Letter(s) from Amber to Issac (USA)

Letter 1

Thank you that you responded to my letter! My name is Natalya. I want to tell you about my intentions. I'm looking only serious relationship! If you do not have serious intentions and if for you it is game I do not see any reason to continue our dialogue. If you do not have serious intentions - Good luck in your search!!! I talked with men on the Internet, but they wanted my naked photos, or they wanted mistress!!!! I do not have time for games! If you have good intentions, I hope to hear from you soon. Take care. Natalya

Letter 2

Hi! Whether you Received my letter yesterday? I hope what yes. But I here have not received your letter. I do not know why. Probably simply your letter is not has reached me? Or you had no time to write? I Hope that your day has passed well and you are still interested in our dialogue. Tell, what qualities in the woman draw you? How on yours the woman should concern to the man? I Hope that I shall very soon see your answer to my letter. Yours faithfully Natalya