Scam letter(s) from Marina Zueva to Dariusz (Germany)

Letter 1
I to see glad again your letter! I am given by pleasure to write you the answer!
I am glad to each your letter, I with the great pleasure read them!
I would like to learn from you about your friends. If you not against?
Darek at you it is a lot of friends? Not simply familiar, and people which you can trust all? And they will always give to your advice irrespective of when you to it address which does not wish to cause you a pain which will help you in everything, with any request.
Darek I have only one such girlfriend Tatyana with which I can to speak about all and I trust it all my secrets. We with it have grown together and we know about each other all. You have such friends? Now it works as the staff nurse in hospital.
I also heard about Mafia pulls girls from Russia much. It is very sad.... I do not understand as people can deceive and play with feelings of other people. It is very vile!
Darek to me all is interesting for knowing about you. Possibly I, asked many questions, I hope that you are not offended on it.
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