Scam letter(s) from Alina to Mohan (UK)

Letter 1
Hello Mohan
I am glad you wrote to me on my email address. I would be interested to start communicating with you. My name is Alina. I am 44 years old. I am an ordinary woman, a modest, hardworking, honest, without bad habits. At the moment I am in search of a serious relationship. In men I appreciate intelligence, honesty, kindness and sense of humor.
It's hard to find a good decent man. And I want to see next to me was a man who will support and love me. I want to get to know you. What brings you to a dating site? What kind of women do you like? I send you my pictures. I hope you enjoy my photos. Alina
Letter 2
Hello Mohan
Once again, I was glad to see your letter in my mailbox. I curiously opened what you wrote to me. It is wonderful that so we can learn more about each other. Thank you for your long letter. You wrote me a lot about you. I was interested to read and learn a lot about you. I live in the city of Pechora. I work in the field of nutrition pastry in the bakery.
Two years ago I lost my husband. He had a ******, and after a while he died. I have a daughter named Anna, her 23 years old. Now she lives with her boyfriend. My friends think I'm charming, romantic, curious, able to give and receive pleasure, to create comfort in the house.
I'm looking for a man with whom I can build a friendly relationship with the beginning of communication. I'm looking for a friend with whom I consider a serious relationship in the future. I need a man to be courageous, responsible, caring,not afraid to take decisions for themselves.
I will be pleased if you tell me more about yourself and send me your photo more. What is your hobby, your dream, what do you do in your spare time? Alina
Letter 3
Hello Mohan
Thank you for your reply. It was so good to hear from you and I to would really like to continue to get to know you !!! How are you today? Location of my profile on the site was in your country, because the area was not possible to indicate my country. Besides, I wanted to meet the man of your country. That's why I chose to profile your country. Now I live alone in my apartment. Six months ago, my daughter moved away from me. Anna lives with her boyfriend, but she often visits me.
From my parents I still had a mother. My mom lives in a family of my sister. Mom already old and my sister is watching over her. On holidays and weekends I visit them. I alone have almost 2 years. I loved my husband so long time I could not decide for a serious relationship. It's not easy to find a man. A man who would like to care for, to pay attention to his beloved woman. In my country, many single men my age are alcoholics who have nothing important than alcohol or simply not ethical to a woman. Every woman wants next to a good, wise and caring man. I heard about online dating sites and decided to try to get acquainted with foreign men. In addition, it caused me a lot of interest, to communicate with someone from another country. With whom you can exchange ideas, learn about the life and traditions of other nations. We communicate with you only a couple of days. But I'm curious to learn new things about you. I have some questions for you: How do you see your future in 2-3 years? I want to communicate with you. And I think you will be pleased to develop our conversation.
I hope to hear you soon.
Letter 4

Hello Mohan
Today I had a hard day at work. I just wanted to lie down and rest on my bed. But seeing your letter, I wanted to write to you. My height is 170 cm. How about you? I always try to keep a good conversation during communication. I think you already noticed. And sometimes I just like to be alone, relax, listen to relaxing music or watch a movie. I love music. I really like to sing songs. All my friends think that I have a beautiful voice. Sometimes I go to karaoke with my friends. I also love to cook. Of course, this is not so interesting to cook for yourself. But when visitors come to me or to the holidays, I am pleased to prepare a tasty dish. For me, a favorite dish - a salad "Olivier". I can not say that I am in my life that is not satisfied. I can live and enjoy life. But I understand that I want to change my life. I want to be the most important thing for me - it's a loved one close by. I want to love and be loved. It's pretty exciting to communicate with a foreign man to whom I can write my letters. Waiting for an answer.
Letter 5
Hello Mohan
With each letter of my interest in you increases. I was very fascinated chat with you.
I am glad that you and I met, and that our communication is well developed. All my photos are not more than a year. Why are you interested in this question? I would like to get to know you. I am interested to learn more about you: your habits, hobbies ...
Tell me, too, about your past relationships. I am very interested to know what you had relations. Last night to visit me came my daughter. I baked a delicious apple pie. My daughter is very fond of my apple pie, my meals. We sat and drank tea in the kitchen. A year later she finished medical school and become a nurse. My daughter is an adult independent girl. When my daughter was gone, I was left alone. Before going to bed I turned on the music. I like to listen to bedtime slow relaxing music. I immediately fell asleep. Came to me different thoughts. I thought about you and our correspondence. I am very pleased to communicate with you.
Letter 6
Hello Mohan
Thank you for your reply! How are you today? What is Skype? Today I cleaned up a little in my apartment. Mom raised me from childhood to clean. So I used to often get out of the house, wash clothes, cook a tasty meal. Yes, I love all of these classes. It is well when the house is clean, and the kitchen has great food. I love to cook: pancakes, soup, pasta, pizza. Now I would like to feel the care and attention from the man she loved. I think it is necessary for all women. I would like someone to take care of me at home. I live alone. Therefore, every time I have to cook. It would be nice to go back home where you expect a delicious dinner and a beloved man. For the man I want to be the only one. I do not want to be worn on the hands.
The main thing that a man could feel my hand all the passion and love for him.
Knowing all my feelings, he wanted to keep me in his arms and kiss as he did in his youth. I want to get to know you. I hope you're open-minded person with you and you can talk on various topics. I will end my letter.
Letter 7
Every time I'm glad to see your letter in my mailbox. My interest in you is increased. I began to think of you often, waiting for your letters. I apologize for the late reply. I had problems with the Internet, so I could not answer you earlier. Thank you for your photos. I was very pleased to see your photos, because I liked your photos. So I'll be glad to see your new photos. I thought about our conversation. I understand that you can not fully develop relationships over the Internet. But we can know each other through letters. We can develop our relations and make new plans. I would like to see our relationship developed. I have some questions for you. I did not want to ask these questions so early.
I think you'd like to communicate with me. And I also like to talk to you.
What do you think - we have a common future? What do you think about this?
I would like to know your thoughts about it. Since this is important to me.
I want to know how you are set up to me. Today we would like to meet with friends and chat. Sometimes we get together to talk, to escape from the daily bustle. We have accumulated a lot of news, and we all discuss it. I hope you had a good day.
Best wishes.
Letter 8
Hello Mohan
How was your day? Today I had a good day and I feel great.
I am glad to see your letter in my mailbox. We each letter more we learn about each other. I am very happy about that. I understand that you can not build a relationship on the Internet. For real feelings, love takes time spent together in real life. We need real conversation face to face, Dating, romance, kissing. We have to feel each other in reality. But to do this we must first come through letters. Between us a great distance and time difference. And I'm curious and mysterious that happens to you right now. After all, I can not see how your time passes, what are you busy. And it becomes more and more interesting to your daily life, I want to know your habits. Today, I came home from work with my daughter and her boyfriend in a car.
Usually I go by bus. They were on the way, and they took me out of my work.
I enjoy looking at my daughter, because I see that she is happy.
Today, I told her that I correspond with a man from another country. It was surprisingly it. Began questioning me about you. I talked a little bit about you. Said that you're a good man. But my daughter told me to be careful and take your time to trust you. She does not want me to hurry to build a relationship with a man from another country. I said that I was not in a hurry and we just have a good communication with you. My daughter thinks that in a short amount of time is impossible to know the person to know the feelings and how serious they are.
Letter 9
Hello Mohan
I thought for a long time, I argued a lot over our relationship. It was difficult to decide. I do not see the mutual relationship to me. I do not see sense in your letters ... you do not trust me, so I can not build a relationship with a man whom I do not need ...
I look for a reciprocal relationship. Therefore, we should stop our correspondence. Good luck
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