says, that my mum well, and it is glad, that at me also all is good, my mum and my girlfriend Nastya speak to you hello.

My love, you have already bought tickets for a train? I think that it is necessary to buy tickets in advance so that then there were no problems. Please buy tickets if all of you still have not bought them.

Weather in Moscow is better today, any more so is strongly cold, snow falls, it is beautiful. How is the weather at you?

I already wrote the letter to my girlfriend to Norway, and I said, that I and Mark very much we thank her for the help for our meeting, and she has told, that it is very glad to help us, she wants that we were happy, also as well as it now.

Mark, I will go now to hotel, I wish to sleep, as time now 23:18, and it is time to me to have a dream, I will dream of you my Mark. Good night my love.
On always only yours Vika.



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