Scam letter(s) from Marina Vidyakina to Albert (USA)

Letter 1

Greetings my lovely! I am very glad to read your letter again. Your letters give to me constant pleasure but now in my soul very sad and disturbing ideas. The matter is that last night at mine scold there was a heart attack. To her the beginning heart also became suddenly very bad to be sick. Her heart frequently hurts and consequently in her domestic first-aid sets there are many tablets which help from this pain. My mum has accepted a pill but to her it be not became better. Therefore it was necessary to cause doctors. My mum have put in hospital. Doctors speak that within the next few days lifes of mine scold nothing this serious disease threatens but the basic problem in that that and if not to perform her operation in time that my mum may die at any time the following attack. My mum requires urgent operation, but I do not know where to me to take money for her. Doctors have told me that such operation costs about 700 USd$. Neither I nor other members of my family do not know where to find money for operation. I do not know that to me to do further, I can not allow the scold to die! I should find money! My lovely, I understand that at present to you very uneasily with money but I ask you about the help. You the unique person for me to which I can address with this request. You always understood me and I very much hope for that that you can help me because you my unique hope. If you can not help me that I any more I do not know a way to take money to operation. I realize that you have no superfluous money, but I ask you to understand my situation. Try to put itself on my place. You the closest person for me in this world and I ask you about the help. Loved mine, I never asked you about the help even those instants when it was very hard for me. The moment now has come when to me your help is simply vital. If you will give up to me my mum simply will die. My lovely, I very much hope for your help in this heavy situation for me. I with impatience wait for your answer. With belief in the best yours Marina P.S. What was your answer I all the same loves you in spite of on anything! I believe in our love!
Letter 2

Greetings my lovely. I am glad to read your letter again. Forgive but I have no a lot of time to tell you set of words of love which I have to you. My mum is now sick also I should be about her these minutes. I only want to tell you about that that I love you and I remember you. I thank you for desire to help my mum but unfortunately even 70 USD will not rescue her life. operation it is necessary for me for her 700 USD. it is not a pity that you may help me. Most likely my mum now will die. I hardly constrain tears.... I do not know that to me to do.... I do not want that my mum died.... Dear, you are sure that you can not to give me more? My mum really very much requires this money. It is a question of life and death. Think ???? be you you can cancel the accounts and borrow at friends? Understand that it is very necessary. I promise you that I shall help you to repay. My mum will die if I not find money now. Please think my lovely. Forgive but on it I should finish as I am in a hurry in hospital. Yours Marina
Letter 3

Greetings my lovely Lonnie. I again am happy to see your new letter in the letter box. Forgive me for that that I did not write to you earlier but time I have lead all this together with mum in hospital. I hope for your understanding and I do not want that you became angry. I ask you to understand me you see, my mum is sick very seriously. Fortunately she is still alive. She the strong woman and she struggles for the life. Now her life support devices and machines. She requires operation very much. Each minute her life can stop as her heart has very big problems. Lovely I is happy that you still have not overlooked about me. Lovely, I thank you for that that you have found a way to help my mum with her operation. She really requires this help. For her it is a question of life and death. I very much want that she continued to live. And I hope for that that soon you can receive money and send it here.
Lovely as far as I know hospital has no own bank account. I hope for that that you can use the Western Union. It would seem to me that better if you could send money at once addressed to the attending physician of mine mum. I shall ask him it about it as soon as possible and to inform to you.
As to that that we at last can meet that I is boundless is happy!!!! I would love to arrive to you right now but unfortunately it is impossible. I still should wait for recovery iiiae mum and preparation of documents. I hope that it happen approximately in the same terms. Dear I very much wait for a meeting with you!!!!!! I can not live without you. Which I did not write all these days to you I thought of you. I thought of that that you do now of what you think. I was afraid that you will overlook about me. Fortunately I was mistaken. Lovely Lonnie, I really very much think much of that that you try to make for me utmost. To me it is a pity that to you to have to sell the car.
Dear, I would like to start to make documents right now and tomorrow I shall try find out about it. But I know as documents also cost rather expensivly for me. I very much hope that you will help me with cost of documents.
Lovely, I have some problems with my old email. At me it is impossible to send you the letter though tried many times. I have just created to myself new email I ask you to not write on my old box as in my opinion it is broken. I shall try to send you the letter from both email that you I was sure that really I.
Forgive my lovely, but I should go in hospital to mum. I very much hope to see your letter tomorrow. Yours Marina
Letter 4

Greetings my lovely Lonnie. Forgive but this letter will be short as I should go to mum in hospital.
Dear, I am glad that your bargain was finished well and you now have money. I am glad because now I can pay for operation of my mum. However in my opinion you not so well understand a situation. Understand that my mum may not wait. Each minute her life to be in danger. And she may not wait for your arrival. This miracle that she till now is alive. Her it is necessary to perform urgent operation for which to me money are necessary. I hope for your help and I hope for that that you will help me and immediately will send money the western union. It is very fast system of remittances and I hope to have time to help mum. Dear Lonnie, I hope for your understanding.
Except for that my lovely, it is not so good idea for us that you arrived here. Forgive but I can not accept you here. I shall be very business as I should look after mum and I simultaneously can not think of you and to be with you. I spend all these days in hospital without a break. Forgive but at me it will not be simple for you time. I hope for your understanding and I hope that you do not become angry about me. Except for that my city to be rather far from Moscow and it will be difficult for you to reach here without my support. In a way awful things may happen to you. Understand what not all Russia as Moscow. Here it is very dangerous even to me not speaking about the foreigner. I understand that you the man and may stand for myself but only not here. Dear, you should arrive to Moscow on the affairs? May be was better if my mum arrived together with me? It seems to me that more the best application of your money.
Dear, I hope that you do not annoy on me and understand my feelings. I very much would want to meet you as soon as possible but I do not want that it was in conditions of alarm for my mum. I want that our first meeting was romantic and I for this purpose I should arrive to you the first. Except for that I think that it fairly as you already saw Russia once, and I did not see your country never. I love you and with impatience I wait for the answer. Yours Marina with great love and hopr that you can respect my opinion
P.S. I really hope for your understanding of problems.
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