Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Yurevna Biktagirova to Kevin (England)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Kevin thank you for your answer. I'm not angry at you because I understand that in this situation will be true if you want to be sure that your money will not go away. So I tried to do what you asked for. I tried to do for you a copy of my passport and ticket. I send them to you so you can be sure that with my documents all right. Unfortunately I can not do for you a copy of my visa because I have not yet received. I can get my visa only after the visa application center can offer an excerpt from my bank account. Now, the visa office will be opened only on Monday. If you agree to help me, I'll stay here until Monday. But in this case I have to go to the airline ticket counter to try to pass them my tickets and change the date of my departure. I want to do this right now. Because I have a little time left. It makes no sense to blame the travel agency. They only helped me to prepare the documents for visa and helped me to enroll in an interview at the consulate. visa regulations defines the consulate. But I still hope that you can help me and soon I will be able to arrive to you. I can do it right on Monday. If you have time until Monday to hand me the necessary sum. I understand that this is a very large sum. and I understand that you do not want to risk it. But I promise you that your money will be all right. I can bring them to you as soon as you fly to Glasgow. And I very much hope that this will happen as early as Monday. You're going to help me? I love you, Kevin, and look forward to your support. your Svetlana
Letter 2
I'm sorry, Kevin, but I do not quite understand you. I do not understand what you want to see the proof. Yesterday I sent you a copy of an extract from my account. This statement confirms that your money arrived in my account. That's all I could do. I do not know what more proof you need. I'm sorry, but I'm now very difficult. I have a serious condition. I am very tired. I do not have any moral or physical strength. And you instead of supporting me, making me even more to worry about. For you safety of your money is more important than my safety ??? If so, how then do we can talk about love. Maybe it would be better if I go back home and forget about you all? I've already done a lot for you. I showed you my passport and my ticket. I showed you an excerpt from my bank account. You have done wrong if you continue to ask me more proof. I have already proved to you all that I could. If you do not want to believe me, it is nothing more I'll prove to you. I get home and try to forget about you and about this horror in which I got. I'm not going to stay here and continue to prove to you my sincerity. No money is worth the humiliation. For me, my health is more important. And you do not have me no compassion, no love. You're afraid of losing money. And at me as if you do not care. You do not care that I have a few days I can not normally sleep or eat. I cry all the time and experience. And you're sitting at home in warmth and comfort. Do you think that's fair? I'm not going to continue to try to persuade you. I do not care about your money. I just wanted us to have a chance to meet. And for your money, I would not even touched. But if you do not want to risk it, then that's your choice. I just want to again ask you to think carefully and give me your answer. If you want me to come to you, you help me do this. If you continue to ask me for proof, then I go home and try to forget about you. I believe that I already gave you enough evidence. Svetlana.
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