Scam letter(s) from Tamara Bogachenko to Gavin (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello, Gavin, Thank you for telling me more about yourself and yes, I am interested in knowing more about you. Age doesn't matter for me so don't worry about it. I am sure that love has no any boundaries. As I told you in my previous letter I need a shoulder to lean on to, to listen to my personal problems. I need a serious men to share my life and my love with. So I am really happy to have your reply. So I want to get to know you and I think it would be interesting for you to get a little bit information about me. As you know my name is Oksana. I was born on the 4 of May in 1975.
And I am here to find my future partner. I hope we are here for the same reasons. Love is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, forgiving and sharing. Love is loyalty through good and bad times. And I think it is great. That's why I am sicking for my love here. Unfortunately, I didn't find a men in my town. And I decided to try to look over the Internet. I hope you understand the reason of my presence here, and I want to have a correspondence with you. I would like to get to know more about you. I want to know about your daily routine, about your hobbies. I hope you will write me soon, because I will be waiting for your letter with great impatience. Oksana.
Letter 2
Hello again, Gavin, I was very happy to get a letter from you again. Thank you for telling me more about yourself. So I want to tell you the reason of my searching here. I had a boy-friend but he was unfaithful with me. He cheated me on. He drank a lot of alcohol. A lot of Ukrainian men don't treat their girls. They drink a lot of *****, and I decided to look over the Internet. May be here I will find my true love. What do you think about it? I do believe in meet face to face as soon as possible because the chemistry between two people are so very important. But also I think it would be better to get to know more about each other. Do you agree with me? As I told you I am sincerely looking for someone to share my life with and I have been unable to find the right person here in Ukraine. That is why I am looking on the Internet. So now I want to tell you a little bit about myself. I was born and live in town called Zaporozhie. I live with my friend. My mother lives with her friend too. My father passed away 3 years ago and I still miss him. I work as a secretary in retirement fund. I like my job, because I think it is very important to love what you do every day. Oh, I forgot to tell you that when I was young I went in for gymnastics. I will send you a photo. I took part in different competitions. And I was a winner. But than my back was bad, so I had to leave sport. Ok, now I want to tell you that I hate lies and when people don't respect others... My friends consider me: friendly, fun to be with, calm, open minded,funny, warm person, compassionate and romantic; honest, loyal, caring, loving, and sincere. And what about you? Let's how it will develop. Well, my life is quite good here, except I'm a bit bored to be alone, have lived all my life with many people around me and my job with many people around. I do like travelling a lot, and it would be nice to have someone to split all memories with. I'm just now on my way out in the world again. Well, that's for now - waiting to get more nice photos as well as you kind letter. Oksana.
Letter 3
Hello Gavin, You know, its such a pleasure for me to receive your mail. I also like the way you write. You are exactly the kind of man I was looking for .
I am so glad that I have found you. I hope we will become good friends and come close. I am so sorry that your mother was hurt. I hope she is fine now. Tell her hello from me. I hope you take care of her. Ok, I want to continue our correspondence because I like you so much.
I am a family oriented woman . For me family is most important. I need a man like you to share my joys and sorrows, to have a happy family. I do not have any bad habits . I have written about myself before. But if you wish to know anything please feel free to ask me any question even if it is personal. I like honesty, sincerity and commitment. I think it is important to build a relationship step by step and I hope you agree with me. I think a couple should share the homework, the good days and the bad days according to the idea "one plus one is more than two because they are fall in love". We have only few letters between us but it does seem that we have known each other more than a few short letters to each other. I want you to now that we are getting to know each other real well. I am amazed how much we have built together that level of security trust.
It seems to me that we have known each other in past and the realism is now coming out. We shall know very shortly that we will be great friends for life and we I am sure that we we will want to pursue the options that we will have before us. I hope you agree with me. As for me I am very interested in you and I want to get to know more and more about you with every your letter.
Who knows? May be it is our destiny. But I am sure the time will tell us. So I will be looking forward to your next letter. Sincerely,
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