Scam letter(s) from Jessica Amy Albert to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Hi dear,
Thanks for showing interest in me and sorry for this long messgae...i can see that you're interested in me... well,i must confess that i'm also interested in you too...actually,i have checked your profile and i notice we have some few things in common...that's why i want to know you and meet you when i get back to the Phil....And pending the time i would meet you..i would like us to chat here to get to know each-other... ok let me do some introduction...
Jessica Amy Olatunde is my real name...i'm originally from the states.. I'm 30yrs of age and i'm 5:11ft tall...I am a Christian but I do not feel that I don't have the knowledge or the wisdom to diminish other peoples faith or beliefs. I do believe there is only one true Creator...and everyone would be judge according to our believe...i was born in Philadelphia but i grew up in Madrid...i'm self employed..I'm young but i'm very mature,understanding and respectful to be a good wife and a true friend..i'm honest, intelligent, social and likable type character. I don't play games and I don't tell fibs...i prefer character to cute and Age to me is also a number and I don't judge people by their appearance...the Heart is only what matters to me...I am always interested in peoples ideas and also to respect human right to an opinion. I am also far too trusting and I probably will never change.But personality and attitude are most important to me..i live all alone in the family no friend...but luckily you're just my first contact from the country.. so i would be so pleased to induce a lot of my attention to get to know you...perhaps, chatting here first would help us to get more acquainted before we meet in person..actually,I find my life kind of lonely... this is why i'm looking for a partner..And i'm actually here on the forum to look for a companion,lover,friends and soul if you're interested in any of my relationship would be my greatest pleasure to date you..but first, i would like to know more details about you here... so that your personality won't look strange to me when i meet you..Between,I'm a stranger in the country...i have to be careful before i mingle with people because i won't like to fall into the hand of a man that will take advantage of me because i'm not a citizen of the country...And i actually moved to the country to settle down and work..although,i migrated to the country August 22 2014 but i have stayed for only 3 months and few weeks before i came down here to West Africa to claim my late father belongings... and i would be coming back in few days .... so it's gonna be fun and my pleasure to meet you for lunch or coffee when i return. Amy
Letter 2
i have no idea... maybe i am not the only one going through such ****... i will refund you, just let me come home and stop making me feel bad, if you cant help me with the money, just tell me,its as you are not real,you are just wasting my time.I am in ****** problem than explaining what african lies are, this is getting very bad and all you care about is scam, the amount in question is really small, i am just pinned down here, thats why i am begging you this much, you dont have to insult me ok?just tell me you dont help have my name now, send the money if you care, if you dont care about meeting me, dont bother replying me,prove how wicked you are to me.
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