Scam letter(s) from Svetlana to Joe (USA)

Letter 1
D-gay! How are you doing today?
I wanna know you better.
We might take little steps or giant steps on the Internet where you don't always have the same chance when you meet an individual at a club or a singles' diner.
Honestly between the loud songs, drinking, smoking and crazy audience packed in like sardines, most of the time you don't meet anybody 1. get a terrible headache 2. lose of your hearing 3. breath in a bunch of toxic cigarette smoke 4. drink alcohol just to make the time pass while damaging your liver and brain.
So I prefer the Internet even though it is the first time I am tring it out to figure out if I can find my future soul-mate.
Some info about me, my name is Svetlana, I live in Canada. I have a good job. I'll ship you a photograph if you wish, just let me know. I am looking forward to your feedback.
Best regards!
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